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McConnellstown Cemetery

Walker Township

Latitude 40-27-14N  Longitude 078-04-59W


Transcribed and contributed by Debbie Fisher Riley


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McConnellstown Cemetery is located in Walker Township, on on Route 26 behind the present Playhouse Theater.


This is the final installment in the McConnellstown Cemetery transcription project. This section was predominantly the oldest section in the cemetery. Many of the stones were unreadable or very difficult to read. They were transcribed with the most accuracy possible from two sets of eyes. However, some errors are quite likely.

James Campbell
d. 2/19/1851

Rebecca w/o
James Campbell
d. 12/14/1862
47y 9m

Elizabeth d/o
James & Catharine Campbell
d. 8/25/1839
1m 19d

James s/o
James & Catharine Campbell
d. 4/17/1838

Andrew Jackson s/o
James & Catharine Campbell
d. 3/8/1835
11m 21d

George Campbell s/o
James & Rebecca Campbell
d. __/21/1842

Oliver Campbell s/o
James & Rebecca Campbell
d. __/11/1845

_____________ Vandevender s/o
G & A Strickes

Unreadable Stone

Unreadable Stone

William B. McCoy
d. 11/14/1864
20y 18d

John S. McCoy

__________________ s/o
Maggie Heffner
d. 7/30/1890

Margaret Heffner
7/6/1840 4/11/1910

Charles Snare
1856 1907
1858 1939

Edna M. Heffner
1875 1976

Florence G. Heffner
1881 1915

Allison Heffner
6/21/1848 4/26/1895
3/1844 3/1924

Mary w/o
Stewart Africa
d. 1/21/1888
34y 5m 17d

John F. s/o
Samuel & Margaret Peightel
d. in Nashville, TN
on 6/14/1865
78th Reg. Co. K
20y 8m

Florence L. d/o
J. L. & M. A. Isenberg
d. 6/28/1870
5m 13d
Laura d/o
J. L. & M. A. Isenberg

Harry s/o
J. L. & M. A. Isenberg
d. 8/11/1861
8m 25d

John L. rest of stone unreadable; most likely John L. Isenberg

John Simpson

James s/o
William & Catharine States
d. 10/14/1843
1y 8m 2d


William States

Simon Fox
1/1758 12/31/1845
Rev. War

Eve Fox w/o
1767 1850

John Snyder
d. 9/18/1856
44y 4m

Rebecca w/o
John Snyder
d. 5/1/1887
69y 4m 16d

Barbara w/o
John Nail
d. 2/17/1864
66y 7m 21d

John Nail

Samuel Watson
d. 1/15/1865
28y 1m 28d

Mary J. w/o
John F. Yocum
d. 3/6/1862

William s/o
W. & M. A. Gahagan
d. 6/22/1866
15y 1m 14d

Samuel Watson
d. 9/2/1857
63y 2m 8d

Phoebe w/o
Samuel Watson
d. 3/___/____
* The name Phoebe was very hard to read; my records indicate Samuel was married to Ophelia.

John Carriher
Pvt. 2nd Reg. Of Riflemen
War of 1812

David s/o
____________ & Elizabeth ___________
d. 8/___/_____
1y 7m 17d

Alonza s/o
Isaac & Mary Yocum
d. 7/22/1854
2y 4m 18d

Margaret w/o
Samuel Harris

James s/o
Samuel & Margaret Harris
d. 3/18/1841
5y 6m

Rachel d/o
Samuel & Margaret Harris
d. 2/__/1841

Marlan s/o
Samuel & Margaret Harris
d. 3/2_/______
2y 6m

James Huston
d. 12/21/1862

William C. Robb
d. 3/29/1891
58y 1m 1d

Sarah w/o
Wm. C. Robb
d. 7/26/1899
63y 9m 27d

Laura J. w/o
F. W. Prough
1856 1920

Andrew Heffner
d. 8/26/1872
42y 10m 15d

Harry Watson
1865 1931
Elizabeth W.
1866 1942
Fred L.
1886 1940

Ora H. w/o
C. N. Miller

Vida Alletta d/o
E. & I. E. Heffner
11/11/1898 6/9/1899

Ellsworth E. Heffner
1861 1942
Ida E.
1867 1936

Harry s/o
J. & S. E. Heffner
d. 9/24/1865
1y 5m 6d

Juniata d/o
d. ___/___/____
1y 5m 7d

John Heffner
d. 5/11/1895
63y 9m 20d
Sarah E.
d. 6/24/1897
66y 4m 5d

Elizabeth w/o
John Nelson
d. 2/20/1851
24y 7m 10d

Oliver infant s/o
John & Elizabeth Nelson
d. 3/3/1851

Catharine w/o
John Dearment
d. 9/2/1864
30y 11m 10d

Orlady s/o
J. & R. Heffner
d. 6/23/1865
21y 2m 24d

Rachel w/o
John Heffner
d. 10/7/1871
71y 3m 20d
John Heffner
d. 9/16/1881
84y 5m 9d

