Stratford Cemetery [end Watson Street], Scranton, PA

Above: Entrance at the end of Watson Street. Commonly called Stratford Street Cemetery. Stratford was renamed Rundle St., Hyde Park.
Richard Evans provided the following information and images. "Pictures and pictures of blueprints of the Stratford Street Cemetery in Scranton [in purple above]. It was claimed for taxes by the city of Scranton 1923 or 27 and has been left to brambles and woods. There is another similar named cemetery close by [marked on above map and on online maps], but that's not the abandoned brush covered one I found. There was also a caretakers house encircled by graves. The caretaker who found the maps in the attic said many stillborn and premature babies/infants were buried here without markers. I gave a disc of the pictures to Albright Library and wrote an editorial letter to the tribune. The librarian at Albright showed me 5 other published letters that had also been written on the same cemetery. In those letters a larger size cemetery dimension was mentioned. A trucking company is right next door and it is possible that part of the company property may have at one time been part of the cemetery. The entrance is on Watson, but there is another gate facing Sloan, not marked as cemetery." Photographs were taken in September 2005 by Richard Evans and include all the documents that the caretaker had found. See also this page.
Richard Evans sent a letter to the editor of the Scranton Times. At left is the what was published on May 19, 2005.

Above: The street sign at the intersection of Sloan Street and Amherst Park. Sloan is the northern boundary.

Photos of the cemetery map. Click the first two images to see a larger version.

Photos of the cemetery blueprints [these are the largest version provided]

Photographs of the cemetery, including some of the monuments, taken in September 2005
Haven Horace, Pennsylvania World War I, July 23, 1892 to Aug 8, 19?Potachnick
Margaret, Wife of Schlar??John Jones 1856 - 1901
Thomas Pugh 1837-1914, his wife Margaret Jenkins 1840-1912. Frank Pry (1878-1921) was married to Martha Pugh, Thomas and Margaret's youngest child. Tom Rowland provided the clarification - thanks!John Jones 1856 - 1901
These pages are the only ones showing owners of plots in some sections. Click the three images below to expand. Sorry, but better images are not available.

Sister of Jim Evans
Gwylm Jones
Mrs. Gwen Jones
Above left: Edmund Davis; Mrs. Jacob Farb?; Elser? E. Berry; Jos. Nichols; Fred Caswell; Wm? Fareone?; John Savage; Thos. H. Evans; John T. Evans; Cusicks?

Above right: Albert Davies?; Mrs & Mrs Wm. Savage; Mr & Mrs Frank Nash?; Mary, Zeke, Thomas Jones; Alfred Engles; Thos. J. Robbins [Thomas J. (James) Robbins (b.1866). His wife is Mrs. M. (Margaret Williams) Robbins (born 1871). Tom Rowland provided the clarification - thanks!]; Mike & Catherine Poto??; David Davis; Bryant

Left: W. T. Jones; Phillips; Dean?; W. D. Thomas; James Davis; David Thomas; Chambers; Bailey; J?kin Lewis; Frank Jones; Ruth Desavan?; Agnes Hein; Dunn?; Daggar

Not all names are legible

Thank you to Richard Evans for providing these photographs and information, October 2010

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