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Welcome to the Millcreek Township Page. I am Linda Nyberg Ferree, long-distance coordinator.

I currently (2005) live in Germany, having moved here 2 years ago, after 18 years in Atlanta. So what am I doing volunteering to be the Millcreek Township coordinator? Millcreek is my home in the sense that 'home is where the heart is.' I was born in Erie, and moved to Millcreek in 1972. My mother, and one of my sisters and her family, still live there. I am a 1976 graduate of McDowell. My father, Paul Nyberg, was a 1948 graduate of Millcreek HS, McDowell's predecessor. He was born in Millcreek to Swedish immigrants, and grew up there.

My dad had a gift for remembering people, as well as a life-long loyalty to his hometown. Everywhere he went, it seemed - whether it be locally, or in California, or Florida -- he would run into people he knew from Millcreek. As long as he was able, he attended every possible McDowell football game, both before and after his children went there. He continued chaperoning the "Prom to Dawn" for years after his daughters graduated. He passed away a few months ago. It is, in part, in memory of him that I would like to help people discover their Millcreek roots, if they are lucky enough to have them.

I have a relatively recent history in Millcreek, as far as genealogy goes. But I have been researching my family and my husband's family for twenty-some years, and have developed a love of history along the way, as well as a fair amount of knowledge of the search process. Since three out of four of my grandparents were immigrants, that search hasn't been easy. I have had the privilege of searching in Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland, but am always happy to get back to the Erie Library Heritage Room -- one of the finest I've found in my travels.

I would love to help foster the history of the land and people of Millcreek Township. Bill Klauk has done a great job setting up the Millcreek page, making any subsequent coordinator's job rather easy. As he pointed out, "Millcreek is the home to the Erie International Airport (now named Tom Ridge Field), Waldameer Amusement Park (one of the oldest continuously operated in the country), the Millcreek Mall (now multiple malls or plazas), the West Erie Plaza (which I understand is also one of the oldest in the country), and the entrance to Presque Isle State Park."

If you have questions or want to contribute material, please feel free to contact me at: Millcreek_genie(at) Notice that you cannot just click on my address, but will have to replace the "(at)" with an @ symbol. (This is to discourage spammers.) Also, be sure to use Millcreek somewhere in your subject line.

Happy hunting, and welcome home.

This page was last updated on  Friday, November 16, 2007.

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