Erie County (PA) Genealogy

Springfield Township Schools

Devereaux School Class - 1900

Contributed by Andy Pochatko

Writing about Devereaux School House, Vickie Canfield Peters writes that the "1884 History of Erie County lists the Devereaux School as one of 15 located in the township. [In the 1865 Atlas of Erie County, the school is] located just west of the intersection of Huntley and Griffey Roads. The school was boardered by property owned by H.M. Devereaux, S. Devereaux, and W.C. Devereaux." Sometime before the turn of the century, the school house was moved to its present location on private property on U.S. Rte. 20. Glenna Oschier, wife of Dr. M.M. Oschier, wrote the owner that she, as a little girl, stood on the corner of Rte. 20 stood Huntley road and watched the school being moved into place. Ironically, Glenna failed to mention that she was at one time a teacher in this very school. She is the teacher in the picture below. The photo has been enhanced for better viewing. Questions or comments about this picture, please forward to the contributor directly.

Devereaux School 1900

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