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pomeroy - academia bridge restoration


The Juniata County
Covered Bridge Tour

This self-guided tour begins in Mifflintown, the seat of government for Juniata County. At the square in Mifflintown, take State Route [SR] 3002 (old Route 22) East to the intersection of Rt. 75. Turn right onto Rt. 75 and head south for 2 miles continuing through the town of Port Royal. On the outskirts of Port Royal, Rt. 75 intersects with Rt. 333. Turn right onto Rt. 333 heading West and continue on for 2/10 mile. The Lehman Bridge will be on your left.
40 31.75N / 77 23.75W

The original bridge on this site was built about 1858. In 1972 this bridge was destroyed by the floodwaters of Hurricane Agnes. It was rebuilt with salvaged original timbers. It is 108 feet long and is a two span Burr Truss design bridge, which crosses Licking Creek. It is on the National Register for Historic places and is privately owned.

The next bridge on the tour is the Pomeroy-Academia Bridge. Return to Rt. 75 and turn right, driving south for about 5 miles. At the Spruce Hill Lunch the road forks, Rt. 75 is the left fork, SR. 3013 is the right. Take the right fork, SR 3013. This winding narrow road meanders through the countryside for approximately 1 1/2-miles before it crosses the Tuscarora Creek. The covered bridge can be seen from the cement bridge that spans the Creek. You can reach the bridge from either end. Take Covered Bridge Road or, cross Tuscarora Creek, and turn right at the next intersection which is Old Mill Rd. Parking is along the side of the road. Please be aware that the land around the bridge is private property. On the Covered Bridge Rd side the access to the bridge is from the road so access is easier.
40 29.61N / 77 28.37W

The Pomeroy-Academia Bridge is the longest remaining covered bridge in Pennsylvania being, 271 feet 6 inches long. It is also a double span Burr Truss design and was built in 1902, by James M. Groninger. It replaced an earlier bridge located closer up stream to the Pomeroy mill. The Pomeroy-Academia Bridge is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In 2003, the bridge was selected to be part of the Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) a project to document some of Americas best surviving wooden bridges completed by a division of the National Park Service, United States Department of the Interior. It is owned by the Juniata County Historical Society.

To reach the next bridge on the tour, you must return to Mifflintown. Get back on SR 3013 and continue to the intersection of SR 3013 and SR 3008; turn left. Go 1/10 mile and make a right turn onto SR 3015, following the signs for Academia. As you drive this short distance, you will pass a lovely stone farmhouse, and at the right turn onto SR 3015 sits a large stone barn. Drive 3/10 mile to a fork in the road with a stop sign. To your left is the Tuscarora Academy. Turn right onto SR 3017. Follow SR 3017 for about 2 miles to the intersection of Rt. 35. Turn right onto Rt. 35. Take 35 north, passing through Mifflin. Be certain to obey the speed limit as you drive through Mifflin! Take the bridge across the Juniata River and you will be back at the square in Mifflintown.

At the square, continue East on Rt. 35, Washington Street, passing through Mifflintown until you reach Rt. 322-22. Turn right onto Rt. 322-22 heading east. Get off at the Thompsontown Exit. Turn right onto Rt. 333 east and drive to East Salem, a small village in Delaware Township. In East Salem, turn right onto Rt. 235 South and continue south, driving through the village of Maze. Approximately 3 miles south of Maze turn right onto Rt. 2017. From here it is approximately 1 miles to the Dimmsville Bridge. The bridge sits on the left-hand side of Rt. 2017. Park on the side of the road.
40 36.36N / 77 08.34W

The Dimmsville Bridge was constructed in 1902. It is a single span Burr Truss structure and is 101 feet long. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is privately owned.

The next bridge on the tour is the Sheaffer Covered Bridge. Go back to Rt. 235 and turn right, heading south. At Seven Stars, stay on Rt. 235 continuing through this small village. Continue on Rt. 235 until reaching the intersection of Rt. 235 and Rt. 2023. Take Rt. 2023 to the village of Oriental. As you come into this small village make a right turn onto Rt. 2024, between the store and the hotel. Drive 3/10 of a mile. The Shaeffer Covered Bridge is 91 feet long and was constructed in 1907. The Shaeffer Bridge is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is privately owned.
40 38.54N / 77 0.35W

photographed by and used with permission of Joan E. Clark, Mifflintown, PA

The last bridge on the tour is the Beaver Covered Bridge. Return to Oriental. At the intersection of Rt. 2024 and Rt. 2023 and turn right on to Rt. 2023. Continue through Oriental on Rt. 2023 for almost 2 miles. The Beaver Covered Bridge crosses the Mahatango Creek and sits on the border between Juniata and Snyder Counties. It is the only bridge on this tour that is still part of the state highway system. It was built in 1908, a multiple King Post design and is 64 feet long.
40 39.70N / 77 0.68W

The Covered Bridge Tour of Juniata County was prepared by the Juniata County Historical Society.

Revised January 2008

All written content and photos 2001-2009 Juniata County Historical Society, all rights reserved.