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Blairsville Dispatch

Social and Miscellaneous Items


Friday August 14, 1936


Udelle ANDERSON of Aliquippa, Emery DUNCAN, and Mrs. McKinley DUNCAN of Homer City spent Monday with Mr. and Mrs. F. T. LOWMAN.

A number of young folks attended the Menzie Dairy picnic at Campbells Mill park.

Mrs. N. O. BENNETT and granddaughter, Lucille DIXON, visited relatives in Indiana.

Mrs. Susan RAGER had as her guests, Mr and Mrs Guy MOSIER, Mr and Mrs Ralph STUMPF and family, and Miss Fannie DIAS of Cleveland, Ohio; Chloe RAGER of Indiana; Mr. and Mrs. Milford DIAS and family of Heshbon; Mr. and Mrs. Mike RAGER of Black Lick and Miss Martha MININGER of Pittsburgh.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank BAUMAN and family of Freedom and Mr and Mrs W. F. Bauman and family of Blairsville were the guests of Mr and Mrs Vernon FORSHA and Mrs. Pearl WERTZ.

Miss Clarice BLACK of Greensburg is spending a few days with her parents, Mr and Mrs Charles BLACK.

Mrs. John SPEER of Pittsburgh spent Monday with her mother, Mrs. Mary J. BENNETT, Victor Bennett of Pittsburgh visited his grandmother, Mrs. Bennett, Monday afternoon.

Mr and Mrs C. B. KEMP and daughter, Thelma of Brenizer visited Mrs. Grace MORTON, Monday evening.

Mrs. Smith BAUGHMAN and daughter and granddaughter returned Tuesday to their home in Homer City after spending the weekend with Mrs. Rhoda Lowman.

M. V. BENNETT was a Monday caller in Indiana.

Guests of Mrs. Martha MILLER of Smith Bridge were Mr and Mrs William NEWPHER and family, Mrs. Nellie PLAISTED and Mr and Mrs Charles HAMMILL and daughter of Blairsville.

Mrs. M. V. BENNETT had as Tuesday guests her sister, Mrs Hazel GEORGE and family of Hopewell.

Mrs. Bessie YAKSIE of Derry is visiting her sister, Mrs Myrtle RAGER.

Fri Jan 15, 1937

$92 For An Ear - Ellwood GUNSALLUS, 25, of Homer City was awarded a verdict of $92, Tuesday, in Civil Court, in his suit against Steve MACHUGA of Center township, on charges of biting off one of Gunsalluos' (sp) ears during an altercation at Cherry Run on January 20, 1936. The Plaintiff asked for $4,000 for the loss of his right ear. The jury awarded $10 for the doctor bill, $27 for hospitalization, and $55 to the prosecutor for his compensation. MACHUGA was convicted on a charge of mayhem and sentenced to six months in the county jail. He was paroled after part of his term had been served.

Bryner BARRETT, assistant manager of the local G. C. Murphy store has been transferred to the large McKeesport store where he will be assistant manager.

Miss Agnes STADTMILLER of Indiana, county welfare investigator was a Blairsville visitor, Tuesday.

Miss Janet McCLURE returned Wednesday to her home in Walnut street after being a patient in the Allegheny General Hospital.

Harry BURK left Thursday to resume his work in Pittsburgh after spending some time at his home in Spring street where he has been ill.

Miss Minnie KUNTZ was hostess Thursday evening to members of her bridge club at her home in Stewart street.

Stewart BRUBAKER of S. Stewart street spent Monday in Vandergrift, where he attended the funeral of a friend,  E. T. COWAN.

Mrs Samuel ACKERSON of Denver, Colorado is visiting at the home of Mr and Mrs John ACKERSON of Campbell street and their relatives.

Mr and Mrs Louis MORELAND of Jeannette were the Sunday guests of their parents, Mr and Mrs Lawrence BOTHEL of First avenue and Mrs John STUMP of No. Liberty street. Mrs MORELAND remained with her parents to spend the week.

Mr and Mrs L. C. SMITH, J. S. SMITH, and Cecil SMITH of So Stewart street and Mrs Thomas MAYHOOD of Bairdstown spent Tuesday in Brookville, where they visited at the home of Charles BOWDISH and viewed a Christmas display and exhibit. Mrs Mayhood was the 2465th person to see the exhibit this year. It will be on display the remainder of January.

