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1850 Census - Greenfield Township

Who's Missing from the 1850 Census Index?

Contributed by Larry Sugden

A census index is an alphabetical listing, by surname, of people listed in the census as Head of Household.  It does not include other family members, boarders, or farmhands who also lived with the head of household.

If you a sure that a person lived in a particular area during a census year, but cannot find them in a census index, it would be a good idea to check the actual census record.  Greenfield Township was mostly a farming community, so it was not uncommon for farm owners to have others living with them to help work the farm.

The following is a list of people, who were in Greenfield Township during the 1850 census, and whose last name differs from the head of household.  If you need information on spouses or children, I will do free look-ups for you in the 1850 census (Greenfield Township only), just send me an email with your request.

Source: Census Roll 777, pages 76 - 84 (NOT ALPHABETICAL)
Cooledge, Henry 19 Carpenter Brown, Prentice
Griswold, Chauncey 23 Laborer Eades, William
Johnson, Angeline E. 13   Judd, Charles A.
Stetson, Eunice 1/2   Jones, David A.
Burton, Charles J. 3   Jones, Jeremiah
Berry, Polly 40   Miller, William R.
Taylor, Lucinda 18   Miller, William R.
Chapman, Edward 1   Miller, William R.
Platt, Laura 17   Griswold, Myron
Hawly, Helen A. 22   Finn, Nehemiah
Carnahan, Stephen 13   Berry, Joseph
Watkins, Lucy M. 9   Beman, Sylvenus A.
Richards, Paul 28? Farmer Raymond, A.
Richards, Louisa 30   Raymond, A.
Hatfield, Herman 46 Laborer Inman, Elijah
Taylor, Olive M. 28   Slade, John P.
Miller, Arvilla 18   Slade, John P.
Carnahan, Robert C. 15 Laborer Pickett, Rufus S.
Grossener, Nancy 53   Wedge, John
Warren, Horace 19 Laborer Colburn, Shubal O.
Chambers, Richard 23 Laborer Fuller, James C.
Carpenter, John H. 76 None Davis, Simeon
Carpenter, Laura 60   Davis, Simeon
Leech, Chauncey 20 Laborer Witbey
Miller, Malvina 18   Brownell, William
Miller, Eliah 16 Laborer Brownell, William
Miller, Amanda 14   Brownell, William
Drake, Billings 19 Laborer Stoker, Timothy
Cole, Lewis 25 Farmer Stark, Samuel N.
Frink, Reuben 20 Engineer Coats, Joseph
Calkins, Eli 29 Farmer Dolly, Jesse
Adams, Levi 21 Laborer Burch, John
Gifford, Ansel H. 21 Laborer Brown, John F.
Gifford, Carini 16   Brown, John F.
Gifford, Susan 13   Brown, John F.
Gifford, Harrison 10   Brown, John F.
Gifford, Francis 7   Brown, John F.
Moore, Ezra 26 Laborer Prindle, Jesse R.
Bailey, Lucy B. 20   Prindle, Jesse R
Wright, Isabella 4/12   Brown, John & Sarah
Hinds, Alson 40 Laborer Pierce, Smith
Scripter, Eliza 14   Pierce, Smith
Adams, Benjamin 21 Laborer Prindle, Chauncey
Morton, Alexander 32 Laborer Shadduck, George
Carnahan, Nathan 12   Marvin, William E.
Jackson, Josiah 21 Laborer Raymond, Elbridge
Swetman, John 30 Farmer Grant, David
Swetman, Margaret 35   Grant, David
Davis, Mary 21   Plumb, Chauncey
Davis, Ann Eliza 3   Plumb, Chauncey
Davis, Charlotte 6/12   Plumb, Chauncey

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