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Summit Township - Hill School and other schools

Contributed by Gary Brown

The photos, art sketches, and information below has been provided by Gary Brown. Gary's ancestor George Brown lived near the Hill School which is described below. A map showing the Hill property with the school, a description of the several Hill Schools, and art sketches of several Summit Township schools have been included below. Click on any of the images for a larger picture. Use your browser back button to return this page.

The one room schoolhouse named Hill School #4 after Arthur O. Hill who owned the land, acted as a school director for several terms. The first version of the school was a small red frame building and was located behind the present building. It was heated by a large square wood stove, had bench seats, and blackboards of painted wood. In 1886, land was deeded to the School Board by Mr. Hill so the present brick building could be erected. In 1939, the building was purchased, remodeled, and used as a personal residence. It is located on the southwest corner of Johnson Road and Route 97 just south of Interstate 90. Gary reports that there was another school called the Hamilton School that was north west of the Hill school.

Hill School 2000
1880 Hill School
Hill School - 2000 (above)
Hill School - circa 1880
Bonnell School
Coover School
Depot School
Sharpe School
Stong School

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