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Picture Feature - More Patches from Camp Sequoyah

Contributed Various Sources

The scanned images below were provided by various sources. Most of the patches were provided by David Magoon and his father William Magoon. William Magoon was active in scouting as an adult. David Magoon is an Eagle Scout and was with Troop 57 in North East. One patch of Camp Sequoyah 1964 was provided by Alex J Piechocki. Four photos of the modern day scouting headquarters on Robinson Road have also been included. These photos were taken in 2001 by Bill Klauk. Anyone else who would like to contribute scanned images of additional patches should send the scanned image as a .jpg file to Bill Klauk. Click on any of the images below for a much larger version. Use your browser's 'back' button to return to this page.

Change 1 added:
Scan of 1947 patch courtesy of Bob Gold. Coffee mug photographed by Bill Klauk from a collection of David Magoon.

Change 2 added a photo of a kerchef slide from a source who did not want to be recognized, and a photo of two coffee mugs listed on an auction site back in 2005 from an unknown source.

1971 Fall 1961 Spring 1962 1972
1971 Fall 1961 Spring 1962 Washington Trail Council 1972
French Creek Council - yellow green Fr 
		Creek Coun - red green Fr Cr 
		Council Indian 1964
French Creek Council - Red Border French Creek Council - Yellow Border French Creek Council - Indian Camp Sequoyah 1964
		Building on Robinson Rd Scout 
		work, with flags scout 
		work with flags Totem 
		Pole at BSA building
Boy Scout Bulding on Robinson Road Some Scout Craft work with Flags Some Scout Craft work with Flags Totem Pole at BSA Building
Camp Sequoyah 
		Coffee Mug Coffee Mug from 
		Camp Sequoyah Coffe Mug 
		lying down 1947 Patch
Coffee Mug from Camp Sequoyah - View 1 Coffee Mug from Camp Sequoyah - View 2 Coffee Mug from Camp Sequoyah - View 3 1947 Camp Sequoyah Patch
1944 Kerchef 
		Slide     two coffe mugs
1944 Kerchief Slide     Includes a different Coffee Mug

Change 1: Added photos of a coffee mug and a 1947 patch [11/16/07].
Chnage 2: Added photo of Kerchief Slide and photo of two coffee mugs [11/29/07] .

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