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Venango Township - Titus School 1898

Contributed by Larry Combs

The school souvenir sheetlet below has been provided by Larry Combs. He has indicated that Eathel Crain, one of the students listed, was his Grandmother. Larry has also indicated that Erie County Allen and Barney families are a part of his family genealogy, and Titus children mentioned are also distant cousins. If anyone has any questions or comments concerning the material below, please contact Larry Combs directly. This sheetlet is from Titus School, District No. 6, Venango Township, for the school year 1897 - 1898. Transcription of names is shown below.

Titus School District No.6 Venango Township   1897 -1898

Presented by: Floy A. Moon, Teacher

G.R. Jones, Sec. S.D. West Pres. T.M. Morrison, Co Supt.  

Names of Pupils: Grace Titus,  Faye Titus,  Bell Sturdivant,  Bessie Blackmer,  Mollie Blackmer,  Fern Titus,  Bertha Applebee,   Lou Applebee,  Bertha Crain,  Nellie Cottingham,  Eathel Crain,  Vlema Fuller,  Edna Baldwin,  Davis Peck,  Bert Applebee,  Bert Blackmer,  Frank Sturdivant,  Clifford Blackmer, Harley Titus,  Earl Baldwin,  Harley Baldwin,  Willie Fuller,  Hiley McClemahan,  Julius Applebee, John Applebee

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