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Lost Towns?

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(		1)Formed in 1899 and is what is now known as Rook (Station)

		(1) The old name for the Scott Township side of Carnegie

		(1) Chartiers Twp 

		(1) Located at the start of Miller's Run Road in Collier twp.
		(2)From the Signal Item 05-25-1906  Death Notice for Miss Katie Steiner,
		last paragraph,  The funeral services were held at St Barbara's R C church Rosevale, 
		Wednesday afternoon at 4 O'clock conducted by Rev Father Zolkar, 
		and Rev Father Dougherty, of St Agatha's church, Bridgeville, Interment at 
		Rosevale Cemetery.

		(1) Where Mayview State Hospital is located now.

		Who helped to lay out the borough od Mansfield? 
		Wm Nicholson aged 86, died at the Columbia Hospital, Wilkinsburg, Sunday.  
		He was born on the site of city home Marshalsea.  He moved to Scott twp 
		in early life and was justice of the peace for 20 years, being a Democrat.
		While he served as justice helped lay out he borough called Mansfield.  
		Mr Nicholson also laid out Chartiers cemetery where he was buried.  
		He was the last of a family of nine children.  He built the first school 
		house in that part of Scott township, now Upper Stain Clair township 
		which still bears his name.  He leavesa wodow one son, Albert W and one 
		daughter Mrs John F McKibben of Wilkinsburg.  SI  08-06-1908

		(1) Located near Crafton, Pa
		(2) Locusta - there is a Locust Street in Idlewood (Homestead) which is 
		between Crafton and Carnegie.

		(1) Iffly was a small shanty town sitting between Rennerdale and Greg's 
		(2) IFFLY, Allegheny County, Collier Township How to Get to Site of Iffly 
		Go west from Carnegie on the Noblestown Road, says Rev. Allison, to an 
		eighth of a mile beyond the Rennerdale School.There are some frame houses 
		here and the main highway makes a sharp turn north. Straight ahead is an 
		old, unpaved road going down southwesterly and across the Pan Handle 
		Railroad and Robinson Run to join a more modern road northwest of Gregg 
		Station, where once were the home of the Hays and Walker families. Near 
		the foot of the hill at the bridge over Robinson Run, "were willows skirt 
		the road and border both sides of the stream," is the site of what was 
		Iffly.  The Irish gave the settlement its name.


		(1) Remington Station was located on the Steubenville Pike between Moon 
		Run and Campbell's Run Road.  I believe it was just about where Church 
		Hill Road intersects with Steubenville Pike.
		(2) There was also a village of Remington located somewhere around the 
		present location of the Chartiers Country Club (off Baldwin Rd. and 
		above Campbell's Run). This town was tied to the old mines in the area 
		and has since vanished, not only from the map, but from existence. No 
		trace exists.
		(3) "Remington Post Office" - the town was Summitville
		before it became Moon Run in the early 1890s.I'm not sure if it was 
		connected with the Chartiers R.R. and mines that existed around the 
		late 1850s or with the later mines (around present Thornberry).
		(4)  Remington - There was a Remington some where in Robinson Township 
		near Montour Creek as there once was train service from Ivanhoe (Groveton) 
		to Remmington. There was also a Remington Station at Conway on the 
		PFtW & C RR

		(1) Burdine was in Collier twp, along Thom's Run Road.

		Division St, Glendale 
		(1) now known as Magazine Street Ext.

		(1) 4 miles from Carnegie


		Walbash Hill?

		(1) Essen is a community between Bridgeville and Beadling along 
		Painter's Run.

		(1) This is now the West End area of Pittsburgh and within the Pittsburgh 
		City limits.
		(2)Esplen is on West Carson Street just beyond the Corliss Tunnel and 
		before you reach McKees Rocks.
		(3) Esplen is on the Pittsburgh side of the mouth of Chartiers Creek at 
		the Ohio River across the Creek from McKees Rocks


		(1) Collier Twp, around intersection of Steen Hollow and Thoms Run, 
		southwest of Rennerdale.
		(2) HICKMAN, Allegheny County, Collier Township. On Thoms Run road 
		between Beechmont and Federal

		(1) It's in Upper St. Clair, around the intersection of Route 19 & 
		McLaughlin Run Road where USC High School is. Before Clifton, it was 
		called Sodom.

		Scully Springs?
		(1) Scully Springs - on the 1876 map of Chartiers Township directly 
		west of Crafton Station in the big bend in Chartiers Creek is a 
		'Scully's Spring Plan'. It would be in the area of the old PRR Scully Yard.

		Hoilday's Cove Cem? 
	  	Holiday's Cove is in  Weirton, WV It's the location of an old 
		presbyterian cemetery named Three Springs.

		* Idlewood/Carnegie 
 		Is the sight of the old Patterson Homestead 1827
		Idlewood is between Crafton and Carnegie and was originally called 

		Bowerton, Pa?  
		Now called Bower Hill

		(1) Located near Imperial Shirland is in North Fayette Township on the 
		Steubenville Pike just beyond the old Fort Pitt Inn or about 1 mile east 
		of the intersection of Routes 22 and 30.   
		(2) Was the Post Office in the area of the old 22/30 split before Imperial

		YWCA organized 11-13-1913 Carnegie Signal Item

		(1) That was Palmersville at the intersection of Churchhill Rd and the 
		Pike, later known as Gayly. The area near the intersection of the Pike 
		and Beaver Grade Rd. 
		(1) was just beyond the old Fort Pitt Inn about where Scio Pottery used 
		to be and close to that little strip mall where there was a State Liquor 

		Hudson Hollow, Collier Twp

		The McClintic-Marshall Construction Co'c East Carnegie works have 
		orders booked ahead to keep them busy for some time.  The Panama Canal 
		gates, etc. will be made at the Rankin Works.

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