Taylor Memorial Cemetery

Taylor Memorial Cemetery, 208 S. Main Street, Taylor, Lackawanna County, PA

The Taylor Memorial Cemetery registry project of 2001 was made possible through the efforts of both, the Taylor Beautification Committee and of the "Senior Project" program at Riverside High School. This registry, although not fully complete due to an unknown amount of unmarked graves, as well as the many years of weathering on stone engravings, includes the names of some of Taylor's earliest settlers. The students involved in this project worked diligently to obtain as much information as they possibly could to compile all of the information included here. Perhaps the registry will change from time to time as new information is provided to us from families, near or far. We welcome any additional information as it becomes available to us.

This project was done with great purpose. We hope that it will serve as a tool for anyone researching the cemetery for information leading to their family roots, or for historians wishing to learn more about Taylor and its past. Also, we hope that it will continue to serve as a reminder to all of us, the brave and heroic people who settled Taylor(ville) so many years ago.

The Story of the Taylor Memorial Cemetery

How fortunate we are to have such a piece of untouched history right here in the center of our town! From the early pioneer days of farm settlements, horse and wagon transportation, and several coal-mining villages, much has changed in these parts. Although much change has taken place throughout all of Taylor, time has yet to set its mark within the confines of the 1905-dated iron fence that still surrounds the Taylor Memorial Cemetery.

This historic cemetery has been a part of Taylor's history since a local farmer began burying his family members and other townspeople there in the late 1700's. The Pond Street area was once considered the front of the cemetery until the mid-1800s when the "Mother Presbyterian Church" was built facing Main Street. Since then most other stones have faced Main Street. You will notice this while exploring the cemetery, which was once referred to as "God's Acre".

The church, built in 1848, is the oldest known building in Taylor. A 1907-dated document states that at that time the oldest marked stone was from 1834 and was that of an infant boy. In the 1800's a handmade wooden fence surrounded the cemetery, but was later taken down and replaced with the current iron fence in 1905. it is said that the wooden fence was knocked down in some areas by speeding "horse and wagons" which would make quick turns around the corners of the alleys (courts).

The year 1905 brought some change to the cemetery. Prior to "Memorial Day 1905" the Women's Christian Temperance Union Society of Taylor began a fund drive to make necessary changes in the cemetery. Money was raised in Taylor to replace the original wood-shingled roof with the current "slate-shingled" that recently celebrated its 96th Birthday. Also sharing in that celebration are the slate steps that lead up and into the front door of the church, the iron fence surrounding the cemetery, and the Norway Maple trees which still serve to provide some comfort of shade while visiting the cemetery. The original entrance into the church was a pioneer-day style wooden porch and set of steps. It was also learned that as part of the fund drive the wood from the original fence was sold for four dollars.

Of the buried listed in the registry, two people stand out in a national- historical perspective. Parley Hughes, a soldier of the American Revolution, was said to have been a bodyguard to General George Washington. Eliza Pulver was a teacher of President Grover Cleveland in New York State during his boyhood days.

If you take notice of the dates on the stones you will notice that many of the buried died at a young age. Due to a lack of good sanitary methods, diseases ran rampant throughout much of the world in the 1800s. No medications had yet been found to aid the sick, and many died of these diseases. Also, with unsafe labor practices in the mines, many men died young in Taylor.

It was on Memorial Day 1905 when the dedication ceremony took place celebrating the renovations to the cemetery. Many citizens from Taylor took part in both the fund drive and the celebration. For example, it was learned that classes from the Taylor School District collected money. Amounts like seventy-five cents from certain classes were collected. A doctor's donation might have been five dollars, for example. These early citizens had everything to be proud of. Times were tough, but townspeople pulled together to reach a much needed goal.

As the mid-1900's approached more Presbyterian Church structures were being built throughout Lackawanna County. Many flocked to these modern houses of worship. The population of church members decreased to a number so low that the Mother Presbyterian Church would close its doors as a house of worship forever. The church and cemetery grounds were turned over to the hands of Taylor Borough. Today this historic structure and cemetery stand as a symbol of Taylor's past.

Taylor Memorial Cemetery Registry Map

Please note that the names of the buried are listed by section 1, 2, 3 or 4. The last names appear first in each section. All last names are listed in alphabetical order within each section. Unfortunately, approximately 130 stones could not be read well enough to identify a last name. As you look through the registry you will notice some last names, but nothing else. Either the remaining words on the stone were impossible to identify or the last name was the only given information engraved.

