Email Contact for Susan LaCoe

Susan LaCoe has done extensive work on the cemeteries in Newton and Ransom Townships, Lackawanna, PA. She has put most of the information, along with excellent photographs, on her sites.

For Newton Cemetery she does not have a list on her website. She says, "I would be willing to look up any name for anyone at anytime. I have pictures of all the people who have stones and I am willing to email those pictures to anyone interested."

In addition, she says, "I have a list of people buried in the church cemetery across from Milwaukee Methodist Church. I have pictures of all these stones as well. I did not do any work in the Zeiss Cemetery (located next to the church and next to the Milwaukee Church Cemetery). I am willing to look up and share with anyone what I have on the Milwaukee cemetery."

NOTE: For specific surname help unrelated to cemeteries in Newton and Ransom Townships, I recommend the mailing list or the message board.

Please be specific when you write. Include as much information as you can.