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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

Prindle School 1926

Greenfield Township

Prindle School

contributed by Larry Sugden

Class of 1902 - 1903

Teacher:  Mary O. Davies (photo)

School Board:  Samuel B. Bayle, County Superintendent

Pupils (click to view):  Harry Alcorn, Gracie Prindle, Arthur Alcorn, Myrtle Pierce, Bessie Prindle, Dustin Pierce, Leon Prindle, Lucy Pierce, Tillie Prindle, Thurman Orton, Alvah Prindle, George Pierce, Gertie Alcorn, Martha Pierce, Anna Prindle, Fred Dougan, Paul Prindle, Jesse Prindle, Mary Orton, Goldie Prindle, Francis Dougan, John Prindle.


Class of 1903 - 1904

Teacher: Clyde Carnahan (photo)

School Board:  A. H. Murphy, B. Wildman, C. E. Bissell, R. L. Finn, B. F. Davis, B. J. Wakeley.

Pupils (click to view):  Arthur Alcorn, George Pierce, Anna Prindle, Martha Pierce, Fred Dougan, Tillie Prindle, Bessie Prindle, Leon Prindle, Harry Alcorn, Alvah Prindle, Thurman Orton, Francis Dougan, Paul Prindle, Gertie Alcorn, Lucy Pierce, Murtle Pierce, Dustin Pierce, Gracie Prindle.


Class of 1906 - 1907

Teacher:  Geo. E. Wilkinson (photo)

School Board:  C.L. Prindle, R. Lee Finn, T.O. Wilkinson, Elmer Jones, Chas. H. Lyons, Wm. Morton.

Pupils (click to view):  Anna Prindle, Tillie Prindle, Ben Dougan, Vemba Parker, Bessie Prindle, Leon Prindle, Nellie Prindle, Alvah prindle, Lucy Pierce, Hattie Dougan, Myrtle Pierce, Dustin Pierce, Grace Prindle, Mary Pierce.


Class of 1907 - 1908

Teacher:  John Prindle (photo)

School Board:  Wm. Morton, President; R. Lee Finn, Secretary; Chas. H. Lyons, Treasurer; C.L. Prindle; Leslie Weaver; Chas. Cardot; Samuel B. Bayle, Superintendent.

Pupils (click to view):  Ben Dougan, Tillie Prindle, Lucy Pierce, Dustin Pierce, Leon Prindle, Bessie Prindle, Gracie Prindle, Myrtle Pierce, Harry Alcorn, Arthur Alcorn, Nellie Prindle, Vinnie Alcorn, Mary Pierce, George Jones.


Class of 1908 - 1909

Teacher:  Anna Prindle (photo)

School Officers:  Chas. H. Lyons, W. D. Morton, Fred I. Kimball, Dr. R. Lee Finn, Leslie B. Weaver, Ed J. Smith, I.H. Russell - County Superintendent.

Pupils (click to view):  Myrtle Pierce, Dustin Pierce, Bessie Prindle, Leon Prindle, Gracie Prindle, Harry Alcorn, Arthur Alcorn, Vinnie Alcorn, George Jones, Vircle Pierce, Mary Pierce, Nellie Prindle, Gladys Magoon, Maude Magoon.


Class of 1909 - 1910

Teacher:  Mary D. Orton (photo)

School Board:  Dr. R. Lee Finn, Fred I. Kimball, G. Davies, Leslie Weaver, E. Smith, C.L. Prindle, I. H. Russell, Superintendent.

Pupils (click to view):  Dustin Pierce, Gracie Prindle, Myrtle Pierce, Gertie Alcorn, Harry Alcorn, Mollie Paluh, Arthur Alcorn, Arthur Palmer, Joe Paluh, Ralph Palmer, Mary Pierce, Vinnie Alcorn, Nellie Prindle, Frances Paluh, Ray Palmer, Norman Palmer, Willie Taylor, Irene Taylor, Vircle Pierce, Georgie Jones, Joe Pierce.

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