Mrs Hazel LUPINE of Smith school is spending some time with her sister, Miss Esther FORNOF (?) of Pittsburgh.

Mr and Mrs Ralph JONES of Smith Bridge had guests, Mr and Mrs  Elmer SMITH  and family of Josephine.

Mr and Mrs Paul LONG and daughter of Enterprise were the evening guests of Mr and Mrs Vernon FORSHA.

John SMITH of the Ridge was a Tuesday guest in the home of Mr and Mrs A. W. SMITH.

Mrs Rhoda LOWMAN spent Tuesday with friends in Indiana.

Mr and Mrs William NEWPHER of Blairsville were guests of Mrs Martha MILLER of South Bridge.

Mrs Elizabeth SHEESLEY and family were guests Sunday of friends in Grafton.

Kenneth GEORGE of Hopewell spent Wednesday with Mr and Mrs M. V. BENNETT.


(I don't know if the following is an Advertisement for a Tonic or a Singles Ad)

He Was Helped in A Wonderful Way. "For just about five years I felt myself slipping down hill in health," said Mr Stewart LONG, who works at Indiana, Pa.    "Just one thing after another seemed to be ailing me. It started with a cold. I just caught one cold after another. Great runnings of fluids were spilling from my nose and my hacking breath would be most loud. Then my stomach began to act up on me. I belched gas in vast amounts at once and felt bloated after every meal. Soon I got so bad that no solid food would agree with me if I got it to stay on my stomach.  But it was not habitual to stay there. Then my liver got so sluggish that I was bullious all the time.  My tongue got coated and I had a bad taste in my mouth. My breath was bad and my skin was yellow. My eyes looked so tired my friends began to comment on it. I was troubled with constipation and in the mornings that I had to move around in the bed just to loosen up before I could get up. I had pains over my kidneys. I quit taking my medicines in disgust. My nephew brought over a bottle of WORLD'S TONIC. We fought at first. I refused it. We argued more and it was brutal. I tried it because I didn't want my nephew to come for a visit and bury me instead. Well, since I've started taking World's Tonic, I have a new view of life. The pains over my kidneys are gone, my constipation has loosened; My stomach forms no more gas in great amounts at once, I know I shall feel ready to perform any reasonable work in just a few days. World's Tonic has brought my strength back and is sold by Widman & Teah, Heasley and all other first-class drug stores.


Miss Margaret ARTLEY returned to her home in S. Spring today, from the Indiana hospital, where she has been a patient following a mastoid operation.

~~~~Brenizer Area~~~~

Frederick BENEDICK who was injured while working in the Brenizer mines a few weeks ago is a patient in the Indiana hospital.

George STEVES, son of Mr and Mrs Raymond Steves, is ill at his home.

Mr and Mrs Theodore CALDWELL of Salina visited Mr and Mrs Westley WILSON over the weekend.

Rev and Mrs Charles WILLIAMS of Indiana spent Sunday with Mr and Mrs William NEAL.

Mr and Mrs Harold McBRYAR and family of Avonmore visited Mr and Mrs Westley WILSON Sunday.

William DAVIS, Sr is ill of pneumonia at his home here.


Society and Misc Items

Mrs. R. S. ZIMMERS entertained members of the Wednesday afternoon Bridge Club at a turkey dinner at her home in Main street. The dinner was in honor of Mrs Armour McKELVEY who left this week to spend some time in Florida.

For Sale - Several Properties at a bargain price including the Eva RANSON and Mrs Bertha WHITE properties.  R.E. McClure, Blairsville.

Miss Alice HERSHBINE, assisted by Mrs L. M. FINDLEY , entertained the Lutheran Ladies Bible Class at her home in N. Walnut street. A dainty lunch was served by the hostesses. The next meeting will be at the home of Mrs Paul WAUGAMAN, Morewood avenue.

Members of the Century Club were hostess to the Fortnightly Club members at the home of Mrs R. B. SMITH, club president. Mrs J. H. RUGG read an appealing story in an English setting "Woods Edge" by Doris Peel. Mrs W. P. GRAFF sang and old Scotch song, "Bonnie Sweet Bessie, The Maid of Dundee."  "Personal   Adornment" was the subject discussed by Mrs S. W. MILLER.  Those present were then privileged to view antique jewelry belonging to club members. Dainty refreshments were served by Miss Wallace CUNNINGHAM assisted by Miss Catherine McCLURE and Miss S. Augusta TURNER.

Mrs Freeman FERGUSON was elected as new president of the Women's Guild of the Methodist church. Mrs Charles KELTZ was elected vice president; Mrs Ina FALLEN, secretary and Mrs H. P. RHOADS, re-elected treasurer. The program was in charge of Mrs Joseph RUGG, who gave a reading "Woods Edge." Mrs Charles KELTZ gave a piano solo, "Manhattan Moonlight." Dainty refreshments were served with Mrs Harry STIFFEY in charge.

Mrs. Alex McDONALD of S. Stewart street was hostess to members of Conemaugh Chapter, D.A.R. at their regular meeting. In the absence of the Regent, Mrs Ray KUHN, the second Regent, Mrs Merle FREY conducted the meeting. A report was given by Mrs NORTH in raising funds for the chapter. A card of thanks was read which had been received for the articles sent to Ellis Island. A paper presented by Mrs McCUNE and given by Mrs John THOMPSON on "The Correct Use of the Flag" was greatly enjoyed as was the paper read by Mrs John CLARK on "Ancient Mansions in New York." Miss Eleanor RAY gave a reading on Marcus Whitman, medical missionary to Oregon. A piano solo, "Soaring" was given by Mrs Charles KELTZ.

