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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

Greenfield Township

Station School at Colt's Station

contributed by Larry Sugden

Class of 1907 - 1908

Teacher:  Maude Mitchell (photo)

Board of Education:  W.D. Morton, R. Lee Finn, Leslie Weaver, Charles Prindle, Charles Lyons, Charles Cardott, Samuel B. Bayle (County Superintendent)

Class Roll (click to view):
(First Grade) James Doolittle, Horace Lewis, Guy Wakeley
(Second Grade)  Clayton Lewis
(Third Grade)  Margaret Doolittle, Ralph Luce
(Fourth Grade)  Clyde Lewis, Dewey Chrispen
(Fifth Grade)  James Wright, Marie Wakeley, Lee Lewis, Ruth Wakeley, Cecil Chrispen
(Seventh Grade)  Mabel Morton, Ethel Wakeley, Lester Chrispen, Ralph Jones, Zella Lewis, Roscoe Lewis, Gordon Wakeley

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