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North East Township - Alumni of North East High School 1881 through 1916

Contributed by Dick Tefft

The listing below has been provided by Dick Tefft and is a listing of graduates of North East High School that was found in the North East High School Junior Journal of 1917. It tells where the graduates were in 1917. It may not list all graduates, only those that were known at the time, but it is very informative. If anyone has any questions concerning this listing, please contact Dick Tefft.

Class of 1881

Lenora Brookins Sherrill, NY

Mrs. Cora Camp – Campbell Buffalo, NY

Mrs. Eoline King – Grenat North East, PA

Mrs. Fannie Love – Sornberger Buffalo, NY

Mrs. Vera Fiscus – Woodruff Hamburg, NY

Class of 1884

Mrs. Jennie Roberts – Blethen San Diego, CA

Mrs. Anna Scouller – Corey North East, PA

Clayton Dewey Banker in Boston, MA

Milton Greenman Curator at University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Class of 1886

Mrs. Nellie Butt Davis North East, PA

Mrs. Bernice Greenman – Farmer Syracuse, NY

Mrs. Nettie Fairchilds – Flemming Fort Pierce, FL

Mrs. Jennie Adkins – French North East, PA

Dr. Mary Heard Iowa City, IA

Clarence Holden Whitehall, NJ

Mrs. Margaret Hunter – Moorhead Moorheadville, PA

Mrs. Louise Bartlett –Johnson Cattaraugus, NY

Rose Moorhead North East, PA

Mrs. Ella Terell – Nash West Millcreek, PA

Clara Selkregg Teacher North East, PA

Mrs. Jessie Covey – Nye Erie, PA

Elgin Sullivan Claims Adjuster Syracuse, NY

Jessie Whitehill North East, PA

Fred Williams Farmer, North East, PA

Class of 1887

Mrs. Jessie Lyon Cook Sharon Station, NY

George W. Corey Minister Espyville, PA

Dr. Arthur Davis St. Marys, PA

Nettie Dewey Glendale, CA

Jesse Greenman Supt. Botanical Gardens St. Louis, MO

Mrs. Bessie Dewey – Hirtzel North East, PA

Mrs. Cora Munger – Palmer North East, PA

Mrs. Mary Selkregg – Scheidenhelm Erie, PA

Scott S. Terell Expert Accountant w/Bradley Fertilizer Co. Boston, MA

George Williamson Lawyer Philadelphia, PA

Class of 1889

Mrs. Lelia Loop – Cockman Baltimore, MD

Mrs. Rose Davis – Green Erie, PA

Ralph Heard Lawyer Buffalo, NY

Fred McDonald Cashier National Bank of North East

May Scouller Book-keeper North East, PA

Mrs. Florence Loop – Short Westfield, NY

Class of 1890

Mrs. Esther Scouller – Anderson North East, PA

Emma Crawford Sec’y Pierce & Huntley Monument Works North East, PA

Mrs. Winifred McIntyre – Hatch San Diego, CA

Mrs. Ida Short – Heard Ithaca, NY

Dr. Lewis Heard North East, PA

Nan Mills North East, PA

Irwin Munger North East, PA

Arthur Wing Lawyer New York, NY

Class of 1891

Dr. Frank Gough Dentist Brooklyn, NY

Mrs. Bertha Walker – Sennett Buffalo, NY

Mrs. Nellie Moulthrope – Swift Sayre, PA

Mrs. Ann Stetson – Vannatter Minneapolis, MN

Mrs. Jennie Selkregg – Wing Brooklyn, NY

Class of 1892

Mrs. Anna Selkregg – Fernald Denver, CO

Mrs. Nellie Merrill – French North East, PA

Mrs. Mattie Nash – Phillips North East, Pa

Mrs. Maude Woodruff – Sterrett Erie, PA

Mrs. Lillie Fromyer – Thorton McKeesport, PA

Class of 1893

Mrs. Mary Bennett – Triplett Avondale, AL

Mrs. Laura Dodge – Grimes North East, PA

Dr. James Hunter Dentist Cadiz, OH

Laura Jones Teacher Findlay, OH

Florence McCord North East, PA

Ned Selkregg Pres. Fernald Mfg. Co North East, PA

Mrs. Jessie Robinson – Sewell Erie, PA

John Whitehill Smedley & Whitehill Hdw. Co. North East, PA

Class of 1894

Mrs. Bessie Custard – Castle Akron, OH

Mrs. Antoinette Belnap – Eades Conneaut, OH

Mrs. Anna Loop –Fuller North East, PA

Dr. C. Ford Heard Erie, PA

