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Ruane Newspaper Articles - Page 2

Scranton Tribune, January 20, 1898 morning, page 3

Dennis Ruane Arrested for the Moosic Depot Affair
The mysterious and successive burglaries at the Moosic and Steel works freight depots of the Delaware and Hudson company are, it is said, about to be cleared up. Yesterday Dennis Ruane, a young man, was arrested on a warrant swornt out by Detective Crippen, of the Delaware and Hudson Company, charging Ruane with the burglary of the Moosic depot on the night of September 10, 1897.
In that instance the stolen goods consisted of 21 pairs of shoes, 1 suit of clothes and sundry other articles. Detective Crippen has been at work on the case since. Ruane and two other young men were suspected and yesterday the warrant for Ruane was placed in the hands of Patrolmen McMullen and Neuls.
The young man was located in Horn's place, on Franklin Avenue, and was placed under arrest. He was taken to the central police station, where he remained over last night. He makes no confession, but pleads not guilty.
The hearing in the case will be this morning. Ruane's home is in Bellevue. He is a middle-aged man.

Scranton Tribune, August 14, 1900 page 5


Four Men and a Woman Were Taken Into Custody and at Hearings Yesterday Had Fines of $50 and $75 Imposed Upon Them by Mayor Moir Testimony That Was Offered in the Cases Mayor Well Satisfied with the First Days Work Other Arrests to Follow.
"We are In earnest, about exterminating this speakeasy evil, and will not rest until we have cleared the city of them," remarked Mayor Moir to a Tribune man yesterday, and the record of the day was strong testimony to the truth of his assertion. Five proprietors of tippling houses were arrested and all fined heavily.
Frank Rasselawski, of River street, Mrs. Bridget Ruane, of 324 Larch street, and John Dubee, of Fourth street, were each fined $50, with the alternative of spending thirty days in the county Jail. Stephen Flanagan, of 1710 Luzerne street, was fined $73, and In the case of Edward Bush, of 113 Seventh street, sentence was postponed until 3 o'clock Monday, August 20.
Rush's attorney, ex-Judge Knapp, went before Mayor Moir and told him that an application for a license to be granted Rush has already been filed until ho secures it, his place will be closed.
The arrested parties were all given their hearings yesterday afternoon, with the exception or Rasselawskl, who was arrested by Special Officer Greenburger in the morning, and arraigned before Mayor Moir. Several persons testified to having purchased intoxicating liquors in his place, and Mayor Moir then imposed a $50 fine.
At 3 o'clock in the afternoon Mrs. Ruane, Flanagan and Dubee were given their hearings. Flanagan denied ever having sold any beer or liquor of any sort in his store, nnd loudly protested his innocence. Officer Greenburger was the first witness. He testified to having been in the place August 9, and while there took a drink with a friend. Flanagan, when he heard this evidence, carefully looked Greenburger over, and then floriated that ho never saw him in his life.
Charles Anderson testified that he was in Flanagan's establishment with Greenburger, and while there had a drink of beer. Mayor Moir then mildly remarked to Flanagan that he would be compelled to pay $75 into the city treasury.
Flanagan smiled genially and started for the door, only to be recalled by Chief Robling telling him that he would have to pay his fine first. "What," exclaimed Flanagan indignantly, "not oven ten days' grace?" "Not a day," answered the Chief. "Well, I'll take an appeal, then," said Flanagan. "All right," said Mayor Moir, "but first you will have to pay your fine."
For Mayor Moir has found that while in these cases the accused speak easy keepers can take an appeal, they must first pay their fines. Then, if the decision of the Mayor's court is
reversed, the money is, of course, refunded.

In the case of Mrs. Ruane, John Bryant, of New York Street, and Mrs. Brace, of Larch Street, were two of the witnesses called, and testified to having purchased beer and whiskey in Mrs. Ruane's house on Sunday and week-days. Mrs. Ruane, through her
counsel, asked that the minimum penalty be imposed, but Mayor Moir said that a very large number of complaints had been received about her establishment, and ns it was considered to be the source of a great deal of trouble in that part of the city, he could not dismiss the case without fining her at least $50.
H. Oram, of South Washington Avenue; Mrs. Annie Cashimir, of 422 Emmet Street and Jacob Ellman all testified to having bought beer at John Dubee's place on Fourth Street, near Emmet, and declared that a regular bar was fitted up. Dubee and Mrs. Ruane, also, have both taken out internal revenue licenses. Dubee, at the end of the testimony, was asked what he had to say for himself, but merely hung his head, and declared that he
was sorry.
Mayor Moir declared after the hearing that he was very well satisfied with the result of the day's work, and added: "there will probably be more arrests today. Warrants have been issued, and will be served. The assistance of the regular patrolmen will not be asked in this matter, as I think they have enough to do, as it is. They are, of course, expected to report all speakeasies which they discover, but constables and special officers will have charge of the serving of the warrants,"

Scranton Tribune, April 30, 1897, page 6

Judge Knapp Experiences the Discomfiture of Knocking Out a Good Republican Vote, But He Gets Even.

The laugh was on Judge Knapp yesterday in the Dunmore contest when after knocking out the vote of Charles Maddox, of the Second District of the Third ward, he learned from the man’s own admission that he had voted the straight Republican ticket. Judge Knapp laughed last, however, and true to the proverb, laughed best, for, before the day was over, he made up for the Maddox misfortune and had nine to spare.
William Manley; Martin Ruane and Stephen Ryan, of the First district of the Third ward; Edward Matthews, of the Second District of the Third ward, and Martin McHale, of the First district of the Second ward, were disqualified for non-payment of taxes.
James Ruane, Michael Swoons and John Tighe of the First district of the Third ward, and James Langan and John Murray, of the Second district of the Third ward, were shown to be non-citizens.
In the case of James Ruane, Michael Sweeney and John Murray the allegation was that they had not paid taxes, it developed that they had paid taxes but were never naturalized. It is contended by the respondents that their votes will stand as they were not at tacked on the ground, of being non citizens. Other witnesses examined were Patrick Reilly, John Ryan, Patrick Scanlon, Patrick Ruane, Thomas Ruane, John Ryan, Patrick Wynn, James
Wynn, John Ward and Michael Golden, of the First district of the Third ward, and Patrick Collins, Patrick Collins, Jr., William Crane, Michael Crane, Michael O'Hara, John M. Decker, Anthony Gallagher, Thomas McDonald, James Murphy, Sr., Patrick J. Lyons,
Edward J. Horan, A. J. Koran, Martin Golden, Thomas Golden, Richard Golden, Anthony Hart, James Murphy, Jr., John McHugh, Anthony McDonnell, John McHale, Thomas F. O'Hara, Michael Healey and Thomas McCarthy, of the Second district of the Third ward.
An attachment was yesterday issued for Michael Holleran who failed to obey the subpoena.