Marshall Ward Hamer
1877 1942

Mary E. Coulter
1874 1938

Moses K. Hamer
Co. F, 125th Reg. PA Inf.
1843 1917
Martha J.
1845 1914

Hannah w/o
James Johnston
d. 8/29/1881
86y 2m 22d

James Johnston
d. 7/27/1860
72y ___m 18d

John Geissinger
PA Troops
Rev. War

Valentine Heifner
1759 1848
1st Bat. Cumberland Co. Militia
Rev. War

Susan w/o
John Coulter

John Dearmit
d. 12/13/1870
83y 10m 27d

__________ d/o
A. & E. States
d. 4/8/18__
2y 3m 4d

Alexander States
Co. K, 78th Reg. PV
d. Cumberland Hosp.
Nashville, TN

Eliza w/o
Alexander States
d. 2/23/1876
57y 10m 29d

William Householder
d. 6/23/1854
27y 2m __d

Alfred s/o
Joseph & Elizabeth ________
d. 2/9/1854
6m 11d

Milton S. s/o
A. S. & Mary Ann Gughugan
d. 7/23/18_1

Ellen w/o
John Hastings
d. 9/____/1892
68y 7m 9d

John Hastings
d. 8/13/1855
33y 1m 29d

Miles s/o
John & Ellen Hastings
d. 12/19/1852
1m 22d

Elizabeth w/o
Henry S. Isenberg
d. 3/24/1885
65y 9m 19d

Susan d/o
Moses & Elizabeth Hamer
d. 2/3/1856

Mary w/o
Joseph Isenberg

Samuel Fred s/o
Joseph & Mary Isenberg
d. 3/12/1853
1m 6d

Patrick Lang
d. 4/14/1856

Elizabeth Lang
d. 2/28/1870
70y 27d

Orlando I. s/o
___________ Lang
d. 10/__/______

Maggie M. d/o
__________ Lang
d. 9/20/____
____________ 20d

James Lee

Rachel Lee



* This stone is divided vertically into two parts the names and dates are completely unreadable. At the bottom, it can be read "Children of Robert and Susan Lee"


Robert Lee
d. 7/15/1867

Maggie E. Lee
d. 12/28/1875
81y 3m 5d

Loretta Miller Hamer
1882 1946

Eliza Heffner
5/25/1820 12/20/1865
12/6/1820 2/2/1894
Anna Eliza
5/28/1832 2/12/1896

Frank Heffner
1854 1933

Pearl G. Kyper
1886 1938
Sidney D.
1882 1972

Alma Lloyd Kyper
d. 10/27/1979

Wm. Richard Kyper
infant s/o W. Eugene & Amanda C.

Maud A. d/o
W. & M. Heffner
d. 9/25/1887
3y 1m 28d

Martha Heffner
1853 1887

William Heffner
1852 1914

Nancy Heffner
1863 1936

W. Wayne Heffner
1897 1967
Lulu E.
1899 1983

Martha A. Heffner
1859 1946

Lester N. Yohe
1909 1991
M. Kathryn nee Ditzler
1911 1996

Mary Heffner
1837 1923

Peter Heffner
1833 1915

Melinda M. Heiffner
5/6/1851 9/20/1909

Adam Heiffner
8/26/1824 12/15/1901

Margaret w/o
Adam Heiffner
d. 12/14/1877
48y 8m 2d

John V. Mail
d. 3/8/1868
25y 5m 20d

Catherine Aumand
9/29/1835 12/21/1891

Susan Kyper w/o
John Kyper
6/4/1825 4/28/1900

John Kyper
d. 1/18/1881
50y 4m 25d

A. Jane Ketner
1851 1918

John Ketner

Elmira d/o
G. M. & R. M. Umholtz
d. 5/5/1871
9y 4m 17d

Joe Ketner

Martha A. d/o
E. & A. Lloyd
d. 10/4/1865
1m 11d

Gertrude Smith
b. & d. 8/17/8155

Luther T. Sangree
Co. C 53rd Reg.
d. at Fredericksburg, VA
21y 5m 21d

Manda J. Sangree
1842 1928

Linda M. Sangree Allen
1847 1929

A. B. Sangree
1799 1868
1808 1885

David E. s/o
d. 11/26/1855
2y __m 17d

John V. s/o
W. & E. Strickler
d. 3/22/______
3y 6m __d

John __________
d. 5/16/18_2

______________ d/o
J. & Frances Lee
d. 8/19/1859
3y 1m 22d

Eliza J. d/o
J. __ & J. T. Woolhemer
d. 8/___/1865
6m 18d

George W. s/o
Henry S. & E. Isenberg
Co. C, 125th Reg. PV
d. Harpersferry
18y 7m 19d

Two Infants of
R. M. & C. S. Givin

Infant of

Catharine B. w/o
Robert W. Given
d. 2/22/1896
71y 9m 9d
Robert W.
d. 7/27/1889
78y 10m 15d
Catharine S. w/o
Robert W.
d. 3/10/1854
40y 5m 15d

B. S. Given

George Hamer
d. 1/24/1848

Elizabeth w/o
Henry Isenberg
d. 5/21/1851
60y 5m

Henry Isenberg
d. 4/2/1860
81y 7m 10d

Rebecca Sipes
d. 4/13/1866
71y 3m 12d

Charles H. Leabhart
d. 5/5/1858
34y 4m 8d

Henry Neff s/o
Martin & Mary G. Orlady
d. 12/10/1858
8y 4m 23d



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