Charles Kendig Steel Works Lorain, OH

Edward L. Phillips Fuel Engineering Co. of NY City Hartford, CO

A. Lee Short Welch Grape Juice Co. Westfield, NY

Mars Anna McDonald – Warner New York, NY

Class of 1895

Dr. William F. Baldwin Casselton, ND

Mrs. Bernice Remington – Duff Butler, PA

Mrs. Julia Pierce – Nichols North East, PA

Dr. Howard Reed Riverside, CA

Mrs. Edna Wilcox – Whitehill North East, PA

Class of 1896

Mrs. Luella Chaffee – Young Wattsburg, PA

Mrs. Laura Goodrich – Fraser Cleveland, OH

Mrs. Blanche Beecher – Hatch Erie, PA

Blanche Jones North East, PA

Mrs. Mary Kendig – Wright Lorain, OH

Bessie Selkregg North East, PA

Mrs. Jessie Inglis – Sweadner Homestead, PA

Mame Walker New York, NY

Class of 1897

Mrs. Bertha Adkins – Jones North East, PA

Mrs. Mabel Mallick –Huntley Book-keeper for Fernald Mfg. Co. North East, PA

Grace Inglis Stenographer for D.R. Cushman North East, PA

Josephine Scouller Ass’t Principal North East High School

Mars Mary Hall – Stone North East, PA

Class of 1898

Mrs. Emily Reed – Van Allsberg Albion, MI

Mrs. Florence Griffith – Bell Sheridan, PA

Robert Grimshaw North East, PA

Mrs. Nancy Hall – Holtham North East, PA

Mrs. Florence Hunt – Mackay North East, PA

Calvin Kendig Conductor Bessemer R.R. Greenville, PA

Robert McWhorter Bell Telephone Co. Raymond WA

Mrs. Nellie Pierce – Palmer North East, PA

Margaret Reed Kindergarten Teacher North East, PA

George Wing Lawyer New York City

Class of 1899

Danford R. Cushman Publisher "The Sun" North East, PA

Mrs. Lenora Towne – Fenton North East, PA

Frank Fromyer Carriage Painter North East, PA

Mrs. Stella Kuhl – Moore Erie, PA

Mrs. Blanche Woodruff – McCord North East, PA

Mrs. Agnes Espy – Merrill Miami, FL

Mrs. Bertha Haskell – Miller North East, PA

Frank Pierce Farmer North East, PA

Ben Ross Farmer North East, PA

Mrs. Edith Spofford – Hammer San Francisco, CA

Mrs. Iva Reed – Wagner Wesleyville, PA

Blanche Wilkinson Pharmacist Tampico, Mexico

Class of 1900

Mrs. Agnes Davis – Bowers Erie, PA

Bernice Coon Stenographer Hammermill Paper Mill Co. Erie, PA

Fausta Heard North East, PA

Mrs. Mabel Wing – Jones Erie, PA

Mrs. Katherine Dewey – Wilson Washington, DC

Class of 1901

Helen Hampton Teacher Fairbault, MN

Mrs. Theresa Messler – Illig Erie, PA

Glenn Mattson Eureka Co. North East, PA

Sarah Remington – Schwartz Linsey, MT

Laura Selkregg North East, PA

Mrs. Jennie Sanford – Stossmeister Erie, PA

Mrs. Daisy Phillips – Setter Silver Creek, PA

Class of 1902

Louise Backus North East, PA

Nellie Dunn Teacher Erie, PA

Harriet Fromyer Stenographer NuBone Co. Corry, PA

Harriet Hampson Teacher Cleveland, OH

Will Henry Lawyer Bay City, MI

Mrs. Gertrude Oldach – Roth Tonawanda, NY

George Sprague Teacher in Agricultural School Ipswich, MA

Class of 1903

Ruth Jones Teacher in Malkin Music New York City

Mrs. Gertrude McCord Bostwick North East, PA

Herman Oldach Erie Trust Co. Official Erie, PA

Thomas Spofford Reed, Wait, & Spofford Attorneys Erie, PA

Class of 1904

Murray Cosby Civil Engineer Philippine Islands

Mrs. Alice Hampson – Ginder Sharon Hill, PA

Mrs. Wizzie Harrison – Byron Cushing, OK

Robert Mitchell Supt. Maxwell Motor Co. Detroit, MI

Nan F. Scouller North East, PA

Class of 1905

Robert Backus Interstate Commercial Commerce Co. New Haven, CT

Joseph Bonniger Owns Cider Mill Harborcreek, PA

Florence Dolph Teacher Hammond, IN

Joseph Fromyer Clothier Detroit, MI

Mrs. Alice Hall – Burrows North East, PA

Helen Hall North East, PA

Alice Leet Moorheadville, Pa

Ralph Mason Farmer North Girard, PA

Alice Merry Teacher Griswold Mfg. Co.

