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Ruane Newspaper Articles - Page 3

Charles Ruane mentioned as a Play Amateur;words=Ruane

Criminal List, Saturday April 30

#336 Bridget McGuire, surety; Annie Ruane, Prox.;words=Ruane

St. Aloysius T.A.B. Society, Dennis Ruane mentioned as Trustee;words=Ruane

Edward J Ruane leaves for Fort McPherson, Atlanta;words=Ruane

James Calpin & John Ruane of Bellevue returns from New York, Philadelphia & Washington;words=Ruane

Joseph Ruane, Pittston Avenue, gets job with Pocono Ice Company;words=Ruane

John J Ruane mentioned during a Council Meeting;words=Ruane

Deputy Treasurer Ruane mentioned in city financial deficit;words=Ruane

John Ruane mentioned as groomsman for Kate Maguire and Stephen Devers;words=Ruane

Ignored Court Bills, Assault & Battery, William Ruane; Bridget Fallon, prox. Pay court costs;words=Ruane

Newman Magazine Club, Mrs. PJ Ruane mentioned as gevernesses;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune September 26, 1900 morning (page 7)

Held from the Family Residence Yesterday Morning;
The funeral of the late Patrick Ruane, father of Common Councilman John J. Ruane, was held yesterday morning from the residence on Capouse Avenue. The remains were taken to St. Peter's cathedral, where a high mass of requiem was celebrated by Rev. M. J. McManus.
The Pine Brook Mine Accidental Fund attended the funeral in a body. The pall-bearers were: Patrick Harrison, Anthony Walsh, John Ferguson, John Ruane, Thomas Gibbons and John
McFadden. Interment will be made In the Cathedral cemetery.;words=RUANE

Petit Jurors Monday, June 11; Anthony Ruane, Laborer, Scranton;words=Ruane

Mr. Ruane mentioned for nominating Mr. Phillips;words=Ruane

Patrick Ruane mentioned as a pall bearer for David Walsh funeral;words=Ruane

M. Ruane mentioned for settling with the city;words=Ruane

W.W. Ruane will not release right of way for Wyoming Avenue road grading;words=Ruane;words=Ruane

Ruane last name mentioned in one cent tax;words=Ruane

Miss Catharine Ruane mentioned as crowning of annual event at Holy Rosary;words=Ruane

E.J. Ruane, Jeanette Wells and Miss McDonald, of Dunmore, spent yesterday at Crystal Lake.;words=Ruane

E.J. Ruane attended a party thrown by Mrs. T.F. Wells in Archbald;words=Ruane

Ruane & Clark (mentioned) will close their business on Merchants Day, Wednesday, July 16;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune August 15, 1902 (page 2)


A pleasant crowd of pleasure-seekers from Adams Avenue, Scranton, enjoyed a trolley ride on Wednesday evening, stopping at the Mansion house, and were royally entertained by Proprietor Ruane. A choice programme was rendered during their stay at the Mansion

Miss Clara McCormick, of Ruane Street;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune January 27, 1900 morning (page 7)

Michael and Ann Ruane were married by Alderman Kasson on Sept. 2, 1898 and went to live in Jessup. Two months afterward, the wife alleges, he began abusing her and would leave home for days at a time, making no provision whatever for her comfort and welfare. Mrs. Ruane also alleges that Michael is addicted to drink, and during the blizzard last March he chased her through Jessup with a knife in his hand, threatening to kill her.
When the temperature was below zero the man drove her from the house and it was necessary on one occasion for her to find refuge in a coal shed. Many a night she spent with her mother when the ungallant husband put her out of the house and now she seeks
legal separation.;words=Ruane

Ladies Auxiliary Meeting of Eagle Hose Company mentions Michael Ruane reading the history since inception of the Eagle Hose Company;words=Ruane

PJ Ruane mentioned for attending a banquet;words=Ruane

Owen Ruane left on Saturday to resume his studies at the Minneapolis University;words=Ruane

Delegates in attendance, Winton – Anthony Heston, John T Loftus and Thomas A Ruane;words=Ruane

John Ruane mentioned as a special committee member;words=Ruane

Successful passing of the High School Examinations in order to graduate:

Commercial Course, Margaret Lignori Ruane;words=Ruane

Mercantile Appraisement of Lackawanna County, Dunmore, John Ruane - Retail and Dennis Ruane - Retail;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune, October 23, 1899 morning (page 5)

A verdict of guilty was found against Martin Ruane, charged with assaulting Michael J Kennedy. Judge Edwards sentenced the prisoner to one month in jail and to pay a fine of $1.;words=Ruane

Election of Officer to St Leo Battalion mentioned John Ruane as a teller;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune, November 30, 1899 morning (page 3)

