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These links have information, uploaded in years past, by family historians. Good luck and please e-mail me if you have a significant find, and thanks for visiting Indiana County.

History of Indiana County

Indiana County was created on March 30, 1803 from parts of Westmoreland and Lycoming Counties and probably named for the Territory of Indiana. Read a mini-history from the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission. See also the free book resources about Indian History on the right, under Indiana County Resources.

Indiana County History Books - available on-line, for free

  1. Extensive Indiana County Record Collection from
  2. Indiana County, Pennsylvania; Her People, Past and Present, Embracing a History of the County
    By Joshua Thompson Stewart, 1862
    Available in multiple formats including PDF and ebook
    Volume 1 (906 pages, 79mb) and Volume 2 (872 pages, 68mb) available from the Internet Archive. An online version in web page format, is available with separate pictures and a clickable index from Treasures of the Past.
  3. History of Indiana County, PA.
    By J. A. Caldwell 1880.
    Online web page version
    in multiple linked, PDF files from Treasures of the Past
  4. Biological and Historical Cyclopedia of Indiana and Armstrong Counties, Pennsylvania.
    By Samuel T. Wiley. Pennsylvania, 1891.
    Online version in multiple linked, PDF files
    Available from Treasures of the Past