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Greenfield Township - Maple Grove School 1908

Contributed by Larry Sugden

The photo below has been provided by Larry Sugden as a scanned image of a newspaper clipping of unknown source and date. The article was titled "Hornby Reunion Revives Memory of One-Room School Days". The following information has been extracted from the article. Maple Grove School was located 1/2 mile west of Ashton Corners on Colt Station Road. The year it was built is not known. Old school district records show the last year of use was 1917 - 1918. Records of 1921 reveal that students of Maple Grove were to be transported to the Wilson and Miller schools. The Treasurers report of 1926 indicates that $100 had been received for the sale of the Ashton - Maple Grove School. It has been reported that a Mr. Thomas Atwell Walling purchased the building and moved it onto his property on Raymond Mills Road and used it as a home.

The article also reports that a former student and later a teacher at the school, Hazel Raymond Shaw, related a story about her brother, Burton Raymond. "Lightning struck the school house while school was in session. It flattened two sections of the stove pipe, as if they had been rolled by a heavy weight. Her brother was burned by the lightning but was barefooted and her family was told that he was not killed because of this. The burn was in the shape of a tree on his back. He missed only a few days of school and returned to class with only the memory and scars of his escapade with the lightning."

Maple Grove 1908

This is the official class picture at Maple Grove School in 1908. Those in the photo include (front row, left to right) Opal Chesley, Ellsworth Weaver, Ruby Chesley, Burton Raymond, Mildred Prindle, Elva Stetson, Arthur Post, Barbara Weaver, Ray Post, Dorothy Weaver, Geneive Engle; back row: Ezra Weaver, teacher Cora Henderson, Erma Prindle, Clara Raymond, Virginia Weaver, Carol Raymond, Mildred Scott, Hilda Stetson, Pearl Chesley.

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