Scranton Tribune, January 21, 1898, page 3

Accused Burglar Must Answer at Luzerne County Courts.
Dennis Ruane, the suspected 'burglar, was taken to Wilkes-Barre yesterday and given a hearing before Alderman Jenkins of that place on the charge of breaking In the freight depot of the Delaware and Hudson company at Yatesville, Luzerne county. The burglary was on the night of Sept. 10, 1897.
Ruane was held in bail to appear at court. Detective Crippen, of the Delaware and Hudson Company, took the prisoner from this city to Wilkes-Barre.

Scranton Tribune, November 18, 1897, page 3

There are 309 cases on the list, as follows:
Tuesday, Nov. 30
36. Bridget Ruane, selling liquor without a license; William S Black, pros
Friday, Dec. 10
206. Maggie Homan, assault & battery; Bridget Ruane, prox
Saturday, Dec. 11
305. James Ruane, surety; John Garvey, pros

Scranton Tribune, May 3, 1897, page 8

Were Unearthed at Saturday's Session of the Dunmore Election Contest
Those Who Voted Illegally
Sad havoc was wrought among the Democratic voters in Saturday's session of the Dunmore contest. Sixty five witnesses were examined and twenty Illegal voters discovered. This is the biggest day's work and the biggest day's results since the contest
hearing began.
All but one of the witnesses sworn were from the Sixth ward. The one exception was Thomas Cunnion, of the Second district of the Third ward, whose vote was found to be apparently all right. Those whose votes were found defective were:
Taxes - P. J. Duggan, Frank Collins, D. Maines, Edward J. McGill, Thomas Cavin, James Moore, Patrick Dempsey, Michael Mahady, James O'Connor, Martin Quinn, Thomas Smith.
Papers - Michael Dempsey, John Judge, Martin Ferguson, John Foley, Anthony Hogan, Andrew McDermott, Patrick Shea.
Age - Hugh Fitzpatrick
The others examined were: Henry Wilkins, Thomas Cunion, P. J. Duggan, Michael Dempsey, Michael Dempsey, T. J. Foley, James Haggerty, John J. Burke, John Healey, Patrick Hallihan, John J. Joyce, Peter Joyce, Frank Collins, Thomas Logan, John Ruane,
Richard Logan, E. D. Maines, Edward J. McGill, John McCann, Patrick Ruddy, Thomas O'Hara, Thomas Ruane, John Reilley, Patrick Mclntyre, Michael Dooley, Martin J. Judge, John Judge, Thomas Cavln, Thomas Corcoran, Jame Denipsey, John J. Dougherty, John Durkin, Martin Ferguson, John Foley, Martin Foyarty, Hugh Fitzpatrick, Anthony Hogan, Peter Hartman, Fred Hartman, James Melody, Frank Lahey, John Melody, Patrick Dempsey, Andrew McDermott, William Moore, Michael Mclntyre, Michael Mahedy, James O'Connor, Thomas O'Connor, Michael Quinn, Dennis Ruane, Martin Quinn, James Smith, Michael Scanlon, Thomas Smith, Patrick Shea, Frank Manley, Stephen Finnerty, Patrick Moran, Michael Malloy, John Dempsey, Patrick Ferguson.
Court on Saturday made the following order: The time for taking the testimony on behalf of the petitioners is extended to May 15, 1897, on condition petitioners will call no witnesses on May 5, 0, 7, 8, 1897.

Scranton Tribune, October, 16, 1897, page 6

The main court room had the majority of spectator’s yesterday afternoon. The attraction was the case of Luther Poster against James Ruane, in which the defendant was charged with assault and battery on the plaintiff's eighteen-year-old daughter. The parties live in the Bunker Hill district of Dunmore. Ruane is a rather natty looking youth and Miss Foster is a very pretty miss. They were at a picnic, July 5, last, in Laurel Hill Park and returned home together. More than a month later the girl's father had young Ruane arrested for assault and battery. The alleged crime was committed during the walk home.
Ruane said he only held her hand and drew her gently to his aide. She says he caught her hand and forcibly pulled her to the ground. She admits that this was the extent of his assault and also that ho made no improper advances. Mr. Duggan, attorney for the
defense, told the Jury that his client had done nothing more than what every man In the box had often done In his younger days hugged the girl ho was taking home from a picnic. Mr. Chase assisted District Attorney Jones in the prosecution. The Jury was not
in at adjournment.

Scranton Tribune, June 19, 1899, morning, page 6

Miss Sarah Ruane, of Cedar Avenue, received a telegram yesterday from her brother, Patrick Ruane, at Omaha, Nebraska, notifying her that their brother, Thomas Ruane, assistant chief of the Omaha fire department was dying from injuries sustained at a large fire there Saturday.

Scranton Tribune, June 21, 1899, morning, page 6

Thomas Ruane, of Omaha. Neb., who received serious injuries while directing the efforts of Fireman at that city on Saturday last, has died. His brother, Mr. Joseph Ruane of Cedar Avenue, and sister-in-law. Miss Bridget Walsh, of Pittston Avenue, left yesterday to attend his funeral. The deceased was formerly of South Scranton, and was the son of Mrs. Bridget Ruane.

Scranton Tribune, June 27, 1899, morning, page 3

Shot by a Companion Named Ruane at Duryea.
James Eagan, aged 12 years, son of Patrick Lagan, inside foreman at the Phoenix Coal company's shaft at Duryea, was shot and killed by a young man named Ruane yesterday about noon and died from the effects of his wounds last evening.
According to reports, the shooting was not intentional.
A warrant was issued for the arrest of Ruane, but up to a late hour last night he could not be found.
An autopsy was held on the body of the lad last evening and an inquest will be held tomorrow by Justice Gilbride.