~~~~Robinson Area News and Social~~~~

While at his work at the Garfield Smokeless Coal Company mine here Tuesday, Mr Russell JONES, aged 36, was struck by a piece of slate and received a contusion of the shoulder and arm and abrasions of the body.

The Rev Robert McGREW, Mrs Rose MILLER, Mrs Robert HINTON attended the district meeting of Free Methodist church at Vandergrift.

Mr and Mrs John FRAIN of Saltsburg were guests of Mr and Mrs James HENDERSON Sunday. Monday guests were Mr and Mrs James McNUTT of Bolivar.

Mrs Charles ALTIMUS and daughters spent the weekend with Mr and Mrs SIMONS of Nanty Glo.

Mrs Dean BETTS of Derry, who visited relatives here was accompanied home by Mrs Viola McGRAW.

Mr and Mrs James LIBOLD and family of Smokeless were guests of Mrs Libold's parents, Mr and Mrs Clark MILLER.

Nellie SMITH is a patient in the Indiana hospital.

Cottage prayer meeting was held at the home of Mrs Ralph BRETT Monday and at the home of Mr and Mrs Arch GAMBLE Tuesday.

~~~~~Enterprise News and Social~~~~

C.J. KIM visited his grandfather, Gottlieb Kim, of Irwin. Mrs Kim and daughters spent Wednesday with Mrs. J. N. WILSON.

Mrs Thomas SYSTER has returned to her home in Penn Run after spending the week with Mr and Mrs Wayne GEORGE.

Mr and Mrs J. N. WILSON and D.E. DENISON spent Tuesday with Mr and Mrs Frank DENISON of Coal Run.

Mrs G. KIM and Mrs Henry KIM of Summit Inn visited Mrs Guy SMITH of near Heshbon.

Janet LEE and Marie ISENBERG spent Sunday with their aunt, Mrs Joseph McDOWELL of Black Lick.

Mr and Mrs Royden WALKER of Vandergrift were Sunday guests of Mr and Mrs R. L. SMITH.

~~~~Strangford Area~~~~

Mr and Mrs Edward SILVIS of Blairsville spent Sunday with Mr and Mrs Warren HORRELL and Mrs Ernest MARSH.

Mr and Mrs Charles HORRELL of near Blairsville were guests of Mrs David HORRELL.

Mr BERRINGER and family moved from their residence in Black Lick to the FORSHA property here.

Vernie HOLBY is spending some time with her sister, Mrs Calvin HINES of Candor.

Mr and Mrs Jack RAMSDEN and sons of Black Lick visited Mr and Mrs Homer LIBENGOOD.