Two More Divorce Petitions
Applications for divorce were made yesterday, by Mrs. Frank L. Yingst and Mrs. Annie Ruane, both of whom complain of cruel husbands.
Mrs. Yingst alleges, through Attorneys Ward and Horn, that she was compelled to leave her husband, Starling H. Yingst, Oct. 12, 1897, after two years of wed-led life, because of
his actions, making her life unbearable.
Mrs. Ruane avers that she was married to Michael Ruane, Sept. 2, 1898, and because of his cruelty was compelled to leave him, May 8, 1899. Robert Peck is her attorney.
Subpoenas were directed to Issue In both cases.;words=Ruane

Ordinance defeated, Ruane last name mentioned;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune, December 6, 1899 morning (page 6)

The funeral services over the remains of the late Mrs. Mary Gallagher were largely attended at St. Patrick's Catholic Church yesterday morning. A high mass of requiem was celebrated by Rev. J. B. Whelan, and Interment was made in the Cathedral cemetery.
The pallbearers were: Patrick Maloney, John Carroll, Stephen Carroll, A. J. Barrett, A. J. Healey and William Ruane.;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune, January 13, 1902 (page 3)

Family of Patrick McDonald Left Pittston Hurriedly.
Superintendent of Police Day was notified Saturday night by the Pittston Police that Patrick McDonald, his wife and two children had left that city hurriedly in the afternoon to come to this city.
It was stated that a case of small pox had broken out in the house occupied by the McDonalds and that fearful of being quarantined they had left suddenly for this city. The police Inquired at the house of Mrs. McDonald's mother, Mrs. O'Hara, of 444 Palm Street, but were informed that the family had not been there.
It was learned yesterday that the family had got off at the Minooka station and they were finally traced to the home of Mrs. McDonald's sister, Mrs. John Ruane, of Stafford Street, in that place. Patrolman George Jones visited the house and was told that the family intended going back to Pittston yesterday afternoon.;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune, January 16, 1902 (page 6)

P.F. Ruane, of 1824 Cedar Avenue, was rather badly hurt while at work in the Lackawanna’s round house on Tuesday and will be laid up for some time.;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune, January 21, 1902 (page 6)

P.J. Ruane, of Fulton Street, who has been confined to his bed with a severe attack of illness, is somewhat improved.;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune, January 28, 1902 (page 2)

Miss Nellie Ruane and Della Judge of Jessup spent Sunday with Mrs. M. J. McDonald, of Main Street.;words=Ruane

Knights of Columbus Committee of Arrangements consists of Thomas Ruane;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune, February 18, 1902 (page 6)

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ruane, of William Street, are rejoicing over the arrival of a baby boy.;words=Ruane

Ruane last name mentioned during a vote of Insurance rates increased;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune, July 27, 1899 morning (page 7)

Misses Genevieve Ruane, Delia Bulgar and Bessie Bulgar, of Taylor, are visiting at the home of Mrs. Belgin, of Warren Street.;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune, August 2, 1899, morning (page 7)


The local order of the Heptasophs will hold a picnic at Peck’s Grove on Saturday, Aug. 19. The committee of arrangements is Ira Jenkins, Thomas Ruane, Charles Jenkins and Patrick Burke.;words=Ruane

Joseph Ruane mentioned for attending a youth party at the South Steel Mill;words=Ruane

Ruane last name mentioned for a committee vote for granting a franchise to the street car company;words=Ruane

Anthony Ruane mentioned as a Pall Bearer for P.F. Mullen Funeral;words=Ruane

Dunmore High School Football game against Scranton High School 11, Ruane last name mentioned;words=Ruane

PJ Ruane mentioned as a member of the party offering Rev. JJ O’Toole (Holy Rosary) with a $650 purse in Wellsboro, Tioga County.;words=Ruane

Resolution introduced, passed and finally concurred in select council:

By Mr. Ruane – Directing the Mayor and City Solicitor to ascertain whether or not that culm is being dumped into the river from the Fairlawn washery, and if so, directing them to take steps to stop the practice.;words=Ruane

Joe Ruane in attendance of the 39th birthday party of Martin Rafferty, of Fig Street;words=Ruane

Special List of Surety cases

17. John C. Moran, surety; Kate Ruane, prox;words=Ruane

Messrs (MR.) James Brennan, William Dunleavy, James Bohan and Patrick Ruane spent Sunday in Avoca;words=Ruane

Scranton Tribune, November 26, 1900 (page 5)