Scranton Tribune, February 19, 1902, page 5

It Is Agreed by All Those Present That Davis Had Taken' Some Drink and Sought Trouble with King but There Is a Wide Variance as to the Nature of the Events That Immediately Preceded the Shooting of King by the Accused.
Patrick Sullivan, of Minooka, tells a very comprehensive story of the trouble which occurred In his place early Sunday morning und which resulted In the killing of Peter King by Michael Davis, a police officer of Moosic Borough, Sullivan says It was sometime after midnight when Davis and his chum, Constable Harvey Decker, of Moosic, came In. King was at this time talking to him (Sullivan) at the end of the
bar. Davis came over to them and began talking about King having refused to obey a subpoena which Davis had served on him some few weeks previous. Davis talked in a bragging tone and King responded In a quiet way: "You know, Davis, you couldn't
take me alone." Davis replied, "Yes I could. I could take you to hell."
Sullivan got them to end their argument, and just then Dan Cotter broke forth in a song. When the song was finished, Davis laid his hand on the arm of Decker and addressing himself generally, but looking at King said:
'"I his man here is ns good an Irishman as there Is in this house, and I'll stand at hi- back."
The crowd evidently took this as a challenge from Davis to King and as Davis had been tantalizing King, it was felt that he would take it up. A young man named John Ruane stepped in front of King as if to intercept him if he started for Davis. King pushed
him aside and told him to mind his own business.
At this Davis turned on King with a torrent of abuse for his treatment of Ruane. He called it a "rotten trick," and referred to King as a "big brute" and "a pig." Still King held his peace.
Ten or fifteen minutes went by and during tills time Davis kept up a fusillade of abuse of King referring to him several times in a most insulting way. King did not pay much heed to him but once In a while would retort in a bantering tone, "Davis, you know you're no good," or something to that effect
Finally Davis' abuse nettled King and he warned him to cease. Davis flared up quickly and said: "I'll kill you, you," and backed up in a. corner. King followed him with the index finger of his right hand extended as when one wishes to emphasize by a gesture. "Now, see here, Davis "King was saying, when Davis whipped out a revolver from the right hand pocket of his coat, and fired. The bullet went over King's head and lodged
in the ceiling. Davis did not aim at King at the first shot.
At the report of the pistol King;, who was only four feet away, sprang at Davis clutching his throat with the right hand and grasping at the pistol with the left. Ho evidently did not get a. good grasp on the pistol hand, for Davis succeeded in twisting the hand about so that the muzzle of the pistol was against King's body. Constable Decker was also clutching at Davis' arm, but could not get at the pistol. That he got near it though was evidenced by the fact that his coat sleeve was burned by the powder. Several -others of the crowd jumped in to take a hand and- were striving to overpower Davis.
Only a few moments elapsed after the 1st ring of the first shot, before four more shots were heard. Three of them entered King's body. The revolver was held so close to him that the powder burned the flesh. When King fell, the whole crowd fell with him in a heap.
Sullivan says that Davis was not drunk and that King at no time showed any anger. This version of the trouble is endorsed by Patrick Loftus and Thomas Sullivan who were also present. Gustave Dietrich another eye-witness told that he came down from Scranton on the same train ns Davis and Decker, but did not see them until they all got off at the Minooka station. Ho and Davis and Decker had some drinks together In Judge's saloon
and Dietrich went on up to Sullivan's leaving the other two in Judge's. He was in Sullivan's when Davis and Picker came in. The first disturbance the witness noticed was when Cotter finished his song and Davis declared his friend Decker to be as good an
Irishman as there was in the place.
At this King jumped at Decker, but the crowd held him back and pacified him. Shortly afterwards, Davis made some remark to King, whereupon King made a move as to hit him. John Ruane stepped in between them and King hit Ruane on the forehead knocking
him down. Davis expostulated with King for striking a boy, whereupon King again rushed at him. Again a bystander held him hack, 'in the quarreling that followed Davis
called King a "and a big brute," At this King followed Davis and Davis drew his revolver and fired over King's head. King and Cotter grabbed a: Davis and King caught him by the throat. Then Davis fired' four more shots and King fell.

Scranton Tribune September 19, 1898 page3


Patrick Ruane, of Pittston, Very Seriously Injured.
Patrick Ruane, of upper William Street, Pittston, was seriously injured Saturday night by being struck by one of the Scranton Railway company's trolley cars.
He was waiting for a car but was standing too close to the track and was knocked down and had his skull fractured besides sustaining many cuts and bruises. Ruane is a married man fifty five years of age.

Scranton Tribune April 11, 1898 morning page 9

The hearing in the case of Patrick Ruane, who was arrested for assaulting Mrs. Elizabeth Martin, was held at Justice Glenn's office in default of bail Ruane was committed to the
county Jail. Constable Healey took him down on the 7 o'clock Delaware and Hudson train, and when Archbald was reached Ruane asked to be allowed to enter bail in that place. Ruane's mother, who lives in Archbald, went his bail before Justice of the Peace

Scranton Tribune August 5, 1898 page 6

She Is Charged by Her Husband with Bigamy

Six weeks ago warrants were issued by Alderman Ruddy for the arrest of Mrs. Barbara Robinson and Frank Rooney, both of No. 5 mountain, on the charges of bigamy, preferred by Frank Robinson, the husband of the woman. In the Information lodged
with the magistrate it is stated that Rooney and Mrs. Robinson eloped and were married. They returned to Rooney's home and have been living there since. Detectives and special officers made trips to the mountain, but the alleged bigamists could not be apprehended.
Special Officer James Ruane, a recent acquisition to Alderman Ruddy's court, went to Rooney's home at 4 o'clock yesterday morning. He laid in ambush until 6 o'clock, when Mrs. Robinson-Rooney appeared in the yard. The officer approached her and asked
for his breakfast. He was invited to the house, and, the meal being over, he questioned the woman as to the whereabouts of her second husband. She told him that Rooney had left at 2 o'clock In the morning and, in a confidential way, told the officer that he was eluding arrest, hence his reason for going to work so early. She refused to state where he was employed. The warrant for her arrest was then read to her. She was taken before the
alderman and held in $300 ball, which was furnished late last night. Special Officer Ruane left at midnight to meet Rooney this morning.
Robinson, the injured husband, stated at the hearing that he will .prosecute the pair as far as he can.

Scranton Tribune September 29, 1900 morning (page 3)

Edward Ruane was called to Scranton this week by the death of his father, the late Patrick Ruane.

Scranton Tribune October 5, 1900 (page 6)

Coal Picking Contest
A novel and interesting contest was pulled off yesterday morning on Carr's patch dump, when James Reed, Joseph Ruane, Martin McHale and James Barrett, all young men of South Scranton, undertook to outdo each other In a coal-picking contest. This contest
was not limited to a twelve-foot ring. Each contestant was allowed to roam over the patch in search of the now precious stones.

