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Riverview Cemetery Repair Project

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19.  Week 3 saw us begin the morning by watching these 4 deer.  They didn't seem to concerned at our presence.  What a reward for our early rise!  Help again was at a premium. Ken and Rex Murtiff, "Buck" Rupert and yours truly were at it by 7:00 a.m.



20.  Below are the stones we repaired the first week. Ken Murtiff brought a cleaner that we applied and the difference in the stones is obvious. To see the before, click here.



21.  If you look about midway up the stone, you'll see a crack.  The piece broken off the lower left corner will need to be replaced.



22.  Here is Rex drilling a stone for a stabilizing pin.



23. Ken and Rex are seen below mixing glue and applying it to both the base and the broken stone.



24.  Below is a stone that was broken off it's base.  We reset it with the use of the borough's backhoe and Buck.  I have to get a picture of Buck on here.  I'm beginning to think he's camera shy.



25.  Again, the stone shown below was reset on its base.



26.  The stone below took some time.  It was off its base and needed a little TLC.  Almost the entire stone was discolored as shown in the top left corner.  A brass brush and cleaner made a big difference.



27.  Below is a stone done a couple weeks ago.  After a good scrubbing, it looks pretty good.



28.  We'll be starting here next week. Look for more pictures then.



29.  Here are photos from 9/6:


















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