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Erie County (PA) Genealogy

Old Photos from Mill Village

Contributed by Barbara Root Seyler

Barb Seyler has contributed the photos below from Mill Village. Click on any of the images to view a full size picture. Use your browser "Back" button to return to this page. Anyone with additional information about these pictures, or the people in the pictures, or any comments about these pictures, please contact Barb Seyler directly.

Mill Village; notation on back says store belonged to the DeLand family
Waiting for the Mail, dated Sunday 21 Feb 1915
High School; no notations nor dates
1st Reunion of Mill Village High School Students 1892-1898; held 28 Aug 1937; notation on back says 3rd person from left first row is Katherine (Gourley) Cowan and 6th person from left in row 2 is Gertrude (Gourley) Fullerton DeDionisio; others not known
Old Home Day, Mill Village; 24 July 1937 - no other data included.

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