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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

Greenfield Township

Miller School

contributed by Larry Sugden

  Class of 1904 - 1905

Teacher:  Mary O. Davies (photo)

School Board:  S.B. Bayle, County Superintendent; Thos. Wilkinson; A.H. Murphy; C.E. Bissell; R. Lee Finn, M.D.; Fred S. Davies; George Morgan.

Pupils (click to view): Fred Garfield, Agnes Garfield, Ruth Thornton, Clara Raymond, Harold Raymond, Martha Selter, Ethel Thornton, Mable Evans, John Selter, Floyd Calkins, Jesse Evans, Velma Henderson, Agnes Raymond, Carrie Selter, Cynthia Jones, Grace Emery, Paul Markham, Tommy Selter, Archie Evans, Dan Raymond, John Jones, Claude Jones, Lynton Jones, Mary Jones, Kitty Morgan, Ralph Jones, Harvey Evans, Floyd Sawtell, Maude Mitchell.


Class of 1905 - 1906

Teacher:  Mattie A. Morgan

Directors:  F. Davis, President; F.I. Kimball, Secretary; R.L. Finn, Treasurer; C. Prindle; L. Weaver; E. Smith; Prof. I.H. Russell, Co. Superintendent.

Pupils: (First Grade) Iona Way, Carol Morton, Ilah Thornton, Leona Way, Harold Finn, John Davis. (Second Grade) Emory Traphagan, Nick Renner, Howard Way. (Third Grade) Myra Sweet, Beatrice Thornton, Margaret Parker, Grant Ward, Matthew Renner, Glen Davis, Floyd Davis, John Renner. (Fourth Grade) Edna Jones, Florence Ward, Ruth Way. (Fifth Grade) Herman Priester, Fred Garfield. (Sixth Grade) Ruth Thornton, Agnes Garfield, Jennings Traphagan, Lawrence Finn, Thomas Selter, Frank Beard. (Seventh Grade) George Freebourn, Julius Renner, Harold Raymond, Andrew Renner. (Eighth Grade)

Class of 1906 - 1907

Teacher:  M.A. Morgan

School Board:  R.L. Finn, President; A.H. Murphy, Secretary; T.O. Wilkinson, Treasurer; C.E. Bissell; E. Jones; C. Prindle.

Pupils (click to view):  Lynton Jones, Paul Markham, Florence Ward, Lawrence Finn, Tommy Selter, Floyd Calkins, Mabel Brown, Ethel Thornton, Jennings Traphagan, Cora Brown, Martha Selter, Kittie Morgan, Hazel Traphagan, Ruth Traphagan, John Selter, Fred Garfield, Agnes Garfield, Libbie Brown, Johnny Jones, Charlie Brown, Ruth Thornton, Harold Raymond, Mary Jones, Agnes Raymond, Velma Henderson.


Class of 1907 - 1908

Teacher:  Mary O. Davies

School Officers:  W.D. Morton, Charles Prindle, R. Lee Finn, Charles Lyons, L.D. Weaver, Charles Cardot, Samuel B. Bayle (County Superintendent).

Pupils (click to view):  John Jones, Martha Selter, Thomas Selter, Harold Raymond, Ella Priester, Lawrence Finn, Agnes Garfield, Edna Jones, Frank Beard, Beryl Brown, Beatrice Thornton, Grant Ward, Myra Sweet, Ethel Thornton, Ruth Traphagan, Fred Garfield, George Freebourn, Jennings Traphagan, Ruth Thornton, Herman Priester, Florence Ward, Hazel Jones, Myrtle Buys, Margaret Parker, Philip Beard, Islah Thornton.

Class of 1908 (Class Photo)
Teacher:  Kittie Morgan
(Front Row) Lee Thornton, Raymond Rogers, Gerald Sweet, Irene Merket, Theona Cardot, Reed Rogers, Hazel Skellie, Lea Thornton, Burton Morgan, and Gerry Sweet.
(Middle Row) Phillip Beard, Harold Finn, Ila Thornton, Emory Traphagan, Jennings Traphagan, Lyle Markham, and Audrey Skellie.
(Back Row) Paul Markham, Ruth Thornton, Kittie Morgan, Ruth Wakeley, Agnes Garfield, Myra Holmes Sweet, Fred Garfield, and Walter Markham.
(Names were handwritten on back of photo.)

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