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Western Erie County - Chas Schumacher Class Photos - Early 1900s

Contributed by Helene Schumacher Barner

The pictures below have been provided by Helene Schumacher Barner. The two pictures are class photos from an unknown school taken about 1903 to 1910 of her father's class. Her father, Charles A. Schumacher, was born in 1897, and the family lived in East Springfield, Girard and Fairview at various times. Although the second picture is closer in and taken when Charles was several years older, the siding and background from the school in both pictures is similar, so it could be the same school. Charles is second from the left in the front row in the top picture. In the second picture he has a long arrow pointing to his head. No one else has been specifically identified, although Helene has indicated that names were written in her father's handwriting in no apparent order on the back of the top picture. These names are shown below. If anyone has any comments or questions concerning these photos. please contact Helene directly.

It is estimated that this picture was taken around 1903 or 1904. Names written on the back of the picture at a later date identifies some of the children but not in any order - just a list. The names include: Ralph Bristol , Howard Bristol , Lib Barner , Jim McGurk , Ernest Fisher , Bill Auerback , Dixon Ward , Donald Ward , Manvil Ward , Lynn Ellis , Fay Richins (?) , Ruth Richenson , Mary Rutherford , Marg. Hanrehan , Irene ? , Ethel Weed , Mildred Shriman (?). Click on the photo above to see an enlarged image. Use your browser back button to return here.

This picture seems to have been taken between 3 to 5 years after the top one. No additional information has been provided with this picture as none is available. Click on the photo above to see an enlarged image. Use your browser back button to return here.

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