Mrs Leonard JONES of Enterprise visited Mrs J. E. Jones.

Martin LIBENGOOD, who has been ill of pneumonia, is able to be up and around again.

~~~~Josephine Area~~~~

Robert McCLARREN, who has been employed in Uniontown has returned to his home here.

Ida Mae STADTMILLER spent Thursday with Miss Josephine GASBARRA of Blairsville.

Mr and Mrs William FERGUSON and family left Tuesday for Columbus, Ohio where Mr Ferguson is employed.

Mr and Mrs Steve PALGUTA spent Tuesday in Indiana.

Mr and Mrs Harry McGAUGHEY were guests of Mr McGaughey's sister Miss Lavina McGauhey of Indiana.


Mrs Joseph ARTLEY spent Tuesday with her daughter, Margaret, a patient in Indiana Hospital.

Miss Betty BURK of Edgewood is visiting at the home of Mr and Mrs Joseph MARTIN of So. Spring street.

Mrs Mary CROOKSHANK of Campbell street is spending some time with relatives in Greensburg.

Mrs Annie DIXON of Pittsburgh visited at the home of Mr and Mrs Clark RICHEY over the weekend. Mr and Mrs Thomas KERR of New Alexandria visited Mrs KERR's parents, Mr and Mrs RITCHEY.

Mr and Mrs Armour McKELVEY of Campbell street and Mrs Anna DIXON of Pittsburgh left on Wednesday morning for Florida where they will spend some time.

Mrs Margaret J FERGUSON and granddaughter, Jane FERGUSON of W. Market street left Wednesday morning for Frisco, California, where they will spend the winter.

Mrs Ina HILEMAN of Livermore RD spent Wednesday morning in the home of her daughter, Mrs W. C. POWELL E Market Street

William BROWN has returned to his home in Petersburg after spending two weeks with Mr and Mrs Lloyd PAYNTER of No. Liberty street.

Jess CLARK and son of Saginaw, Michigan returned home Wednesday after spending several days with Mr and Mrs Charles CLARK of Torrance.

Mrs Anna SMITH of North Side Pittsburgh is the guest of Mr and Mrs C. J. SIEGFRIED of So. Stewart street.

~~~~Livermore Area News~~~~

Mr and Mrs J. S. EWING of near Clarksburg spent Sunday afternoon in the home of Mr and Mrs B. H. FITZGERALD.

Mr and Mrs W. B. McGINLEY of Lewisville had as weekend guests, Mr and Mrs David CORNMAN of Youngstown, Ohio.

Ralph HUGHES, B. H. FITZGERALD and G. K. HUGHES visited Marion Center on Monday.




Friday Jan 22, 1937

The Blairsville Dispatch, 3 cents per copy - $2.50 a year

Marion Center - Clair W KINTER and Mrs Masie McQUOWN of Decker's Point and Miss Daisy KINTER of Indiana have received a trust fund of over a hundred year's standing form the estate of thier great-grandmother, Agnes CRAIG of Glasgow, Scotland.

Robinson Area Social Notes:

Scott THOMPSON is a patient in Indiana Hospital. suffering from a broken leg, which he received Saturday night when he tripped and fell as he was returning to his home here from Bolivar.

Mr and Mrs GEORGE HINTON and daughter of Chambersville were Sunday guests of Mrs HINTON's parents, Mrs and Mrs Jerry SAXTON.

Mrs Ellison WAUGH, James SANDS of Fallensbee, W. Va., and Mr and Mrs Chandler WELLS of Wellsburg, W. Va., were weekend guests of the Rev and Mrs Robert McGREW.

Rose THOMPSON, Mrs. Richard BORING, and daughter visited relatives in Millwood, Saturday and Sunday.

Class No 10 of the Evangelical Sunday School met at the home of Nona CLINE Monday evening.

Mr and Mrs Forrest WALBECK, Mr and Mrs Dewey TIDDELL, Mr and Mrs Frank COURSON and family attended the funeral of Mrs Harriet DODSON of Tar Station Monday.

Mr and Mrs DAVISON, Mrs Robert NIXON, and Sara NIXON were Blairsville visitors Tuesday.

