HEERMANS Family Burying Ground

The HEERMANS family were early settlers of the valley. Henry had first settled in Pittston with his father. He later moved to Salem Corners (now Hamlin) where he was postmaster, constable and tavern owner. He finally settled in Razorville (now the Providence section of Scranton) around 1829. His daughter Catherine, by his first wife married W(illiam). W(illander). WINTON, another prominent early settler, and the father of A. H. Winton, the subject of a book by the same name.

The family burying ground is located in the 2400 block North Main Ave. in Scranton, less than a city block from where N. Main intersects Parker St. It consists of only a few stones, those of Henry HEERMANS, his wives Fandina and Sarah Ann, and their children and grandchildren. The stones of Henry and Sarah Ann are rather large obelisks and quite easy to read. Sarah’s is the tallest with Henry’s to the right (see picture). In the rear are smaller stones laid flat. All of them either have no writing on them or they are placed with writing down. One very clearly has “R.A.” engraved on it, directly behind the stone of Ruth Ann.

Many of the smaller stones are becoming difficult to read, due both to the passage of time and the elements. Bear in mind that what follows is only a transcription of those stones that are legible, and may not include everyone who was buried here.

The graves in the burying ground follow:

Holden A., son of (stone is broken)
Infant son of Henry and Fandina, died October 25 1830
Backward stone
Caroline, daughter of Henry & Sarah Ann HEERMANS, died (?) 1841, Aged 18 years, 5 months & 15 days.
Infant daughter of Henry & Sarah Ann HEERMANS, died July 1836
Sarah Ann, daughter of Henry & Sarah Ann HEERMANS, died May 2 1841, aged 1 year, 5 months & 15 days
Olive, daughter of Henry & Sarah Ann HEERMANS, died May 26 1843, aged 10 years, 1 month & 25 days
Ruth Ann, daughter of Henry & Sarah Ann HEERMANS, died October 18 1844, aged 1 year, 2 months & 26 days
Harriet, daughter of Henry & Sarah Ann HEERMANS, died September 1 1860, aged 22 years, 5 months & 28 days
Sarah Ann, wife of Henry HEERMANS, died August 24, 1868, aged 59 years, 6 months & 17 days
Henry HEERMANS, died October 27, 1843, aged 52 years & 4 months.
In Memory of Fandina, wife of Henry HEERMANS who died 30 October 1831, aged 40 years
Gertrude A., daughter of William and Catharine WINTON, died August 8 1850, AE 1 year, 3 months & 15 days.

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