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East Springfield Borough Charter

Contributed by Evelyn Baker

The information below was transcribed by Evelyn Baker from a document that she found in August 2000 pasted on the back of a picture hanging in the Secretary's office at the Springfield Town Hall. Evelyn notes that the capitalization seems random and punctuation is lacking. For convenience, Evelyn has added a name index shown below the document. Please direct any comments concerning this document directly to Evelyn.

Extract from pages 363 & 364, Charter Block 2

Erie County Recorders Office September 5, 1887

1. That the said borough be incorporated under the name of the Borough of East Springfield.

2. That the boundaries of said borough shall be as follows. viz: Beginning at the southwest corner of lands of George Hall, the same being James Cross's northeast corner & the northeasterly corner of said borough boundry; thence along the center of the township line road between Springfield & Girard Townships, South 149 50 / 100 chains to the center of the Gray Road thence north 85 1/2 degrees west along the center of said road & passing the residence of A. W. Gray as follows: South 81 1/2 degrees west 47 20/100 chains to said Gray's west line & Z. L. Shermans southeast corner & south 85 1/2 degrees west 11 52/100 chains to the center of the road from East Springfield to Albion; thence north 16 degrees west 2 27/100 chains; thence along the line between Z. L Sherman & E. Courrier's Heirs south 88 1/2 degrees west 59 18/100 chains; thence south 0 62/100 chains to Mr. Robinsons northeast corner; thence along the line between Robinsons & --- Cudney west 29 95/100 chains; thence along the center of Ives Road passing the residences of -- Cudney C.L. Barker & A.J. McKee with the following courses & distances, north 20 degress, East 13 13/100 chains; north 28 ? degrees East 11 chains; north 7 degrees East 29 65/100 chains to the corner of the Ridge Road; thence along the center of said Ridge Road south 73 degrees West 2 90/100 chains; thence along the line between H. Baldwin & ---- Darling, north 1/2 degree East 65 chains; thence along John DeVores south line South 89 1/2 degrees West 20 44/100 chains; thence along S. V. Holliday's & E. H. Miller's west line north 1/2 degrees East 25 42/100 chains; thence along the line of E. H. Miller & Joseph Ellis 10 chains; thence along J. M. Strong's & Joseph Ellis's line north 13 55/100 chains; thence East along said Strong's north line 17 75/100 chains; thence along Dr. George Ellis's west line North 18 degrees East 20 50/100 chains & north 2 degrees East 3 70/100 chains; thence by said Ellis's South line East 6 30/100 chains; thence along line between J.M. Strong & Joseph Ellis North 17 15/100 chains, the said Strongs northeast corner; thence along A. Wilsons south line, South 68 degrees East 12 75/100 chains to the center of the road leading to J. M. Strongs Grist Mill; thence along the center of said road, South 6 1/2 degrees East 6 79/100 chains; thence East & between Wilson & Strong 3 90/100 chains; thence North 19 degrees West 1 35/100 chains; thence along J. M. Strongs north line & by lands of J. Ives, East 26 35/100 chains; thence by S. F. Barneys West line South 32 37/100 chains; thence along the line between Barney & F. Miller, East 20 chains; thence North 27/100 chains; thence along the line between George Hall & James Cross, East 20 37/100 chains to the place of the beginning.

Name Index:
H. Baldwin
C. L. Barker
S. F. Barney
E. Courrier
Courrier Heirs
--- Cudney
James Cross
--- Darling
John DeVore
Dr. George Ellis
Joseph Ellis
A. W. Gray
George Hall
S. V. Holliday
J. Ives
A. J. McKee
E. H. Miller
F. Miller
--- Robinson
Z. L. Sherman
J. M. Strong
A. Wilson

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