At the end of the allotted time, and after careful measuring and a good deal of weighing, James Barrett was awarded first prize, he having picked twenty bags. First prize was a watch donated by Joseph Ruane, who, in an appropriate speech, turned it over to the winner. James Daly was referee.

Scranton Tribune May 6, 1898 morning (page 9)

No.10. All the right, title and interest of the defendant, Dennis Ruane, in and to all that certain piece or parcel of land situate in the borough of Dunmore, county of Lackawanna and state of Pennsylvania, being lot No, 2 in square or block No. 7, and situate upon street called and named Quincy Avenue on a map or plot of lots laid out and sold by
Orlando S. Johnson (being a portion of the lands formerly known as the Hollenback tract) said lot being 50 feet in front and 50 feet in rear and 150 feet in depth, the measurement of the depth to commence 10 feet from the inside of the side walk. The owner to have the right to enclose, occupy and use 10 feet in front of said lot for cellar-way, porch, steps, or shrubbery, but not the right to erect any building thereon. Reserving, however, to the legal owners, their successors or assigns by such legal terms as shall be sufficient in law, all coal and minerals beneath the surface of said lot with the sole right to mine and remove the same by any subterranean process without thereby incurring in any event whatever any liability for Injury caused or damage done to the surface of said lot or to the buildings or Improvements which now are or hereafter may be put thereon, provided that no mine or air-shaft shall be opened or any mining fixture established on the surface of said premises. Being the same lot of land conveyed to the said Dennis Ruane by Orlando S. Johnson and wife by deed dated the first day of May, 1885, and duly recorded in Lackawanna county In Deed Book 8l, page 83. Improved with a two-story frame dwelling house with hotel basement fronting on street and out-buildings.

Seized and taken III execution at the suit of F. H. and A. E. Fordhnm, executors, vs. Dennis Ruane. Debt, $1000. Judgment No. 340, May term, 1898. fi. fa. to May term. 1898. V. BROWN. Attorney.

Scranton Tribune August 30, 1897 morning (page 6)

The deplorable condition of the Fig Street roadway was the cause of painful injury to Mrs. Ruane, of Cedar Avenue, Friday evening. She was descending the hill in a carriage which was overturned owing to a deep rut. Mrs. Ruane fell on a pile of stones. Her head was gashed in two places and she was badly bruised. Miss Nellie Scott, of Fig Street, and
Miss Nellie Kennedy, of Maple Street, left Saturday for a visit with Carbondale friends.

Scranton Tribune January 28, 1899 morning (page 8)

John Ruane, of Genet Street, was arrested at an early hour yesterday morning for Intoxication and unbecoming behavior. He was unfit for a hearing in the morning and in the evening he wan arraigned before Alderman Lentes, who is the South Side police
magistrate this month. Ruane was sentenced to a line of $5 or spend ten days In jail.

Scranton Tribune May 26, 1898 morning (page 3)

Judge Edwards made an Order In the Ruane Case
Attorney E. C. Newcomb in a statement before Judge Edwards yesterday charged Dennis Ruane, of Johnson's Patch, with some things that he would not care to have Included In his biography. Mr. Newcomb was representing Mrs. Ruane In a motion to have the sheriff's sale of her husband's property stayed and an issue framed to determine the validity of the Judgment upon which execution was made. Judge Edwards made an order staying the sale to a week from tomorrow. Meanwhile, the court will be asked to grant a hearing in the case, Mrs. Ruane has a case pending for desertion and non-support. She claims that her husband fraudulently confessed Judgment in order to cheat her out of
her rights in the property, and to place It In other hands so she cannot collect any money for her support. The property includes the house they lived In and another one which brings $30 a month rent.

Scranton Tribune September 13, 1900 morning (page 8)

Owen Ruane is lying at his home in this borough, suffering from severe injuries sustained Tuesday, while engaged in the performance of his duties as tender at the foot of the shaft In No. 5 mine of the Pennsylvania Coal company. Mr. Ruane was in the act of alighting from the carriage, which was still in motion, and was thrown to the ground, breaking one of his limbs and severely bruising him other wise. It will be some time before he will be able to resume his duties.

Scranton Tribune July 10, 1897 morning (page 6)

The following1 quarter sessions matters set down for yesterday were either argued or submitted: Exceptions to report of viewers of the new roads In Spring Brook and South Abington townships; Commonwealth against John Campbell and others, Kate Flanaghan, Rosa Loyas, Margaret Loyas, Patrick Ruane, Patrick Fitzpatrick, Peter Smith, rule to strike off forfeiture of recognizance. In the estate of Wilbur F. Peck, the rule on the trustee to show cause why ho should not Join In a coal lease, was made absolute.

Scranton Tribune August 4, 1897 morning (page 7)


Deputy City Treasurer P J Ruane is spending a few days in Atlantic City.

Scranton Tribune May 12, 1897 morning (page 7)

That Number of Illegal Voters Were Unearthed by the Dunmore Election Contest Yesterday
Seven more Democratic votes that unquestionably are Illegal were unearthed yesterday In the Dunmore contest. They are: Peter Barrett, Second district of Sixth ward, had not paid
taxes; Edward McKinney, First district, First ward, had not paid taxes; Robert McKinney, First district, Second ward, only nineteen years of age; Patrick Loftus, First district. Third
ward had not paid taxes; Edward Dougherty, Third district of Third ward, had not paid taxes; John Lynch, First district, Sixth ward, had not paid taxes; Michael, First district, Sixth ward, not naturalized.

John G. McAskle and William Skipper were called and swore that Hugh Scullion, who voted at the last election In Dunmore, was only in this country about four years, and had not taken out naturalization papers. Since the last election he has fled from the country, and is now supposed to be In Scotland.
Patrick Collins, Second district of Third ward; Anthony Henley, First district of Third ward; John Brown, First district, Second ward; Patrick McHale, Fifth ward, and John Mc
Andrew, First district, of Second ward, who were examined at former meetings of the commission, were recalled for the purpose of giving further testimony with reference to their naturalization papers.
Others examined yesterday were: Charles Grimes, William Gilligan, Taddeus McConnell, John Fallon, Sr., John Taylor, Frank Jordan, Martin Flannelly, Martin Golden, John Murray, James Fallon, Anthony Gallagher, Arthur Kelley, Daniel Haggerty, William Tigue, Michael O'Hara, Thomas Goughan, Michael Ruane, Patrick McDonnell, and John McHugh.