Catherine DUNMIRE, who is employed in Pittsburgh, visited Mr and Mrs Sherd DUNMIRE Sunday.

Rose THOMPSON has secured employment in Pittsburgh.

Mrs. Albert PENROSE of West Lebanon, visited at the home of her brother, Joseph PENROSE Tuesday.

Kitt Optical Company, 8 South Seventh Street, Indiana, offers a complete eye examination and glasses for $9....

At Johnston's Market in Blairsville, ground beef is 2 lbs for 25 cents and tenderloin sirloin steaks for 23 cents a pound....

Farm News:  Three farmers of Indiana County: Earl GLASSER, Marion Center, R.D.,  Quay McMILLEN, Clymer, and Roy McELHOES, Home, together with County Agent WARNER attended a meeting of representative farmers of western  Pennsylvania counties at Franklin, January 13. Discussion was of Bang's Disease in cattle. Wesley REITZ, Chairman and Glenn R KESTER, Secretary.

Baggaley - Charles SCHOBA, aged 15 years, is a patient in Latrobe hospital suffering from injuries received when a coaster wagon which he was riding struck a truck.

Derry Social and Misc Notes:

Injured in Fall - Mrs Hulda STEWART of the Derry road, west of this place, started down the outside steps at the rear of her home Sunday morning, when she slipped and fell, sustaining a compound fracture of the left ankle.  Mrs Robert PECK, who lives nearby, came to Mrs Stewart's rescue and helped her back into the house. Later, Mrs. Stewart was brought to the Latrobe Hospital. The ankle was so swollen, it was impossible to set the breaks immediately. Mrs. Stewart was alone at her home when the accident occurred, her husband being at work at the Westinghouse plant and the children at Sunday School.

Left for Detroit -  Mrs Helen SANTILLA, a daughter of Mrs and Mrs Flaviano SANTILLO (transcribed as written) of Second avenue, has left for Detroit to accept a position in the Herman Jeffer Hospital. She is a graduate nurse of Latrobe Hospital and also graduated from Derry Borough High in the class of 1931.

M and M Entertained - Mrs. James MULLIGAN was hostess to the members of the M. and M. Club at her home in Owen avenue, last Friday evening. Pinochle was in vogue during the evening with Mr and Mrs Collin C FINDLAY as winners. A delicious lunch was served by her daughter, Miss Irene.

Shower for Recent Bride - On Monday evening, Misses Marry and Anna SANTILLO held a miscellaneous shower in honor of their sister, Mrs Elmer BARTON, formerly Miss Alice SANTILLO whose marriage was an event of earlier in the month. The  affair was held at the home of their parents on Second avenue. Thirty-five guests attended and the honor guest received many nice gifts.  Cards and bingo were in vogue during the evening and the winners at five hundred were: Miss Virginia BATTAGILIA of Latrobe, and Miss Charlotte AULT; at bridge, Mrs Franklin KERR; at pinochle, Miss Kathryn DEWITT, and bingo, Misses Mary Catherine SHEARER, Virginia PERRY, Ida GASBARO, and Sophie DERITO. A delicious lunch was served by the hostess of the evening, a clever color scheme of pink and white having been carried out.

Daughter's Birthday Observed - At the home of Mr and Mrs Harry M SWITZER, on Owen avenue Friday afternoon. A delightful birthday party was held in honor of their daughter, Catherine's third birthday.  Eighteen little guests came at two o'clock and games were played until four.......(snip)

Excerpts from Society Items: (many dainty lunches)

Presbyterian Woman's Missionary society - ....Mrs. C.J. COY opened the meeting...The foreign topic "China" was discussed by Miss Isabell SMITH. The home topic "National Missions" was given by Miss Sallie CURTIS...The mite boxes for overseas sewing work are being gathered in.

Missionary Society - Mrs Charles KELTZ was hostess to members of the Young Women's Foreign Missionary Society of the Methodist her home in Brady street...Miss Christina SILVIS was in charge of the devotional....Miss Emma SHEPHERD gave the lesson topic "Congo Crosses"... Plans for the bake sale were discussed.

Pilathea Class Meets - Held at the home of Misses Elma CARNEY and Edith BAKER in East Lane. Miss Mildred DeLANCEY led the devotional period, after which bingo was enjoyed. The hostesses served a dainty lunch.

