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Petersburg Cemetery, Scranton

Petersburg is a section of Scranton, Pennsylvania. The Petersburg Cemetery is in the 900 block of Paul Avenue, east of Wheeler Avenue. It was originally called Petersburg Protestant Cemetery and has also been known as the East Scranton Protestant Cemetery.

Aaron Silkman sold the land for the cemetery to the first settlers in the area for one dollar. The purchasers were James Churchill, Nathaniel Thomas, John Short and William Stone. It was used for burial grounds by the three oldest churches in the area: the Myrtle Street Methodist Church, the Petersburg Presbyterian Church and Saint Peters Lutheran Church. Interments were made from 1853 to 1931 with perhaps about 100 persons buried there.

Earlier families interned in the cemetery were Jacob Stark, William Lussy, John Richter, George Schultz and John Peters.  Petersburg was named for the later family. Mrs. Westhauser was the caretaker and a trustee of the cemetery. Other trustees were Mr. Wm. Knoepfel, Mrs. Catherine Rozelle, Mr. Albert Motiska and Mr. Charles Mayer.

Thanks to Allan Stipp and Barbara Gallas for providing this information. At the bottom of the page is a list they also provided.

Petersburg Memorial Cemetery photographs by Norma Reese, 2005, with her notes for each roll of film. The images are scans of four rolls of film. Scanning the prints resulted in some odd colors. Scans by Susan White Pieroth 2009. If you have any more information about a stone, or stones, please let me know (include the image #) and I'll add it here.

Roll 1: Notes for the pictures are here. Click images to enlarge. Geb means Born, Gest means Died.
Outside from Paul Avenue Outside from Paul Avenue Outside from Paul Avenue
Outside from Paul Avenue John C. G. Richter, Dec. 7, 1910 to Dec. 8, 1995; Maria C. his wife June 17, 1815 to Sept. 15, 1901. ? Ruller / Rullen ? & Catherina
? ? ?
Louis Appel, Oct. 2, 1853 to June 10, 1903 Catharine Stark, daughter of Jacob & Mary, 1854 to 1856 ?
Jacob Stark 1852 to 1905; Sophia C. his wife 1852 to 1915 ? & JHS Bertha E. G. Welty? 1907 to 1907
? ? Ernestine Wentzel, daughter of Heinrich & Dorothea Mar. 30, 1862 to Feb. 23, 1872
Heinrich Wentzel, son of Heinrich & Dorothea ?/01/1863 to 12/1870 Walter R. Willin 1876 - 1913 Lauisa C. Wentzel
Mother (prob. footstore for Stark) Father (prob. footstone for Stark) ?
Roll 1: Notes for the pictures are here.

Roll 2: Notes for the pictures are here. Click images to enlarge. Geb means Born, Gest means Died.
Jacob Stark Footstone PJ for Peter Jung ?
John F. Short, 1815 to May 20, 186? GAR; Antonette Short 1812 to Nov. 11, 1866 ? ?
Johanh Rohner ? ?
? Edward Rohner 18? to 18? K. A.
Phillip ? Katie ? ?
Louis Wolff; Co. B. 15 Mo. Inf. Bambach ?
? Footstone for P. T. G. ?
Friedricht Gleighmann ? ? ?
Roll 2: Notes for the pictures are here.

Roll 3: Notes for the pictures are here. Click images to enlarge. Geb means Born, Gest means Died.
Infant of Floyd C. & Anna C. Schlanker Jan. 9, 1923 Johana Schlanker ?Clara? Catherina Hofrommer
Maria Magdalena Widmayer 8/20/1819 to 8/14/188? Sophia wife of W? Anna Maria Will 9/18/1821 to Mar. 10, 1888
Ernest H. Warneake Mother Wilhelmina wife of Phillip Hartman May 24, 1807 to June 2, 1886 Father D. Eisenman Nov. 9?, 1886
Mother ? May 31, 1885 Reinhold Kreenberg, Nov. 26, 1864 to Feb. 6, 1917? Bernand ?
Fred C. Moore, Mar. 5, 1863 to May 18, 1889 William Stein, Dec 22, 1819 to May 27, 1884 Bernhadine Stein, Apr. 4, 1827. No death date
Johann Bambach, son of Jacob & ? ? ?
? Edward Davis 1824-1920 base
base general view general view
general view
Roll 3: Notes for the pictures are here.

Roll 4: Notes for the pictures are here. Click images to enlarge. Geb means Born, Gest means Died.
Dorothea Charlotte Hay, Aug. 16, 1857 to May 12, 1885 ? Wilhelmina Stipp, Aug. 12, 1864 to May ?, 1887?
Mathias Han, Feb. 20, 1816 to Mai 20, 1882 Charlotte Teufel, ? to Oct. 8, 18_2 Maria ?, 1822 to 1888. Note 2
Jacob Bambach, Mai 25, 1889 Maria Christina wife of ? Christian Busch, Feb. 10, 1822 to Mar. 7, 1883 Sophia ? Engel M? 16, 18?? to 1882?
Maria C. wife of John Leidolf, Mar. 3, 1813 to Dec. 2, 1889? ? ?
John Leidolf, May 3, 1827 to Oct. 7, 1899 ? arch
Father. Philip Hartman, Nov. 30, 1800 to Jan. 30, 1874. Note 1 Father. Peter Jung, Dec. 9, 1839 to Sept. ?, 1874 Julia wife of Adam Koch, June 13, 1877 at 42 years and 3 months. Note 1
Johann George Schweitzer ? ?
Philip Ha___ (veteran) ? Philip Christian Schmidt 1823 to ?
Katharina M. wife of Ernest H. Warnecke
Roll 4: Notes for the pictures are here.