Harry B. Norris Foreman Curtis Aeroplane Co. Buffalo, NY

Harold Phillips Prof. Of Rural Economics Cornell University Ithaca, NY

Mary Phillips Teacher Silver Creek, NY

Mayme Phillips North East, Pa

Meryl Phillips Farmer North East, PA

Fred Skellie Owns Truck Farm & milk depot Gulf Port, MS

Catherine Spacht – McDonald North East, PA

Mrs. Irene Stockton – Sweet North East, PA

Mrs. Ruth Short – Wilks North East, PA

Class of 1906

Mrs. Grace Douville – Bonniger Harborcreek, PA

Arthur Green Eureka Co. North East, PA

Harry Grimshaw Farmer North East, PA

Bruno Leemhuis Druggist Minneapolis, MN

John B. Oldach Manager John F. Oldach Dry Goods Store North East, PA

Roy Rider Tinner Erie, PA

Theodore Sprague Supt. Wishahocken Apple Orchards Georgetown, DE

Class of 1907

Mildred Franz Stenographer North East Preserving Co.

Mabel Fromyer Bookkeeper Welch Grape Juice Co. North East, PA

Maidee Gill Teacher Cleveland, OH

George Merrill Station Agent Nickel Plate RR Conneaut, OH

Charles Moore Station Agent Nickel Plate RR Girard, PA

Mrs. Mabel Graham – Ossman North East, PA

Mrs. Alice Phillips – Smith North East, PA

Mrs. Fay Rider – Lehman Erie, PA

James Scouller Midvale Steel Co. Philadelphia, PA

Velma Smith Stenographer Palace Hardware Co. Erie, PA

Parker Stowe Senior at University of Michigan North East, PA

Anna Wagner Bosler Couse Co. North East, PA

Class of 1908

Mrs. Ruby Bowman – MacBroom North East, PA

Mrs. Winifred Boyd – Burley Ripley, NY

Mrs. Frances Hall – Forbes San Francisco, CA

Ruth Kidder Teaching Burgess School North East, PA

Stella Kocher Spirella Corset Co. Niagara Falls, NY

Augusta Laux – Foote Milford, MI

Mrs. Grace Mallick – Bostwick St. Line, NY

John McCord Farmer North East, PA

Frank McGaughey In Office of Nickel Plate RR Conneaut, OH

Mrs. Ina Moore – Curran Stanford, CT

Camilla Nelson Supt. Of Nurses Dunkirk, NY

Mrs. Bertha Newton – Kocher North East, PA

Mrs. Hallie Rouse – Myers North East, PA

Edwin Selkregg Teaching Amherst, MA

Fred Selkregg Ingersoll Rand Co. Brooklyn, NY

Class of 1909

Harold T. Bartz Director & Organist of Presbyterian Choir York, PA

Clara M. Clavin Bosler & Couse North East, PA

Hugh W. Coon Draftsman Coatsville, PA

Robert J. Greer Insurance Co. Buffalo, NY

Mrs. Lena Haskell – Snethen Bethlehem, PA

Mrs. Ruth Leslie – Sheehan New York City

Edith Merrihew Teacher North East, PA

Mildred Merrill Bell Telephone Co. North East, PA

Mrs. Edythe Munson – Moore Newark, NJ

Victor L. Munson Salseman Pittsburg Valve & Fitting Co. North East, PA

Donald G. Norris Curtis Aeroplane Co. Buffalo, NY

Marjorie Smith Teacher Meadville, PA

Class of 1910

Mabel Ackerman Bookkeeper in Erie North East, PA

Doris Amidon Teacher Wellsville, OH

Alice Barringer Stenographer in GE Erie North East, PA

Ralph Case Brake Shoe Co. Erie, PA

Mrs. Grace Greenman – Chapman Erie, PA

Clara Hollister Cleveland, OH

Bruce Kocher Teacher of Agriculture Port Allegheny, PA

Agnes Leslie Stenographer Eureka Copper Works North East, PA

Dr. Ralph McCord Veterinary North East, PA

Jessie Merrihew Fredonia Normal North East, PA

Esther Nelson Teacher North East, PA

Mrs. Harriet Ore – Matteson Wesleyville, PA

Mrs. Harriet Selkregg – Flemming Hastings, NY

Iris Stebbins North East, PA

Eva Swartz Stenographer Pierce & Nichols North East, PA

Susie Wagner Social Settlement Worker North East, PA

Mrs. Martha Wilson – Simmons Erie, PA

Class of 1911

Marguerite Ackerman North East, PA

Henry Adams Attending Boston University of Medicine

Harold Bowman North East, PA

Harry Darling Carnahan Bros. North East, PA

Marie Davis Teacher North East, PA

Theodore Hill Post Grad. At Univ. of Michigan

Harry Koch Mgr. Keystone Grape Co. North East, PA

Raymond Koch Bell Telephone Co. Cleveland, OH

