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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

Greenfield Township

Bissell School

contributed by Larry Sugden

  Class of 1901 - 1902 (Nasby School)

Teacher:  Charles W. Cardot (photo)

Board of Education:  B. Wildman, President; A.H. Murphy, Sec'y; E.W. Burch, Treas.; G. Porter, F. Davis, M. Henderson, T.M. Morrison (Superintendent).

Pupils (click to view):  Emma Lathrop, Willie Bemiss, Smith Bemiss, Roy Eades, Grace Lathrop, Lola Wright, Mabel Hartley, Roy Lathrop, Burlan Calkins, Elmer Bemiss, Emory Evans, Elmer Lathrop, Sarah Luke, Ethel Eades, Arthur Bemiss, Harry Hartley, Clark Parmenter, Nicy Calkins, Lester Chrispen, Walter Eades, Maggie Calkins, Edith Hartley, Homer Tarr, Polly Calkins, Ethel Wagner, Marie Bemiss, Claudie Campbell, Alfred Wagner, Bertha Bemiss, Edna Wright.

Class of 1904 - 1905

Teacher:  Anna M. Causgrove (photo)

School Officers:  T.O. Wilkison, Pres.; A.H. Murphy, Sec'y; C.E. Bissell, Treas.; Dr. Lee Finn; F. Davies; G. Morgan; S.B. Bayle, County Superintendent.

Pupils (click to view): (First Grade) Dewey Chrispen, Florence Luke, Harold Swartzman, Walter Luke, Emma Tarr, Maude White, Alice White, Ross Whitney, Lulu Whitney. (Second Grade) Cecil Chrispen, Harley Wagner, James Wright, Ethel Wagner, Rudolph Swartzman, Alice Chrispen. (Third Grade) Florence Bissell, Hazel Coburn, Edith Hartley, Homer Tarr. (Fourth Grade) Ben Coburn, Walter Eades, Lester Chrispen. (Fifth Grade) [none] (Sixth Grade) Ethel Eades, Sarah Luke, Clark Parmenter, Jesse Chrispen. (Seventh Grade) Harry Hartley, Elmer Lathrop, Lavern Coburn, Lee Taylor. (Eighth Grade) Lola Wright, Grace Lathrop, Mabel Hartley, Roy Eades.

Class of 1910 - 1911

Teacher:  Kittie Morgan (photo)

Board of Directors:  C.L. Prindle, President; W.G. Davies, Secretary; E. Smith, Treasurer; Dr. R. Lee Finn; C. Lyons.

Pupils (click to view): (Primer Class) Florence Dougan, Florence Sugden, Mary Tarr, Robert Keefe, Edith Cardot. (First Grade) Joseph Keefe, Edward Seeley. (Second Grade) Raymond Ott, Florence Calkins, Esther Hartley. (Third Grade) Myrtle Sugden, Bessie Dougan, Clarence Cardott, Park Cage, Madge Cantrell, Emma Tarr, Arthur Hartley. (Fourth Grade) Fern Lathrop, Arthur Ott, James Keefe, Harry Wagner. (Fifth Grade) Walter Luke, Ross Whitney. (Sixth Grade) Edna Calkins, Ethel Wagner, Florence Luke. (Seventh Grade) Rosa Cardott, Harley Wagner. (Eighth Grade) Hazel Coburn, Edith Hartley, Florence Burch, Walter Eades.  


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