Unity Grange Entertains at regular semi-monthly meeting of the Derry Township Grange - A new refreshment committee for the year was appointed as follows: Mrs W. F. BARCHESKY, Mrs Thomas HUGHES, and Miss Helen SCHWALM..... A dainty lunch was served.

Jennie DUNLAP Hostess at Missionary Meeting - to the members of the Lolali Missionary Society at her home in N Spring street. The topic for the evening was "Japan" and was discussed by the Misses Vera BERGMAN and Grace CLAWSON. A social hour followed.... refreshments were served by the hostess assisted by Miss Lois WILSON.

Surprise Party for Mrs. EVERETTS - When Mrs Amanda EVERETTS returned Tuesday evening to her home in Market street from attending a meeting, she was quite surprised to find a number of friends gathered in honor of her birthday. Bingo was enjoyed during the evening with prizes awarded the winners. Mrs Everetts received a number of lovely and useful gifts. A dainty lunch was served at the close of the evening. Those present were Mrs Bertha SWANEY, Mrs Margaret DEVINNEY, Mrs Vivian JONES, Mrs Sara BERGMAN, Mrs Louise CRIBBS, Mrs Mary THOMPSON, Mrs Sue FERGUSON, Mrs Sara JOHNS, Mrs Verni COURSIN, Mrs Emma ZIMMERS, Mrs Nina HART, Mr and Mrs Glenn FAIRBANKS and daughter, Meade, and Barbara EVERETTS and Miss Louise LOWRY of Marion Center.

Livermore Area Social and Misc Notes:

Mr and Mrs C. W. MARSHALL and Wilbur MARSHALL of near Livermore spent Sunday afternoon in the home of Mr and Mrs Raymond Marshall of R.D.1.

Miss Eva HUGHES, who has been employed in the Raymond MARSHALL home in R.D.1, spent the weekend in the home of her parents, Mr and Mrs T. A. HUGHES of near Livermore.

Raymond, Florence and Frank SPEEDY, children of Mr and Mrs Irwin SPEEDY have been on the sick list.

Mr and Mrs Harry ANDERSON of Clarksburg expect to move to Ohio, where Mr ANDERSON has accepted a position.

Mr and Mrs G. K. HUGHES of R.D.1 were Blairsville shoppers, Tuesday.

Meade LOWMAN of Homer City visited in the home of Mr and Mrs Paul LOWMAN of Clarksburg Sunday and Monday.

R. N. NESBITT of RD1 visited in the home of Mr and Mrs B. H. FITZGERALD near Livermore, Monday afternoon.

Harry BARNHART and Press MARTIN spent several days this week at the Farm Show at Harrisburg.

Mary Jane McJUNKIN of New Kensington is spending the week with her grandparents, Mr and Mrs Hugh McJUNKIN.

Mrs George MORFORD spent Monday with her daughter, Mrs Charles JACOBY of Greensburg.

Arthur SHIELDS of Livermore RD, returned to school, Monday after being confined to his home for the past two weeks with the flu.

Friends of W. P. BOLEN, who is ill at his home here, will be glad to know that he is somewhat improved.

Mrs Harry FAIRLEY and Lois FAIRLEY have returned home after spending a week with Mrs Fairley's mother in Bellevue.

The Ladies Missionary Society met Thursday afternoon in the home of Mrs B.H. FITZGERALD. An interesting program was given. After the meeting, a lunch was served by the hostess, assisted by Mrs T. H. COLEMAN, and Mrs R. N. COLEMAN. Those present were Mrs. T. A. HUGHES, Miss Eva HUGHES, Mrs Clyde LOWMAN, Mrs August HABERSTITCH, Mrs Wells CUNNINGHAM, Mrs J. S. EWING, Mr and Mrs R. A. BROWN and daughter, Miss Nettie FITZGERALD, Mrs T. H. COLEMAN, Mr and Mrs John ROSE of Saltsburg and Mrs R. N. COLEMAN.

Strangford Social Notes:

Mr and Mrs Odis ERB spend the weekend with Mr and Mrs Norwood ALTMAN in Vandergrift.

Earl STEWART, who has been ill, is able to be up and around again.

