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The General Joseph Warren Chapter in Warren, Pennsylvania, was formed in 1911 and is still in existence today, 102 years later.
The chapter was organized on December 6, 1911, as a result of the Tidioute Chapter becoming so large and a need for a meeting place in Warren. A name was chosen, officers elected, and bylaws written.  The name was chosen as the result of the work of the DAR members for  constructing and erecting the General Joseph Warren statue, which was unveiled on July 4, 1910. On February 22, 1911, the General Joseph Warren Chapter was formally organized at the Conewango Club with 66 charter members, 41 of whom were transferred from the Tidiuote Chapter.
The first noted undertaking of the chapter was the  dedicating and beautifying of Crescent Park. Mrs. Cinderilla Walker obtained permission for DAR to take charge of the strip from the bridge to Main Street. Saturday, October 13, 1913, the dedication ceremonies of Pioneer Circle were held. Besides beautifying  the park with flowers and shrubs, they erected a fountain and steps to the river, and boulders with bronze plates; one to the memory of Warren settlers prior to 1840, and one to the memory of General William Irvin. Park development became a regular part of the chapter's work.
In 1938, the chapter undertook, as a tribute to Mrs. Cinderella Walker, and to carry out her plan, to erect a monument to veterans of the Spanish American War. This was dedicated August 1938.
Boulders with plaques were placed in Washington Park and Morck Park in cooperation with other lineage societies:  Kanoagoa Chapter Daughters of the American Colonists, the General William Irvine Chapter U.S. Daughters of 1812, Mayflower Society, Magna Charta Dames, Ancient and Honorable Artillery, and Daughters of Cincinnati.
Morck Park was given to the town by Mrs. August Morck of Oil City; it had been the home of the Morck family. Land for Washington Park was given by a group of public spirited men.
In May1940, the chapter assisted in the dedication of the Pennsylvania Memorial Forest on land of the Hunter estate near Tidioute. Our tree plantation is called Penny Pines because the seedlings cost a penny apiece. A marker, a boulder with plaque, marks the spot.
History was originally written by Margaret Messerly, (Mrs. B.J.) in 1976
The General Joseph Warren Chapter plants a tree in Crescent Park every year for our DAR  Good Citizens who have been nominated by the various high schools in the area, including  Warren Area High School,  Sheffield High School, Youngsville High School,  Eisenhower High School, Tidioute Community  Charter School, Warren Christian  School,  East Forest High School, and West Forest  High School.
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Pennsylvania Memorial Forest

The Pennsylvania Memorial Forest now consists of 150 acres, growing from the original 106 acres, and is located outside of Tidioute in the Allegheny National Forest. Seventy-five thousand trees, at the cost of $750, were planted under the direction of State Regent Mrs. Joseph Forney. Two large dedications were held after the plantings on May 25, 1940 and June 21, 1941. Heather Koech, author of the 1999 DAR magazine article, 'Do You Know Where Your DAR Forest Is?' found another plot dedicated in 1931 to George Washington in Potter County, near Couldersport, Pennsylvania. As of 2002, many of the trees are gone due to thinning of the forest. A plaque was rededicated in 2002.
Two identical plaques were placed both at Washington Park and Morck Park in Warren. They were dedicated the same day in 1932 to celebrate the bicentennial of George Washington and the thirteen original colonies.    The plaque  at Morck Park is still there, but the one at Washington Park has been removed.
On  August 9, 1932, elm trees were planted to commemorate the event by Magna Carta Dames, Society of Mayflower Descendents, Ancient and Honorable Artillery, Daughters of the American Colonists, Daughters of the American Revolution, and U.S. Daughters of 1812.
Patriot Ancestors of Our Chapter Members