The following list is combined from an old list of lot owners and a list of subscriptions for Petersburg Cemetery Association from 1908. Certainly all of these people are not buried in Petersburg Cemetery, and some people who are buried there that are not on this list.  Presumably the people listed either expected to be buried there, or had family members buried there. Thanks to Allan Stipp and Barbara Gallas for providing this information.

William Acker Mrs. Fred Baer Jr. Mrs. Matilda Baker
Catherine Balliet Jacob Bambach Mrs. C. Bambach
Wm. C. Bambach Fred Beaver Charles Beck
Mary Becker Mrs. William Behr Henrietta Berger
Ludwig Bernhardt Chas. Bielfeldt Dr. Bishop
Gustave Boetcher Mrs. Wm. Bowman Fred Boyer
Mrs. Brick Wm. Broughton Hermann Claus
Mrs. Adman Cyrist Anna Dickman O.A. Dolmetsch
Mrs. Saul Dolphin Willaim Ecke Mr. Engle
Mrs. Bena Engle Caroline Farber Louis J. Farber
Fred Farber Sr. Charles Forbach Fred Forbach
Mrs. Louis Freas George Frey Mary Frick
George J. Fries John Fries Mrs. Fries
Mrs. Goerlitz Mrs. Elnora Goerlitz Mrs. Greener
Mrs. Wm. Gruenwald Mrs. Haberland E. Hahn
Louise Hamondseiter Katie Hans Louisa Hans
William Hans E. Hanstein Mrs. Nicholas Hanstein
Charles Hart Mrs. Kate Hartman Mrs. Kate Hartman
Mrs. E. Hartmen C. Hauer Mrs. John Hauer
William Hauer Mene Heidig Frank Heinen
Josie Henry Mrs. C. Hess Mrs. Salome Hessing
Jacob Hoffman Mrs. Joseph Hoffman Mrs. Huber
H. Humel A. R. Jones Mrs. Helen Karius
Mrs. George Kegelman - Note 2 Margaret Keiser William Kilmer
Mr. Kimpel Mrs. Klassner Henry Knoepfel
Wm. H. Knoepfel Caroline Koch - Note 1 R. B. Kreinburg
Peter Kunz Peter Kunz Jr. Mrs. B Larner
Charles Leuthner Emma Linkhauer Annie Lochner
Mrs. Lochner Milliam Lussy Harman Mattern
Ed L.C. Mayer Louis Mayer Mrs. R. Mayer
Christina Mechler A.C. Meinck Mrs. Millberger
Charles Miller Charles Miller Jr. Eva Miller
George Miller Henry Miller Miss Dena Miller
William Miller Charles Misch Mrs. Monniger
Henry Moore Mrs. August Moore Yettie Moore
Mrs. Motska Miss Lottie Musket Lena Nahlen
Mrs. Lean Nahlin Mrs. P. O’Brien Mrs. Obele
Martha Oestlerle Charles Peck Charles Pfahler
Mrs. A. Pfahler Eva Pilger George Pilger
Joseph Pilger Mrs. Prefek Mrs. A.B. Price
Mrs. Priem Louise Raynor Jacob Redesky
Oscar Ridgeway Mrs. Rool Fred Saar
Mrs. J. Saar Joseph Sarr Jacob Schaefer
Peter Schafer Paul Schlack Mrs. Schmidt
Mrs. Caroline Schultz Mrs. H. Schultz Mrs. Fred Schwartz
Mrs. P. Schweitzer Philip Schweitzer Frank Sherer
Mrs. Mary Sherer Cornelia Short Lucinda Short
S. Short Fred R. Slack Carl Smith
Mrs. K. Snyder Mrs. Mary Snyder William Snyder
Mrs. Stark Mrs. Lottie Stark Mrs. Margaret Stark
William Stein Peter Stipp W. E. Stuckie
Mrs. M. Swingle Mrs. Anna S. Teeter Bernard Thauer
C. J. Thauer Mrs. Trostel Adolph Twardowski
Ben Wagner Charles Wagner Charles F. Wagner
George Wagner Herman Wagner Philip P. Wagner
August Wahlers Fred C. Waltz Mrs. Charles Waltz
Mrs. J. Waltz Jr Mr. Waltz Sr. F.R. Warnecke
Mr. Watres Charles Waxman Fred Wedokind
H.J. Wehrung Miss Weingardt Mrs. K. Weingardt
E. Weiskopf Mrs. Julius Wellner William Wellner
Charles Wenzel Minnie Wenzel V. E. Wenzel
W. H. Wenzel Charles Wenzel Jr. Mrs. Wetzel
Charles Wolff Henry Wolff Louis Wolff
Fred Youngblood Mrs. Wm. Zeigler  

Note 1:  Information provided by James Price:  Julia Koch is my great great grandmother and her father is Philip Hartman I guess that makes him my great great great grandfather. Her real name is Juliann Koch, but they always called her Julia. She and Adam her husband were both born in Germany, but I do not know when they arrived here, however all 10 kids were born in the US.

Adam was a stone mason, and according to my great grandmother, who died in 1968 at the age of 90, he personally engraved her stone. He remarried and I do not know where he is buried, I think in that cemetery, but not sure on that one.

The grave plots are owned by Caroline Koch and Kate Hartmen, Caroline Koch was the sister of Julia, my grand mother, Lillian who died in 1987...

Note 2: Information provided by Jeff Altimier: Mary (Maria) Busch was married to Christian Busch.  They had three children; Kate, Phillipine, and Henrietta. Phillipine would marry
George Kegleman and is listed on your roster as Mrs. George Kegelman. Christian Busch is also buried in that same cemetery and died 10/3/1904.

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