Mr and Mrs Elmer BEATTY of Leechburg were Sunday guests of Mrs David HORRELL.

Charles DONEY and Stewart MYERS spent Friday in Indiana.

Mr and Mrs Lester LIBENGOOD had as Sunday guests, Mr and Mrs Norwood ALTMAN of Vandergrift and Eugene McCOMBS of Blairsville.

Clair HUMPHREY returned Sunday to his home here after spending some time with friends in Candor.

Clair HOLBY, who spent the past month with his sister, Mrs Calvin HINES in West Virginia, returned Sunday to his home here.

Mr and Mrs Charles HOLBY and daughter, Mrs Stewart MYERS and sons visited friends in Altoona Saturday.

Mr and Mrs Leonard JONES of Enterprise visited Mr JONES' parents Mr and Mrs James JONES, Sunday.

Geroge SILVIS of Blairsville spend Sunday at the home of his sister Mrs Ernest MARSH.


Cokeville Social Notes:

Nettie TATONE of Altoona is spending some time with her mother, Mrs Frank TATONE.

John LONG, who has been ill at his home, is somewhat improved.

Paul McHENRY spent Wednesday with Lee McKILLEP of Derry.

Miss Hazel MUIR of Altoona is spending a few days with Mr and Mrs RALPH MUIR.

Recent guests of Mrs Ruth McHENRY were Mrs Mary EDWARDS, Emma and Lee McKILLEP, and George EMMIT of  Derry and Harry SHOUP of Latrobe.

Socialville Social Notes

Mr and Mrs John CULP of Sun Dial Crossroads were Monday guests of Mrs Laura McCLARREN of Smith Bridge.

Mr and Mrs M. V. BENNETT and family spent Sunday evening with Mrs Mary HILTY of Luciusboro.

Mrs F. T. LOWMAN had as her Tuesday evening guest, Mrs Florence McNUTT of Black Lick.

Mr and Mrs Mario DALLARA of town and Mrs Laura McCLARREN of Smith Bridge attended the card party at the Catholic church, Blairsville, Tuesday Evening.


Natrona - Thieves entered the Frank CZAPLINSKI shoe store here some time Tuesday night and escaped with more than $500 worth of merchandise. Entrance was gained by shattering the glass in a transom over the rear door.

Latrobe - Frank ARCH of Youngstown, former star performer on the Latrobe high school golf team and later golf pro at the Latrobe Country Club, was the winner in the recent open golf championship of the Republic of Panama. Mr Arch is now in the U.S. Army, stationed at Fort Davis in Panama.

Centre Hall - Ray W MYERS, 37, former head of the CCC camp near Centre Hall, in Centre county, has been sentenced to three years in the Lewisburg penitentiary after pleading guilty to embezzling $1128 of the camp funds.

New Castle - The only American officer of the French Foreign Legion, Captain Edgar G HAMILTON, is on his way to his home here to visit his mother, Mrs. C.L. GOODMAN. He is on his first furlough since 1931. Upon his return, Captain Hamilton will lead a detachment of the Foreign Legion into Indo-china for a three-year tour.

Lancaster - Park MILLER claims that his radio, installed in the barn for the benefit of his cows a year ago shows that cows like Dorce orchestras. They seem to prefer snappy tunes to the dreamy waltz numbers. If the music doesn't have a certain swing, the cows appear bored.

Johnstown - Donald CONRAD, Cresson's 23-year-old "toy gun bandit" has been sentenced to seven and one-half to fifteen years in Western Penitentiary. Conrad pleaded guilty to two robbery charges, admitting using a toy gun to hold up Johnstown and Cresson merchants and stealing more than $200.

Greensburg - John GEORGE, three-year-old son of Mr and Mrs Santa GEORGE had his right arm injured when caught in an electric wringer Sunday afternoon. The arm was drawn in above the elbow. The child is a patient in Westmoreland hospital.


Black Lick Notes:

Miss Leila COMPTON spent the weekend at her home near Clarksburg.

Lois GRAHAM of Blairsville was a Sunday guest of Mrs Everett WETZEL.

Mrs. Virginia DeTONE has returned to her home in Saltsburg after a short visit with her daughter, Mrs. Henry LANFRANKI.