Deputy City Treasurer Wanted by the Proposed North Scranton Bank.
Deputy City Treasurer P. J. Ruane is being discussed as the likely cashier of the proposed North Scranton bank. It is understood he has been invited to take the place but hesitates to leave the position in which he has served so long and successfully, it is to be hoped for the city's good that Mr. Ruane will continue in the treasurer's office. He has the city's financial affairs at his fingers’ ends and when it comes to a question of nice financiering in emergencies which often arise; his suggestions invariably prove of great value.
No legislation bearing on municipal or school district finances is projected without Mr. Ruane's advice first helm; sought, and it is quite safe to say hint practically all such legislation now on the city's books would find him its father if it went to trace its actual
Mr. Ruane is also accredited with being one of the most expert accountants in the city. Ho can rend a column of figures quite as readily as another could read a paragraph in it newspaper and be has the book-keeping of the office so systematized that with in five minutes after the office closes the books are balanced and everything ready to "be locked up for the night.;words=RUANE

Seventh Ward Common Council re-nominations, John J Ruane;words=Ruane

Mamie Ruane in attendance of surprise party for Miss Janet McGuire, Leggett Street;words=Ruane

John J Ruane, Democrat, is strong candidate for re-election;words=Ruane

Applicants for License

Dunmore Borough

Sixth Ward – Hotels; Catharine Ruane, Quincy Ave;words=Ruane;words=Ruane

Ruane last name mentioned in baseball editorial;words=Ruane

Amateur Baseball, Ruane (pitcher) last name mentioned;words=Ruane;words=Ruane

Mrs. John Ruane (Scranton) attended to funeral of Mrs. Ann Timon (Jermyn);words=Ruane

Deputy City Treasurer and Mrs. PJ Ruane returned during the week from Atlantic City;words=Ruane


Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Ruane, of Archbald, were the guests of friends in this place yesterday;words=Ruane

Winton Borough

John Ruane, Retail;words=Ruane;words=Ruane;words=Ruane;words=Ruane

Michael Munley, Owen Ruane and C.J. Hopkins, students at St. Michael's, Toronto, and W. J. Dixon, of St. Vincent's, have returned home to spend their vacation.;words=Ruane

PJ Ruane in attendance at one of the grandest social events of the season at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Dougherty, of Rendham;words=Ruane

Unclaimed letters

Michael Ruane, 711 Monroe Ave;words=Ruane

Contributors to the National Association of Letter Carriers

Mrs. J.H. Ruane mentioned;words=Ruane

Trial List for Criminal Court

Saturday, April 22nd
126. Anthony Duffy, surety: Bridget Ruane, prox;words=Ruane

St Thomas College baseball team, Ruane (pitcher) last name mentioned;words=Ruane

M. Ruane (right field);words=Ruane

North Scranton Bank, accounting numbers for end of business day, PJ Ruane, Directors;words=RUANE;words=RUANE

Mrs. James Ruane and Mrs. Katherine Ruane, of Archbald, visited at the home of Mrs. Thomas Murphy, of Hudson Street, last week;words=Ruane


William Hoban, Owen Ruane, Michael Hopkins, of St Michael’s, Toronto: MJ Murray, of St Bonaventure’s; returned home;words=Ruane

Bee Ruane in attendance for surprise party for Miss Johanna Troy, Main Street;words=Ruane


Thomas Ruane, of Carbondale, was a visitor here today;words=Ruane

John Ruane, defendant, against Andrew Wargo and Theodore Trenowitz;words=Ruane

Clarke & Ruane business will be closed today;words=Ruane

Owen Ruane, Michael Hopkins, William Hoban and Patrick Heston left yesterday as students at St Michael’s college, Toronto;words=Ruane

A little boy also comes to stay at the home of Michael Ruane, Tuesday;words=Ruane

Thomas Ruane, mentioned as a pall bearer for Adelbert O’Malley funeral, of William Street;words=Ruane


Thomas Ruane attended a surprise party for Miss Mary J Brown;words=Ruane

Seventh Ward, Common Council, John J Ruane wins;words=Ruane

Mercantile Appraisement, Dunmore Borough, John Ruane, retail;words=Ruane;words=Ruane

Lot #11 on Ruane Street, Joseph Knight;words=Ruane;words=Ruane

PJ Ruane (utility player) mentioned for All-District team (Third District, Fifth Ward);words=Ruane

Mercantile Appraisement, Scranton City, Second Ward, Ruane & Clarke, retail;words=Ruane

Mercantile Appraisement, Winton Borough, John Ruane, retail;words=Ruane;words=Ruane;words=Ruane;words=Ruane

Scranton City, 20th Ward

John Ruane, 3 Lots, Palm Street, block 101, lots 18, 19 & 20;words=Ruane;words=Ruane;words=Ruane

Seated and Unseated Lands

Alex Ruane, 1 Lot, Lackawanna Township;words=Ruane;words=Ruane

Edward Ruane, plumber at the Boyd Store, has been offered a position with a Tunkhannock firm an expects to move to Wyoming’s county seat very soon;words=Ruane

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