Scranton Tribune June 18, 1897 morning (page 6)


The sewers and drains committee reported favorably upon the appointments of William Dougherty as Inspector of the Wyoming Avenue sewer, and Thomas Cosgrove as inspector of the new sewer in the Fourteenth ward, and the appointments were confirmed.
The re-appointment of M. J. Kelly as member of the board of health for a term of five years, and the appointment of M. J. Ruane as permanent man at the Eagle Hose house, vice Charles F. Beckett removed, were received from the mayor and forthwith confirmed unanimously.
The old ordinance compelling the Lackawanna Iron and Steel Company to lay sidewalks on Mattes street was re-Introduced by Mr. Robinson.
The ordinance providing for the remodeling of the Center street station house passed first and second readings.
Adjournment was made until next Thursday night.
In the common branch matters went very smoothly. Quite a, volume of old business was resurrected and finally disposed of or hurried on its passage and not much time was lost in debate.

Scranton Tribune February 11, 1898 morning (page 6)

Maggie Homan, charged by Bridget Ruane with assault and battery, was declared not guilty, and the costs were equally divided by prosecutrix and defendant.

Scranton Tribune March 29, 1898 morning (page 5)


Attempt at rape George Smith; Maggie McArdell, prox., to pay costs. William Olchefski, George Savage, pros., to pay costs. John McDermott; Winifred Ruane, pros, to pay costs.

Scranton Tribune October 18, 1897 (page 3)

The Jury In the case of James Ruane, of Bunker Hill, charged with assault and battery upon Myrtle Foster, returned a verdict of not guilty, but pay the costs.

Scranton Tribune October 28, 1897 (page 6)


A nol-pros was entered In the following certiorari cases- Thomas Logan against M. D. Lewis, August Gearhart against Samuel Davis, James Holden against James Stein, Sam Neefii(?) against Anthony Dickman and others, James Ruane against Patrick Walsh and others, Mike McClosken against John Sharack, William Hodby against Tony Magniotta.

Scranton Tribune October 29, 1897 (page 6)

Taken to the Hillside Home
Mary Josen, whose attempt to cut her throat with a table knife was mentioned in yesterday’s Tribune, and Bridget Ruane, another demented woman, were removed last evening from the police station to the Hillside Home. They will be placed in the ward for the insane.

Scranton Tribune June 12, 1899 morning (page 3)

Criminal Court, Wednesday June 21st

55. Martin Ruane, assault and battery; Michael J Kennedy, pros

Scranton Tribune October 17, 1898 morning (page 3)

They Were Unearthed in the Election Contest Saturday.
Twenty-four witnesses from the First district of the Second ward of Dunmore were examined before the commissioner! In the county treasurer election contest Saturday, A number of bad votes were discovered.
Those examined were: M. B. O'Horo, Patrick Flannelly, Sr., Renaldo Lally, Richard Golden, Dennis McDade, Dennis McDade, Jr., Joseph McGrail, Thomas McGowvan, Sr., Augustine Santarero, Phily Carroll, James McGrail. Martin Langan, Pompeo Demarko, William A. Connolly, Michael J. O'Horo, Martin Flannelly, Jr., Patrick Golden, Edward O'Horo, Mark Connolly. Joseph King, Arthur Dunnigan, Vincenzo Todesky, and Patrick Ruane.

Scranton Tribune December 1, 1902 (page 5)

Fire Captain Declared Not Guilty by Court of Inquiry.
The findings of the court of inquiry appointed by Director of Public Safety Wormser to hear evidence regarding the charges preferred by former Permanent Man Frank Dombacher, against Captain Edward Kneller, of Hose company No. 6, were approved by Recorder Council on Saturday and were made public.
The members of the investigating board by a unanimous vote found Kneller not guilty and completely exonerated him from all the charges preferred. In their findings the members of the board assert that malice prompted the brining of the charges. The report was signed by Captains C. E. Tropp, Thomas D. Campbell, M. J. Ruane, Sterling Sinnell and U. B Bentley.

Scranton Tribune August 12, 1898 (page 6)

Frank Robinson, who resides near Mountain Lake, went before Alderman Ruddy on July 4 last and gave Information for warrants for the arrest of his wife and Frank Rooney, whom he charged with bigamy. Warrants were issued, but the much-wanted couple could not be found at once. Mrs. Robinson was arrested about ten days ago. She was brought before the alderman and held in ball.
Special Officer Ruane yesterday found Rooney on a farm near Moscow. He was brought in for a hearing last night and held in $100 ball, which was furnished. While en route to the alder man's office he made a desperate effort to escape. Mrs. Robinson has returned
to her husband.

Scranton Tribune September 3, 1898 (page 3)

THESE WILL WED.-Marriage licenses were granted yesterday by Clerk of the Courts T. P. Daniels to Michael Ruane, of Archbald, and Annie Pinnie of Dickson City, Patrick Dougherty and Annie Harrington, of Scranton; Conrad Miller and Elizabeth Kirtz, of Scranton; George F. Fries, of Scranton, and Jessie Gleneross, of Dunmore.

Scranton Tribune April 8, 1898 morning (page 3)

Criminal Court

First Week, Monday, April 18

20. Winifred Ruane robbery, John McDermott, pros

Scranton Tribune May 1, 1900 morning (page 10)

Marriage Licenses

James Barrett – Dunmore

Mary Ruane - Dunmore

Scranton Tribune August 23, 1902 (page 7)

Six Victims in One Family Who Were Not Reported
Dr. Houser, who has charge of the small-pox cases In the city, learned yesterday that six victims In the family of Patrick Ruane, on Bloom Avenue, have been at large for some time unknown to the authorities.
The family has been in needy circumstances owing to the coal strike, and when the disease made its appearance among them no physician was called, on account of the expense that would be incurred. The father became seriously ill on Thursday night and Dr. Hollister was called, he diagnosed the case as small pox, and notified Dr. Houser, who quarantined the house and placed an officer on guard. The man was removed
to the Emergency hospital yesterday in a precarious condition.
The other victims have a milder form of the disease, but require medical attention, and It may yet be necessary to remove some of them to the hospital. Some of the children have been seen about the streets with the rash plainly visible in their faces.
The mother and one child are the only members of the family who have escaped the disease. They both were vaccinated. All of the others had not been inoculated up to the time the cases were reported.

