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Corbin Cemetery

Clay Township


Cemetery photos by Jim Corbin, 2005


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Corbin Cemetery is in Clay Township in Huntingdon County, about a mile from the Fulton County line, close to Rt 655.

(Another photo, by Michael Holland)


A. D.   1823    
A. B. Corbin CORBIN Jan. 6, 1868 30y 2m 20d Abraham B. Corbin, s/o William Corbin
Christian CORBIN Jan. 25, 1847 3y 8m s/o Wm & R. Corbin
Daniel L. CORBIN Dec. 3, 1868 1y 10m 23d s/o G. & M. E. Corbin
Dellia Corbin CORBIN Dec. 31, 1880 2y 9m 13d d/o George W. Corbin
G. Eddie CORBIN July 11, 1872 8m 15d s/o G. W. & M. E. Corbin
Geo. W. Corbin CORBIN Aug. 13, 1880 41y 7m 2d s/o William Corbin
J. Frank Corbin CORBIN Aug. 18, 1880 30y 5m 26d Joseph Frank Corbin
Jeremiah B. CORBIN Oct. 4, 1849 21y 7m 2d -
Joe F. CORBIN 1869 - 1890 - s/o G. W. & M. E. Corbin
John CORBIN Oct. 29, 1844 3y 10m 11d s/o Wm & R. Corbin
Martha Price Corbin CORBIN 1845 - 1935 - w/o George W. Corbin
Penelope CORBIN Dec. 18, 1835 6y 1m 25d d/o Wm & R. Corbin
Rebecca A. Corbin CORBIN Mar. 16, 1873 26y 2m 11d d/o William Corbin
William CORBIN June 17, 1852 68y 3m 11d -
Joseph W. FAULKENDER April 7, 1862 1y 7m 2d s/o J. E. & J. A. Faulkender
Julia A. FAULKENDER July 3, 1875 42y 3m 5d w/o W. E. Faulkender, d/o William Corbin
Mary J. FAULKENDER Dec. 11, 1863 9y 1m 12d d/o J. E. & J. A. Faulkender



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