Eleanor LANDFAIR, Elizabeth STONEBACK and Dr E. M. BUSHNELL were among those who attended the dinner meeting in the First Methodist Episcopal church in Indiana....

Mrs H. B. DONALDSON  of town and Mrs Cecil BERGMAN  of Blairsville were Indiana visitors Monday.

J.H. LOHR is ill at his home.

Mr and Mrs Jake FERRARO and family moved Monday from the Hanna building to the house recently vacated by Mr and Mrs William SWAN.


Josephine Notes:

Mr and Mrs Ira McGAUGHEY of Tionesta were guests of Mr McGAUGHEY's parents, Mr and Mrs Harry McGAUGHEY. They were accompanied home by their niece, Ida Mae STADTMILLER.

Mr and Mrs A. T. KIME, Mrs Earl FORSHA and Mary FORSHA were Friday guests in the Bert HETRICK home in DuBois.

Mike PALGUTA, who has been confined to his home for a few weeks with a scalded foot, has returned to his work in the Palguta store.

George STOCK and John MASHLAW have gone to Columbus, OH where they will be employed by the Hetz Construction company.

Josephine PETROVICH of New York is visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs Mike PETROVICH.

Mary NOSAL left Monday for Pittsburgh where she will be employed.

Miss Edna McFARLAND was a Blairsville shopper, Saturday.

Members of the H. P SCULLY Bible Class....met at the home of Mrs E. H. CURTIS in N Walnut street. Mrs CURTIS assisted by Mrs Charles HUNTER and Mrs Elmer POTTS served dainty refreshments....

Card Party at SS Simon and Jude Church. .. Miss Violet CARDELLINO was chairman. Prizes to Mrs. C.J. SHORT, John JELLEY, Miss Lena BUCHMAN, Mrs. H CARDELLINO, Mrs Leo DUFFNER, Mrs Mabel CRIBBS, Mrs Tegina HENIGIN, John T SHERIDAN, Miss Anna JOHNSTON. Miss Anna POCHCIOL is in charge of the next party.

Music Club - Miss Martha KIER was hostess to thirty-four members and guests of the Monday Music Club. Guest artists from Indiana: Mrs Clyde TIMBERLAKE, pianist; Mrs Blair SUTTON, soloist; Mrs Evangel PARK, reader. (paraphrasing....) several musical numbers were performed. Their second presentation was in black face and the following musical numbers were sung by Mrs SUTTON - 'Shortenin' Bread', "Southern Lullaby", "On De Glory Road", and "Run On Home". Mrs PARK gave readings from Shakespeare's "As You Like It".... and George Bernard Shaw's play "Candida"..... and dainty refreshments were served.

Birthday Party for Anna Marie PATERSON - Mrs. D. B. PATERSON entertained at her home in East Brown street in honor of her daughter, Anna Marie's thirteenth birthday.... Among those present were Isabel McANULTY, Olive REEVES, Marcia MARTIN,  Rosemary FLEMING, Mary ZIELFIELDER, Phyllis ROSS, Rosina FRANCIS, Lillian CURTIS, Martha MANSFIELD, Betty HELMAN, Sara SHEARER, Dorothy TOWSEY, Paul BOLDT, Fred CLEVER, Dean BAKER, Billy BERGMAN, Sam RAGER, Paul MIHALOV, Helen PATERSON and Anna Marie PATERSON.

Memorial Service - was held at the meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary.... for Mrs. Mollie WILKINSON, Mrs M. S. GRUMBLING,  Mrs Sarah WILLIAMS, Mrs J. B. CREDE and Mrs Sarah LEONARD. A tribute was read.... A reading was done by Miss Emma SHEPHERD and Mrs John FATORA. (please note, no dates of death or listing of attendees is given)

A & P Store Sale - Yellow onions 10 lbs for 19 cents, Pork Loin 19 cents, Chase and Sanborn dated coffee 25 cents per pound.

The Vanitie Beauty Shop - Miss Mary NANNI offers Permanent waves for $2.50 on sale for $2.00. The shop is located above McMillens, Telephone number is 356.

Blue Ridge Service Station - 1 Mile west of Blairsville on Rte 22 has Gasoline for 16 1/2 cents a gallon.