Rudolph Kopcke Am. Aluminum Co. Maryville, TN

Walter Lick Mechanic North East, PA

Mrs. Hilda Luke – Douville North East, PA

Gladys Mackay Nation Arts & Science School Washington, DC

Mrs. Genevieve McLaughlin – Wagner Lansing, MI

Mrs. Charlotte Meehl – Green North East, PA

Nelson Miller Teacher Warren, MI

Theodore Parker Contractor Wesleyville, PA

Ruth Ricart Sec’y to Mr. Lauf at Erie Cemetery Erie, PA

Joe Ryer Pharmacist Buffalo, NY

Loretta Sedelmeyer North East, PA

Bessie Sprague Teacher of Domestic Art Carlisle, PA

Guy Trivett East Ohio Gas Co. North East, PA

Mrs. Ruth Videtto – Rouse North East, PA

Class of 1912

Francis Earl Bonnell Attending Erie Business College North East, PA

Jessie Dolph Stenographer Electric Materials Co. North East, PA

Esther Franz Graduate of St. Vincent North East, PA

Margaret Fuller Teacher at Ellington HS Ellington, NY

Carl Kalteis Mail Carrier North East, PA

Ray H. Luke Attending University of Buffalo

Gladys Swartz Musical Director North East, PA

Katherine Wagner North East, PA

Class of 1913

Mary Adams Stenographer Cleveland, OH

David Bowen Tree Surgeon Niagara Falls, NY

James Hill Student at University of Michigan

Edith Moore Bookkeeper Russel Co. Erie,PA

Marguerite Oldach Student Erie Business College

Dr. Samuel Shebatte Columbus Hospital Buffalo, NY

Paul Smith Farmer North East, PA

Class of 1914

Perry Bigelow Sailor North East, PA

Martha Daniels Knepp Drug Co. North East, PA

Charles Evans Baldwin & Salchow Drug Co. North East, PA

Ruth French Attending Southern School of Photography McMinnville, TN

John Green Eureka Co. North East, PA

Russell Lick Mail Carrier North East, PA

Alice Meehl North East, PA

Paul Nelson Student at Univ. of Michigan

Albert Olsen American Brakeshoe Co. Erie, PA

Ralph Porter Chemist Erie, PA

Martha Potter Attending Margaret Morrison School Pittsburgh, PA

Amy Slade Stenographer Keystone Grape Co. North East, PA

Joanna Scouller Chicken Fancier North East, PA

Julia Traut Bell Telephone Co. North East, PA

Class of 1915

George Auffinger Student at Oberlin College Oberlin, OH

Marie Bemiss Student at Pennsylvania State College

Edith Bowen Student Business School Buffalo, NY

Herbert Burch Student Erie Business College Erie, PA

Ruth Fuller Student University of Buffalo

Arthur Koch Odin Stove Co. Erie, PA

Joseph Leet Student St. College, PA

Parke Miller Ball Engine Co. Erie, PA

Elah Orton Welch Grape Juice Co. North East, PA

Anna Potter Student Erie Business College Erie, PA

Lucille Skellie North East, PA

Dorothy Southwick North East, PA

Carleton Smith Brake Shoe Co. Erie, PA

Clifford Swartz Student Erie Business College Erie, PA

George Wagner Bosler & Couse Erie, PA

Serena Salchow Student Allegheny College Meadville, PA

Helen Lewis Palmyra, OH

Mark Orton First National Bank of Erie Pa North East, PA


Class of 1916

Marion Bonnell North East, PA

Alma Campbell North East, PA

Henry Chriest Student at University of Buffalo

Arthur Ellsworth Justin Pettit Co. North East, PA

Blair Fuller North East, PA

Helen French Bosler & Couse Co. North East, PA

Elsie Gruel Attending Night School Buffalo, NY

Shelden Heath Student at Case School Cleveland, OH

Helen Parker Teacher at McHenry, ND

Mary Peters Telephone Operator North East, PA

Marie McLaughlin Telephone Operator North East, PA

Thora McLaughlin Student at Fredonia Normal School Fredonia, NY

Blaine Mackay Student at Pennsylvania State College

Lawrence Sedelmeyer Student at University of Michigan

Irving Sprague Sailor North East, PA

Verda Sparling North East, PA

Pauline Ticknor Electric Material Co. North East, PA

Margaret Wagner St. Benedictine Academy Erie, PA

Charlene Selkregg North East, PA

[end of listing]

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