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1892 Scranton Republican Almanac

Scans begin with page three. Linked from the page number is a scan of the original. Some pages were printed sideways. Two scan are provided - one for printing and one for reading. Two advertisements were inserted between numbered pages. Interesting tidbits are used as fillers.
The text and images on this page may by saved for personal research, but may not be published in any form, including on another web site, without specific permission. Text and images copyrighted 2004 by Susan Carter White Pieroth 
Page 3
Ad: I. A. Finch & Co. Iron Founders and Machinists
Page 4
Ad: Boston Store; R. M. Lindsay
Page 5
Ad: The Scranton Republican - illustrated
Page 6
January 1891 General Events (world). Ad: C. S. Seamans' Groceries. Jewish Calendar
Page 7
The Past: Chronological Record of Important Local Events During the Year 1891 from the files of the Scranton Republican: January
Page 8
February 1891 General Events (world). Ad: Kramer Brothers Clothiers. Jewish Calendar
Page 9
Local Events of February 1891. Ad: Williams & McAnulty Carpets, Wall Paper
Page 10
March 1891 General Events (world). Ad: G. R. Clark & Co. Florists. Jewish Calendar
Page 11
Local Events of March 1891. Ad. A. H. & E. G. Coursen Groceries
Page 12
April 1891 General Events (world). Ad: James Moir Tailor
Page 13
Local Events of April 1891. Ad: L. B. Powell & Co. Pianos & Organs
Page 14
May 1891 General Events (world). Ad: Coursen, Clemons & Co. China
Page 15
Local Events of May 1891. Ad: Stelle & Seeley Pianos & Organs
Page 16
June 1891 General Events (world). Ad: George V. Siegel Confectionery
Page 17
Local Events of June 1891. Ad: Bittender & Co. Wagonmakers
Page 18
July 1891 General Events (world). Ad: Smith, Morris & Fuller Fire Insurance
Page 19
Local Events of July 1891. Ad: Mercereau & Connell Jewelry
Page 20
August 1891 General Events (world). Ad: J. D. Williams Confectionery and Toys
Page 21
Local Events of August 1891. Ad: Goldsmith Bros. Boots & Shoes
Page 22
September 1891 General Events (world). Ad: Henry Frey Photographic Studio
Page 23
Local Events of September 1891. Ad: D. Bartholomew Harness maker
Page 24
October 1891 General Events (world). Ad: Hill & Connell Furniture
Page 25
Local Events October 1891. Ad: Joseph Green Pawnbroker
Page 26
November 1891 General Events (world). Ad: A. C. Nettleton Boots & Shoes
Page 27
Local Events of November 1891. Ad: E. J. Williams Hatter
Page 28
December 1891 General Events (world). Ad: C. D. Wedman Commission Merchants
Page 29
Local Events of December 1891. Ad: Brown's Bee Hive
Page 30
Lackawanna County Politics.
Page 31
Lackawanna County Elections Returns - Official. A table printed sideways
Page 31
Lackawanna County Election Returns table turned for reading.
Page 32
Lackawanna County Election Returns Continued. Page 32
Turned for reading
Page 33
Lackawanna County Election Returns Continued. Page 33
Turned for reading
Page 34
Luzerne County Election Returns. Page 34
Turned for reading
Page 35
Luzerne County Election Returns Continued. Page 35
Turned for reading
Page 36
Luzerne County Election Returns Continued. Page 36
Turned for reading
Page 37
Luzerne County Election Returns Continued. Page 37
Turned for reading 
Page 38
Luzerne County Election Returns Continued. Page 38
Turned for reading
Page 39
Luzerne County Election Returns Continued. Page 39
Turned for reading. + Fillers 
Page 40
Official Vote of Bradford County
Page 41
Official Vote of Wyoming County and Wayne County
Page 42
Official vote of Susquehanna County
Page 43
Official Vote of Pennsylvania + Fillers
Page 44
Federal, State, County and Municipal Officers
Page 45
Scranton City Officers. Boards of Trade.
Page 46
Fire Department; Alderman of Scranton
Page 47
Salaries of City Officers. Carbondale, Luzerne, Wilkes-Barre City Officers
Page 48
Charitable Organizations
Page 49
Charitable Organizations, continued. Christian Organizations
Page 50
Christian Organizations Continued. Miscellaneous Societies.
Page 51
Miscellaneous Societies, including Luzerne County
Page 52
Military Organizations - 13th and 9th Regiment Infantry Officers
Page 53
Military Continued - Pennsylvania Marksmen. + Fillers
Page 54
Internal Revenue: Collections in 12th District of Pa.
Page 55
G.A.R. Organizations
Page 56
Base Ball [baseball]; Mine Accidents
Page 57
State and Territorial Governments
Page 58
Anthracite Coal shipments. Notable Deaths, 1891
Page 59
Notable Deaths continued. Disasters, 1891
Page 60
Disasters continued. Wayne & Wyoming Counties Census numbers.
Page 61
Lackawanna & Luzerne Counties Census numbers
Page 62
Luzerne continued, plus Bradford & Susquehanna Counties Census numbers
Page 63
Susquehanna County Census numbers continued. Ad: The Republican Lithographing
Page 64
Ad: Lackawanna Trust & Safe Deposit Co. - illustrated.
Page 64a
Ad: Scranton's Suburban Homes; Schoonmaker's Plot of Elmhurst (map illustration).
Page 64b
Ad: Collins & Davies Clothiers
Page 65
Ad: The Traders National Bank
Page 66
Ad: Hull & Co. Furniture
Page 67
Ad: "Snow White" flour, Weston Mill Company
Page 68
Ads: Sturges & Swartz Confectioners; J. D. Evans Insurance; S. Y. Haupt Lumber; "The Office"
Page 69
Ad: Cleland, Simpson & Taylor Dry Goods
Page 70
E. Robinson Beer
Page 71
Ads: Mathew Brothers Oils; Tripp & Co. Coal
Page 72
Ads: C. P. Jadwin Real Estate; J. Briegel Paint; Stewart & Meyer Art & Framing
Page 73
Ad: Curtis Cough Compound & Blood Purifier
Page 74
Ads: F. M. Aylsworth Meats; W. P. Connell & Sons Hardware
Page 75
Ads: T. E. Carr & Son Meats; E. I. Du Pond de Nemours & Co. blasting powder
Page 76
Ads: W. H. Pierce Produce; J. T. Porter Produce; Thos. Walkey Harness; D. J. Campbell Boots & Shoes
Page 77
Ads: Phelps' Drug Store Anthracite Novelties; A. R. Gould Carriages; Henry Schellhase Furniture
Page 78
Ads: Luther Keller Cement; C. Luther Jeweler; C. W. Freeman Jewelry
Page 79
Ads: Hatzel & Collins Provisions; Owens Brothers Monuments; Gunstser & Forsyth Hardware, stoves
Page 80
Ads: McMullen, Schlager & Ferber Glass; G. W. Fritz Harness; The Scranton Republican Lithographing

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