Scranton Tribune January 24, 1900 morning (page 10)

Criminal Court

Wednesday, January 31

40. Anthony Ruane assault and battery; Anthony Barrett, pros

Scranton Tribune September 9, 1902 (page 3)


Thomas Ruane is a candidate for delegate to the coming county convention to be held in Scranton.

Scranton Tribune September 22, 1902 (page 6)

A South Side foot ball team to be known as the "Indians" has been organized by Robert Farrell, for the coming season, with the following membership: Jacob Fox. Tim Haggerty, Joseph Ruane, Anthony McDonald, Martin Joyce, Edward Jones, Robert
Farrell, William Moore, James Brown and John Joyce. The first, practice took place on Saturday.

Scranton Tribune October 5, 1899 morning (page 6)

Tonifried Ruane was taken before Alderman Myers last night charged with being drunk and as this was the second time Inside of two mouths that he was brought before the alderman for drunkenness and his disorderly conduct he was fined $4 and costs.

Scranton Tribune October 21, 1899 morning (page 7)

Before Judge Edwards Martin Ruane was tried for committing an assault and battery on Michael J. Kennedy. Both of the men live In Dunmore and each was very positive that the other was the aggressor in the trouble. The case was given to the jury at 3.45 and
it agreed an hour Inter and will bring In its verdict this morning.

Scranton Tribune June 16, 1902 (page 6)

The funeral of Patrick Ruane, whoso death occurred on Birney Avenue early Saturday morning, will take place at 9 a. m. today, The deceased was 72 years old, and Is survived by a wife and two daughters, as follows; Mrs. Murphy, of Chicago, and Mrs. Prendergast, of Pittston. A high mass of requim will be celebrated In St. Joseph's church and Interment will be made in the Minooka cemetery,

Scranton Tribune July 7, 1899 morning (page 6)

Personal Notes

Patrick Ruane has returned to Omaha, Neb. He came here to attend the funeral of his brother, the late James Ruane.

Scranton Tribune August 12, 1899 morning (page 5)

Movements of People

Mr. and Mrs. P J Ruane are enjoying the ocean breezes in New York city.

Scranton Tribune August 21, 1897 morning (page 8)

Thomas Ruane, of Dunmore, died Thursday afternoon at the residence of his sister, Mrs. John Nealon, of 620 Orchard Street, whom he came to visit last week. The deceased was born In Dunmore and was well and favorably known throughout this region. His sister is his only surviving near relative. Interment will be made this morning In Hyde Park Catholic cemetery. Services will be held at St. Peter's cathedral.

Scranton Tribune September 6, 1897 morning (page 3)

Miss Bessie Judge, of New York, left the Lackawanna hospital Saturday and is spending a few days with her cousin, Miss Ruane, of Luzerne Street, before leaving for her home.;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune September 14, 1897 morning (page 6)

An infant child of Mr. and Mrs. John Ruane dies yesterday afternoon of cholera infantum.;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune September 15 1897 morning (page 6)

The remains of an infant child of John Ruane whose death was mentioned in this paper, was interred in Minooka Catholic Cemetery, yesterday;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune June 14, 1897 morning (page 8)

Miss Julia Ruane and Anthony Hope are to be married in the near future;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune June 18, 1897 morning (page 8)

South Side

The marriage of Miss Julia Ruane, of Locust Street, and Anthony Hope took place in St. John’s Catholic Church Wednesday afternoon. Rev E. J. Melley officiated. The bridesmaid was Miss Catharine McAndrews, of Avoca, and the groomsman Patrick McAndrew. The bridal couple will reside on Pittston Ave.;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune January 8, 1898 morning (page 6)

Mother and Daughter Sorely Charge John McDerman
As told In yesterday's North Scranton correspondence a middle aged man named John McDerman was arrested Thursday night at the "block of blazes" for drunkenness and disorderly conduct. After a few hours' sleep in the station house, he recovered his
senses sufficiently to discover that he had been robbed of $10. He claimed that the theft was committed by a woman named Winnie Ruane whom he was visiting at the aforesaid house.
Lieutenant Spellman went to the house in the wee sma' hours of the morning and took the Ruane woman into custody. In the morning, both were arraigned before Alderman Roberts. McDerman was fined $3 and paid it. The woman secured a postponement of her hearing until today.
Yesterday the Ruane woman and her stepmother, Mrs. James Doram, went before Alderman Roberts and swore out warrants charging McDerman with attempted criminal assault. He was again arrested and In default of $600 ball, $300 in each case, ho was commit ted to the county Jail.;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune January 31, 1898 morning (page 8)


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ruane attended the funeral of a relative at Carbondale Sunday;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune

Thomas Gill, of Potter Street, was badly bitten yesterday by a dog owned by Mrs. Ruane, of Potter Street.;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune March 28, 1898 morning (page 3)

Fred Herman was arraigned before Alderman Ruddy Saturday charged with stealing a suit of clothes, the property of Dominick Ruane. He was held in $500 bail for his appearance at court, and In default, was committed to Jail. Herman has evaded arrest
since September, of last year, he having left the city when the warrant was Issued, and returned to Dunmore only last Friday. Special Officer Tlorney, of Alderman Millar's court, arrested him.
There is in court now, a case standing against Herman on a similar charge. Patrick Gibbons, of Cedar Avenue, charges Herman with having stolen a coat and vest belonging to his deceased brother-in-law, William McTighe. At the hearing In that case, John AV. Hallenback, now serving a term for obtaining money under false pretenses, went Herman's ball. It was afterwards learned that Hollenback was not a property owner. It Is also alleged that Herman Is wanted at Croton, N. Y for the theft of $20.;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune October 6, 1897 (page 6)

Miss Nellie Ruane of New York, is the guest of Miss Lizzie and Bridget Jennings, of Hickory Street.;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune October 7, 1897 (page 8)

The funeral of Francis, the young son of Permanent Man M. J. Ruane, of the Eagle Hose Company, will occur from the parental home, 522 Fourth Ave, this afternoon at 3 o’clock. Internment will be made at the Hyde Park Catholic Cemetery.;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune October 8, 1897 (page 8)

Francis, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Ruane, of 522 Fourth Avenue, was interred at the Hyde Park Catholic cemetery yesterday afternoon. The funeral took place from the
parental residence at 3 o'clock and was attended by many relatives and friends of the bereaved parents.;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune October 29, 1897 (page 8)

