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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

Greenfield Township

Davis School

contributed by Larry Sugden

Class of 1897 - 1898

Teacher:  Maggie T. Donlon

Director:  A.M. Mallory

Pupils (click to view):  Ada Black, Grace Wilkinson, Cora Dobson, Jesse Williams, Frank Wilkinson, Lee Wright, George Wilkinson, Mary Gorndt, Ray Miller, Fred Pelkie, Berton Franklin, Lettie Loomis, Harry Whitney, Martha Gorndt, Willie Divine, George Robison, Walter Dobson, Louis Wright, George Divine, Arthur Whitney, Floyd Loomis, Ethol Wilkinson, Edna Kimball, Bertha Cleary, Velma Kimball, Wesley Brown, Willie Sanders, Ren Loomis, Clayton Loomis, Lillie Post.


Class of 1898 - 1899

Teacher:  Lola Farnsworth

Officers: C.M. Cardot, President; R. Lee Finn, Secretary

Pupils (click to view): Frank Wilkinson, Harry Whitney, Ada Black, Cora Dobson, Grace Wilkinson, Lillie Post, Maud Weed, Velma Kimball, Josephine Weed, Ethel Wilkinson, Lee Wright, Willie Devine, Louis Wright, George Devine, Edna Kimball, Walter Dobson, Arthur Whitney, Grant Wilkinson, George Wilkinson, Wesley Brown.


Class of 1901 - 1902

Teacher:  Bertha C. Cole (photo)

School Officers:  Bert Wildman, President; Alfred Murphy, Secretary; E.W. Burch, Treasurer; B.F. Davis; T.M. Morrison, County Superintendent

Pupils:  Lana Post, Archie Post, Gladys Whitney, Roy Smith, Eleanor Cleary, Alice Whitney, Ralph Smith, Lela Brown, Lewie Wilkinson, Luella Kimball, Ray Davis, Emma Gorndt, Wesley Brown, Mable Post, John Cardott, Bertha Cleary, George Devine, Velma Kimball, Walter Dobson, Ethel Wilkinson, Arthur Whitney, Edna Kimball, Charley Hartley, Ethel Davis, George Wilkinson, Ada Black.


Class of 1902 - 1903

Teacher:  Clyde L. Carnahan (photo)

School Officers:  B.J. Wakeley, President; Bert Wildman, Secretary; Frank Davis, Director; Geo. Dougan, Director.

Pupils:  Geo. Wilkinson, Willie Devine, Chas. Hartley, Arthur Whitney, Walter Dobson, Geo. Devine, Edna Kimball, Ethel Wilkinson, Bertha Cleary, Ray Davis, Emma Gorndt, Velma Kimbal, Mable Post, Lewie Wilkinson, Ralph Smith, Gladys Whitney, Luella Kimball, Eleanor Cleary, Harold Wilkinson, Alice Whitney, Roy Smith, Jessie Hartley, Elmer Post.


Class of 1903 - 1904

Teacher:  M. J. Pellor (photo)

School Officers:  C.E. Bissell, B.J. Wakeley, A.H. Murphy, B.F. Davis, Dr. Lee Finn, Bert Wildman, Samuel Bayle (County Superintendent).

Pupils (click to view):  Edna Kimball, Velma Kimball, Luella Kimball, William Devine, George Devine, Arthur Whitney, Gladys Whitney, Alice Whitney, Charley Hartley, Jessie Hartley, Bertha Cleary, Eleanor Cleary, Walter Dobson, Ruth Dobson, Ethel Wilkinson, Harold Wilkinson, Clifford Wilkinson, Ralph Smith, Roy Smith, Emma Gorndt, Mable Post, Louis Wright, Emory Evans.  

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