Capt. John Woodruff
Sgt. Christopher Gayle
Pvt. Nathan Eddy
Pvt. Benjamin Whipple
Pvt. Charles Reichard
Pvt. Edward Daniels
Cpt. Lawrence Gross
Pvt. Silas Brooks
Valentine Shaffer
Pvt. Martin Shaffer
Pvt. Paul Baughman
Pvt. Daniel Hazeltine
Pvt. John Shannon
Pvt. John Cartwright
Capt. Robert Orr
Pvt. Adam Brunthaver
This monument, erected  by General Joseph Warren Chapter DAR, is located in Crescent Park by the Warren General  Hospital. It is dedicated to Spanish American War veterans.
This monument is located at Morck Park and Washington Park.
The General Joseph Warren statue was dedicated July 4, 1910. There are only two other statues in the country dedicated to him, and they are located in Boston, MA.  The Tidioute Chapter commissioned the statue to be made by American Art Foundry, Messrs. Jules Berchen & Co., of Lake Street, Chicago, IL,  and they in turn commissioned
Mr. Richard Bock. Mr. Bock  was a sculptor of note, having exhibited work at all of the later World's Fairs, and received a number of medals as recognition of excellence. The statue stands on a pedestal of Barre granite, 10 1/2 feet high, on which bronze plates, one to the memory of General  Warren, the other bearing the names of the Revolutionary heroes buried in Warren County. The plates are reserved for other tablets to bear the names of heroes of a later day. 
The statue was rededicated on May 9, 2011, as it was refurbished and a new sword attached, the sword had been missing for several years. When the statue was checked to replace the sword it was found that it was very much in need of complete restoration.  It was the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the General Joseph Warren  Chapter. Funds for the restoration came from the Community Foundation of Warren County, Inc., and members of the Warren Community. 
Warren, as seen from Washington  Park. The land  (approx.65 acres ) for the park was purchased by 13 business men of Warren and donated to the town on April 28, 1922. They were C.T. Conarro, who headed the group, William Muir, F.E. Hertzel, Ed Walker, E.D. Wetmore, H.A. Logan, George Craft, F.B. Jackson, M.W.I. Bartholomew, M.W. Jamieson, E.W. Campbell, A.J. Hazeltine, and W.C. Heasley.
 The General Joseph Warren Chapter DAR meets May, June, July, September, October,  and December on the second Monday of the month.

The General Joseph Warren Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution Warren, Pennsylvania
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April 2014
Rededication of the plaque at Washington Park on June 9,2014. The original plaque was dedicated in 1932.
General Joseph Warren's legacy commemorated on June 13, 2015  at General Joseph Warren Park in Warren, Pennsylvania.  General Warren died June 17, 1775 at the Battle of Bunker Hill. A song written by Rich Geer called " the Banner of Freedom" and sung by Rich and Maria Miller at the ceremony.

He sat tall up in his saddle, He had fire in his eyes
with a burning of heart passion, He had purpose in his stride
Fighting in an army, For life and liberty
This man called Joseph Warren, Was born for destiny
He sent Paul Revere a riding, On his midnight run
Calling to the villages, The British now have come
Pick up your arms in battle, And boldly stand your ground
This is the call to freedom, Let every trumpet sound

Chorus: Let teh battle rage, Let the cannon roar
We're marching into victory, where the eagle always savors
Let the battle rage, let the cannon fly
The banner of our freedom, Is flying high
Where the danger was the greatest, He was there to lend a hand
Whether surgeon, soldier, citizen, The finest in the land
A leader and a statesman, A hero in his time
A friend to common people, A friend of yours and mine
He was brave and he was honest, All things a man should be
A man of deep conviction, Who just wanted to be free
He ran unto the battle, fought on Bunker Hill
taking his weapon, not giving up his will

Cheering on the tired men, who bravely fought that day
He was last to leave the battle field, as British came his way
He tried to get to safety, as a final shot was heard
And there lay Joseph Warren, dead upon the earth
This is not the ending, no there's so much more to say
sours the people rose together, and fought in that faithful day
Even though they were out numbered, they gave a victory cry
Give me life and liberty, ELSE I DIE !!
                                                          Rich Geer
The Warren County Historical Society, Allegheny Center of the Arts Storytellers Guild and the General Joseph Warren Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution presented the program in commemoration of the life, death and legacy of Revolutionary War Hero General Joseph Warren for whom our city and county are named.