James Cafferty and Mrs. Margaret Brady were married in St. John's Catholic Church Wednesday afternoon by Rev. E J. Melley. Miss M. A. Early was bridesmaid and Edward Ruane groomsman.;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune December 2, 1897 (page 8)

William Duggan, of Cedar Avenue and Miss A. Ruane, of Philadelphia were married in St. John’s Catholic Church Tuesday afternoon.;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune January 17, 1899 morning (page 8)

John Durkin and Edward Ruane, of Archbald, were the guests of friends in town yesterday.;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune

John White and John E. Ruane Say They Were Unjustly Treated.
Objections were filed yesterday with Prothonotary Copeland and the county commissioners by John White and John E. Ruane against the certificate of nomination of James Hewitt and Patrick Keegan as Judge of election and Inspector of election of the First district of the Sixth ward of this city.
It Is set forth in the objections that John White was legally nominated for the office of Judge of election and John E. Ruane for the office of Inspector of election, but before the certificates of nomination were filed their names were erased and those of James Hewitt and Patrick Keegan substituted. They ask the court to correct the error that has been done to them by the chancing of the names.
The objectors are represented by Attorney C. C. Donovan.;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune

Mrs. Bridget Ruane, of Cedar Avenue, I secured the Issuance of a warrant yesterday for the arrest of Anthony Duffy, of Fig Street, charging him with threatening to kill and using obscene language.
When arraigned before Alderman Ruddy Inst night, Duffy waived a hearing and entered ball in the sum of $300 for his appearance at court.;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune May 4, 1899 morning (page 3)

Three More Men Elected to Go to See Dewey.
Seven men were sworn in at the recruiting station on Spruce Street yesterday and three will go to the Philippine Islands. They are- Patrick Gibbons and Frank McNamara, of Pittston; and Anthony B. Sueata, of Edwardsville, all for the Infantry, were sent to the Praesido, Cal., to go to Manila.
The other four men are Anthony Coleman and James Hayden, Scranton, cavalry, James Ruane, Scranton. And .James J. Brown, Carbondale, infantry. These men went to Fort Columbus, New York harbor.;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune May 11, 1899 morning (page 8)

Mrs. Mary Ann Ruane, who was arrested at the instance of Mrs. Jemima Williams, on a charge of making threats, was held in $200 bail by Alderman John for appearance in court;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune June 13, 1899 morning (page 6)

At the regular meeting of Division No. 19, A. O. H., of Green Ridge, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year; President, Martin Ferguson; vice-president, Philip Boyle; recording secretary, Patrick Melady; financial secretary, P. J. Buckley;
treasurer, Peter D. Mahon, sergeant-at-arms, Thomas Gaughan; sentinel, James Riley; standing committee, John J. Ruane, Thomas P. Kelly, Michael Melady, Patrick Ruddy, P. H. Flaherty.;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune June 23, 1899 morning (page 6)

The funeral of the late James Ruane will take place this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, from the residence, 1417 Cedar Avenue. Services will he held in St. John's church, and interment in St. Mary's cemetery, Dunmore.;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune June 30, 1899 morning (page 6)

A charming wedding took place at St. John's church on Wednesday when Mr. George Houston, of Irving avenue, and Miss Ellen Ruane, of Locust street, were united in matrimony. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. E. J. Melley.
The bride's attendant was Miss Mamie Roland, and the groomsman was Mr. James Hamm. A reception was held at the bride's home for a few intimate friends and relatives of the contracting parties. Mr. and Mrs. Houston left on the 12:55 train for New York
and other cities.;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune October 27, 1898 morning (page 6)

CAN THANK THE OFFICERS-Martin Ruane, of the South Side, was picked up in time at an early hour yesterday morning by Patrolman Johler, who found him wandering along the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western tracks in the rear of the Phoenix quarters a few minutes before a train swept by. He was fined $3.50 in police court.;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune October 29, 1898 morning (page 8)

Dennis Ruane, of Company H, Ninth regiment, whose home is in Pittston, was the guest of Aldermen Ruddy yesterday.;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune October 25, 1902 (page 8)


Mrs. Kate Ruan, an Italian woman, who lives at Jessup, was tried on a charge of adultery, preferred by Deputy Constable PFrank Gydon. The evidence showed that Mrs. Ruan conducts a very bad place, but the jury evidently believed that Gydon was actuated by
spite and returned a verdict of not guilty.;words=Ruan

Scranton Tribune July 26, 1898 (page 3)

Chief of Police Gurrell yesterday refused the request of John Garvey, of the South Side, that the police serve a warrant on James Ruane, who was charged by Garvey before Alderman Ruddy with having assaulted Garvey and broken his collar bone. The chief's stand was taken on account of Garvey's statement that the constable and a special officer of the Twentieth ward were afraid to serve the warrant.;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune December 15, 1902 (page 3)


John J Ruane was re-nominated for Common Council by the Democrats of the Seventh Ward Saturday night. Mr. Ruane is now serving his second term.;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune September 24, 1898 (page 6)

RUANE – In Scranton, Sept. 23, Hugh Ruane at home of Arthur Scanlon, 806 Luzerne Street. Funeral Sunday, 2:30.;words=Ruane

PJ Ruane mentioned for attending a gathering;words=Ruane

Special Officer Ruane mentioned about gathering prisoners;words=Ruane

The Delegates-Dunmore, Fifth Ward, Jason Ruan (mentioned);words=Ruan

Marriage Licenses issued: Michael Kane, Jr. and Miss Delia Ruane, of Dunmore;words=Ruane

Richard Ruane mentioned for being on Committee for Continental Flag Raising;words=Ruane

Special Officer James Ruane arrested Walter Kirpicki & Martin Charnetzwki;words=Ruane

PJ Ruane attended a party where he was given a clay pipe and all the tobacco he could smoke;words=Ruane

John Ruane mentioned as representing various locals at Wilkes-Barre Convention;words=Ruane

Willie Ruane attends party for Private Michael Walsh;words=Ruane

PJ Ruane mentioned as being interviewed as a witness for Boland investigation;words=Ruane

John Ruane was best man at Della Graney and Bernard Hore (541 Emmett St);words=Ruane

