contributed by Vi P. Limric

Milford County was established in 1768. The early settlers are listed under Lack Twp. Additional settlers are given for each additional tax year

1763 Lack Twp.

James Armstrong

David Bell -      William, David and Arthur Bell were brothers. 

James Calhoon

Robert Campbell 

William Cunningham -    Died in 1766 and was the first to buried 

                        in Academia Graveyard. Children: William, 

                        John (m) Sarah Robison, Alexander, 

                        Huntingdon Co., A.B. of Philadelphia, 

                        Richard of New Jersey, David of New York, 

                        Sarah (m) ____ Carson, Mary (m) ______ 


Robert Crunkelton

Jean Hambleton

Robert Huston -   It is believed that Gen. Samuel Huston of Texas 

                  is a decendent of Robert, but no proof has been 


William Irwin

John McClellan -  From Franklin Co. Married Catharine Buchanan, 

                  aunt of President Buchanan and widow of _______ 

                  Huston, by whom she had 2 daughters, Jane and 

                  Sarah. Children of John McClellan: Daniel,                  

                  Joseph, John Jr. Nancy (m) James Sanderson, 

                  Catharine (m) 1) William Lyons 2) James Hite.

Robert Robinson - Children: James (m) Jean Hardy (cousin?), dau 

                  of Thomas, Sarah (m) John Cunningham, Alexander 

                  (m) Jane Sanderson, John, Lancaster, OH., 

                  Elizabeth (m) Alexander Sanderson, Margaret 

                  (m) Joseph Shaver, Thomas (m) ____ Elder, 

                  2) Betsy Steel.

John Wilson -     2 sons, Nathaniel & William

Thomas Wilson

1767 Lack Twp.

John Hardy -      Children: William, James, John, Isabella, 

                  Betsy (m) John McCormick, Jonathan.

Thomas Hardy -    (d) 1795. Children: Hugh, John, a Tory moved 

                  to Canada, Jean, William, David, Alexander, 

                  Thomas Jr. all born in Ireland?

John Lyon Sr. -   Died ca. 1780. Married sister of Gen. John 

                  Armstrong of Carlisle. Children: William (m) 

                  Rebecca Graham, sister of William Graham Esq. 

                  of Tuscarora, James, Samuel, John Jr.(m) Mary, 

                  daughter of John Harris, Molly (m) Benjamin Lyon, 

                  tailor and capt. of 5th Pa. Line, Rev. War,  

                  Frances (m) William Graham Esq.

William Speddy - Served during the campaign of Trenton and 

                  Princeton with Capt John Clark Company of 

                  Northumberland Co. One of the assessors of 

                  Buffalo Twp. in 1782-85. Died near 

                  McAlisterville. Two sons, William Jr. and 



Alex. Denniston heirs

George Glassford

Daniel McClellan

William McCormick

Thomas McKeever

Thomas Millegan


Thomas Burchfield

Wm. Donegal Chorran

Joseph Gordon

John Henderson

John Holmes

Philip Land

John Parker, renter

Purviance & Cox

Robert Walker Jr.

Single Freemen

John Dillon

James Kerr

Robert Kirkpatrick

Neil McCoy

Charles McLaughlin

Edward Milligan


Arter Ackles

John Anderson

John Anderson

Aquilla Birchfield -    One of three brothers who emigrated 

                        from MD. Children: Aquilla, Thomas, 

                        James (b) 1774, Greenwood Co (m) Rachel 

                        Cookson, Robert, plus daughters. 

Ezekiel Bowen

Bennedy Capler/Benjamin Kepner

John Christy

Samuel Christy

John Dickson

John Elliot

Samuel Fear

Philip Fisher

William Forist

John Freeman

William Guston

James Henddleston

Nelas Hearts

Samuel Lyon, Esq.

George McCully

Mathew McKaskey

Joseph Poultney

David Scott

William Shaw

William Stuart

Henry Wills 

Richard Wilson

Single Freeman

David Bails

James Camble

Joseph Cashey

John Curry

John Dust

Peter Graham

John Lyon

James McLaughlin

Joseph McMullen

John McClelland

Thomas Moore

Robert Ralston

William Shaw

Hugh Stoop

William Wilson


William Bear

John Bowen

John Cunningham

John Dilling/Dillin

Pattis Hart

Richard Hall

Christopher Irwin

James Kerr

James Kiles

Theophilus McDonald

Joseph McCoy

Edwin Owen

William Wilson

John Williams

Enoch Williams

John Wood

Single Freemen

John Cunningham

Barney Peterson

Edward Irvin

Nicholas Shrader

Hugh McCully

Richard Wilson


Robert Boreland

John Boner

George Crain

Charles Cox

Samuel Davis

Caleb Graydon

Epenitus Hart

William Henderson

Widow Irwin

John Kerr

John Little

John McClelland Jr.

Dudley McGee

Hugh McCully

James Moore

Abraham Stills

Rudoph Stayors

Thomas Turbett

Single Freemen

John Anderson

Thomas Bowle

Thomas Gallaher-  Emigrated from Ireland (d) 1807. Children: 

                  Lucretia, Mary Ann,Thomas Andrew Nelson 

                  (printer), Robert Cooper (merchant), Harriet, 


Benjamin Lyon

Joseph McCaskey

Edward Milligan

John Sloan

Alex. Snodgrass


James Bigham

Thoms Black

Matthew Boreland

Widow Brown

James Campbell

Aaron Cotter

James Crawford

William Gray

John Harris

John Henderson

Francis Hieman

Samuel Kearsley

Samuel Leonard

Joseph McConnell

William McCracken

Thomas McGlaughlin

Daniel Neane

William Orr

Alexander Reed

Joshua Smith

George Stewart

Philip Walker

Samuel Wharton

Thomas Wilson

Single Freemen

Samuel Bell

Thomas Cunningham

John Irvin

Thomas McCahan

Nicholas Sheridan

Thomas Toner

Robert Watson


Hugh Black

James Boggs

David Boal

Thomas Boal

James Campbell

Tristram Davis

James Dever

Peter Daly


Robert Gulliford

William Jones

John Lyon Jr.

Jock Leacock

Dennis Molloy

James Ross

Philip Strouce

William Thompson

James Williams

Alexander Walker

Singel Freemen

Robert Anderson

Adam Chambers

John Chambers

Thomas Forsythe

Benjamin Hickman

John Molloy

John Moon

Felix O'Neal

William Thompson