John Ruane mentioned for attending a party for Miss Margaret Davis;words=Ruane

Court Cases # 193, Dennis Ruane, desertion, Winnie Ruane , prox.;words=Ruane

MJ Ruane Permanent man, fire department vacation;words=Ruane

#215 Mary Ann Ruane, surety; Jemima Williams, prox.;words=Ruane

Ordered to pay his electric light bill, Anthony Ruane $5.62;words=Ruane

Ruane last name mentioned in a vote;words=Ruane

Meeting to kill telephone ordinance, JJ Ruane in attendance;words=Ruane

Petit Jury, Week of June 26, Michael Ruane, Foreman, 310 Fifth Street;words=Ruane

Sanitary Committee, Ruane last name mentioned;words=Ruane

PJ Ruane attends a banquet;words=Ruane

7th Ward Common Council, John J Ruane;words=Ruane

20th Ward first district contested by Joseph Ruane;words=Ruane

Unclaimed Letters, Patrick Ruane, Walnut Street;words=Ruane

Eagles Annual meeting, M.F. Ruane mentioned;words=Ruane

Nellie A Ruane mentioned as a choir member;words=Ruane

M.J. Ruane mentioned as asking the fire department for a pay raise;words=Ruane

South Scranton Tourist Club party, attendee Dennis Ruane;words=Ruane

Dodge Mine Party, John Ruane in attendance;words=Ruane

PJ Ruane mentioned;words=Ruane;words=Ruane

PJ Ruane mentioned in Second Ward;words=Ruane

Bridget Ruane (Larch Street) arrest for selling liquor without a license;words=Ruane

James Ruane mentioned during fire house inspection;words=Ruane

Saturday, July 3rd

#253 Patrick Ruane surety; T.E. Boland, pros;words=Ruane

Dunmore Contest, Third Ward, First District, James Ruane mentioned;words=Ruane

M.J. Ruane mentioned as a witness for a Members of Committee about the coal mines;words=Ruane

Dunmore Election, Michael Ruane mentioned;words=Ruane

The County Teacher’s Institute, enrollment of teacher’s

Winton, Ella Ruane mentioned;words=Ruane

State Delegates Named, From Dunmore, James Ruane Sixth Ward, First District;words=Ruane

John Ruane, Pall Bearer at Thomas Mullaney’s funeral;words=Ruane

PJ Ruane name mentioned while attending a meeting;words=Ruane;words=Ruane

Proceedings were dismissed and costs put on this county in cases:

Patrick Connolly against Alice and James Ruane;words=Ruane

Mercantile Appraisement, Ruane & Clarke mentioned;words=Ruane;words=Ruane;words=Ruane;words=Ruane;words=Ruane;words=Ruane;words=Ruane

Compliance with the North Scranton’s Retail Clerks’ International Protective Association, N0.44—Ruane & Clarke mentioned;words=Ruane

Traverse Jurors Sept. 18, 1899

P.J. Ruane, blacksmith, Scranton (mentioned);words=Ruane

Letters unclaimed, Martin Ruane name mentioned;words=Ruane

J Ruane name mentioned;words=Ruane

Attended Sewer Interruption Meeting (Ruane last name mentioned);words=Ruane

Big Coal Strike, Delegates chosen, Pine Brook Local, No. 1052, Pine Brook – John J Ruane and John Foley;words=Ruane

Martin Ruane assault & battery on Michael Kennedy;words=Ruane

Common Council John J Ruane 7th ward;words=Ruane

Patrick Gallagher pros Anthony Ruane, True Bill;words=Ruane

James Ruane, Luther Foster, pros, True Bill;words=Ruane

W.W. Ruane court filing over Wyoming Ave road grading;words=Ruane

Mr. Ruane mentioned offering a resolution for a city seal;words=Ruane

Joseph Ruane attends a youth social function on the south side;words=Ruane

Michael Ruane mentioned as a fire fighter responding to a call while trying to improve the fire station;words=Ruane

John J & John Ruane mentioned as getting votes in 7th ward;words=Ruane

W.J. Ruane mentioned as a fire fighter given his vacation time;words=Ruane

James Ruane mentioned in 12th ward of investigation of paying $5 for a vote;words=Ruane

Thomas Ruane mentioned as a witness in Holgate hearing;words=Ruane

Thomas Ruane mentioned as a pall bearer for a James F. Mack funeral;words=Ruane

Ruane last name mentioned as football player for St. Thomas’ College;words=Ruane

J. Ruane mentioned attending a Gibson party on S Washington Ave;words=Ruane

Joseph Ruane mentioned as a twentieth ward, first district delegate;words=Ruane

J.J. Ruane mentioned as a participant riding in the 9th carriage of the opening day of the Fair;words=Ruane

Ruane last name mentioned in an unknown committee vote;words=Ruane;words=Ruane

Edward Ruane mentioned as a pall bearer for a Walsh Funeral;words=Ruane

PJ Ruane mentioned as a School Board Candidate;words=Ruane

PJ Ruane mentioned as participating in a parade for the Catholic Societies;words=Ruane

Michael Ruane mentioned as a jury member;words=Ruane

Attended a birthday party for Sidney Millar (B. Ruane & Anna Ruane);words=Ruane

Property Owners listed in newspaper (Dominic, John & Catharine mentioned);words=Ruane

Brief Quarrel ends in death (John Ruane mentioned as a participant);words=Ruane;words=Ruane

20th annual commencement of St Mary’s parochial school (Alice Ruane mentioned);words=Ruane

John Ruane version of King shooting;words=Ruane

Members of the Choral Club (Margaret Ruane and Delia Ruane mentioned);words=Ruane

Grading of Wyoming Ave (Catherine Ruane mentioned);words=Ruane

PJ Ruane mentioned in a runaway train accident;words=Ruane

Election Bothers, John Ruane mentioned;words=Ruan

John Ruane mentioned in a Dempsey Trial;words=Ruane

Eagle Company Officers (M.F. Ruane mentioned);words=Ruane+Ruan

Electric Light Contract Vote (only last names mentioned);words=Ruane

Gas Company franchise vote (John J. Ruane mentioned);words=Ruane

District Sewer vote, only last names mentioned;words=Ruane

Reorganization of City Counsel (only last names mentioned);words=Ruane

Common Council votes by Wards;words=Ruane

Dennis Ruane selected as an officer for the Irish Society centennial celebration of the 1898 uprising (only his name is mentioned);words=Ruane

Ruane name in Amateur Baseball results:;words=Ruane;words=Ruane+Ruans;words=Ruane;words=Ruane;words=Ruane;words=Ruane;words=Ruane;words=Ruane;words=Ruane;words=Ruane;words=Ruane;words=Ruane;words=Ruane;words=Ruane;words=Ruane

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