Diagram of Taylor Memorial Cemetery

Each scanned page contains the complete inscription and is about 120 kb [See Additions to each section below]
Section 1-1
George William Albright
Ann Marie Albright
Frances Maria Albright
Catherine Albright
John Allison
Margarett Allison
Adeline R. Armstrong
Harry E. Armstrong Sr.
Christine Armstrong
Edward Armstrong
Ira C. Atherton
Mary J. Atherton
John Atherton
Katie Atherton
Henry Backer
Margarett Backer
Minnie R. Backer
Anna M. (Stuart) Backer
Elmer H. Backer
Catherine Jones Chauncey
Elizabeth M Corbin
John B. Davies
Elizibeth Davies
John B. Davies
David S. Davies
Mary P. Davies
David S. Davies Jr.
David M. Davies
Mary C. Davies
Emily Davies
Louisa Davies
Catherine Davies
Section 1-2
David M. Davies
Catherine Davies
Mary K. Davis
Thomas D. Davis
Thomas R. Davis
Thomas Davis
Maryann Davis
Henry S. Davis
Sarah Ann Davis
Hannah Davis
David F. Davis
Mary Edith
John Endline
Samuel C. Evans
Gwen Evans
John H. Evans
Llewellyn Evans
Elizabeth Evans
Sarah Hall
W. P. Harlos
Mother Harlos
Father Harlos
Margaret Harlos
Myrtle Harlos
William T. Harris
Eliza Harris
Morgan J. Harris
Jane Howells
James R. Howells
Parley Hughes
Walter James
Maryann James
Bessie J (Gordon) James
Section 1-3
Evan R. Jenkins
Ann Jenkins
Margaret (Henderson) Jenkins
David W. Jones
Rachel Jones
John G. Jones
Ann Jones
Sarah M. Jones
Elinor M. Jones
MOrgan J. Jones
Corney Leng
John L. Lewis
Elizabeth Lewis
John Lewis
W. M. Moore
Thomas J. Morgan
Margaret Morgan
George W. Morris
Mary Jane Morris
Thomas T. Moses
Elinor Moses
John Mucklow
Mary (Dusto) Mucklow
Elizabeth Nash
James E. Nash
Mary Nash
William Price
Daisy Price
Adelbert Price
Ann Price
Section 1-4
Daniel Pulver
Elizabeth Pulver
Helen Pulver
Eliza Pulver
Maria Reynolds
Thomas Reynolds
John C. Richards
Alice Richards
Ira A. Santee
Henry Scheufler
Elizabeth Scheufler
Abram Seal
Catherine Seal
Richard Taylor
James Taylor
William Taylor
Martha Taylor
Richard N. Thomas
Alice Thomas
Rees W. Thomas
Thomas R. Thomas
Kete L. Van horn
John Weibel †
Xenia Williams
Theodore R. Williams
Section 2-1
Amelia Caswell
Francis Caswell
Henry A. Coon
John A. Coon
Henry Coon
Thomas C. Davis
Elizabeth Davis
David C. Davis
T. E. Evans
James C. Evans
Samual Hendershot
Rebecca Kithcard Hendershot
Caroline Hendershot
Archie Hendershot
Alonzo Hendershot
Robert M. Inglis
Alice S. Inglis
Janet Inglis
Thomas J. James
Ann James
Robert E. Jenkins
Evan Jenkins Sr.
Susan Jenkins
Vivion Jenkins
Evan Jenkins Jr.
Elizabeth Jones
Section 2-2
William McKenzie
Willie McKenzie
Melchoir Ott
Katherine Ott
James Powell
Alice Reinhardt
William Ervin Reinhardt
George C. Reinhardt
August Reinhardt
Elizabeth Reynolds
William L. Reynolds
Stephen Reynolds
Eugene Stone
Bertha Stone
Ann J. Towsend
Francis Tubbs
Hannah Tubbs
Urania Tubbs
Daniel Tubbs
Clinton Van Horn
William W. Watkins
Jane Watkins
Albert Weisenfluh
Edith Weisenfluh
David R. Williams
Tabitha Williams
Albert Williams
Elizabeth Williams
Robert Zephaniah Williams
Section 3-1
William Armstrong
Thomas V. Atherton
Martha Atherton
Phebe Atherton
William Davies
Frank Dunston
Jane Dunston
David W. Evans
Susen Hollenbeck
Thomas Hughes
Priscella Hughes
Parley Hughes
John Jacobs
Mary Jacobs
T. H. Jenkins
David E. Jones
Tabitha Jones
Elizabeth Jones
John C. Jones
David W. Jones
Ruth Jones
Willie Jones
Cassie Jones
J. George Kehr
Lizzie Kehr
Melchoir Kohler
Ernestine Kohler
David L. Lewis
Section 3-2
Lucina Mott
John Nicholls
Mary Price
Jeb Price
Sarah Race
D. Reynolds
L. Reynolds
Edith K. Samson
Luther P. Samson
David Thomas
Robert Wilcox
Mary Wilcox
George Wilcox
Section 4
William Barnes
Chas Curnow
Thos Curnow
William Davis
Richard Davis
Elizabeth Jane Davis
Isaac E. Evans
Catherine Evans
Daniel French
Alfred Hatten
Jane Hatten
Thomas B. Jones
Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Kehrler
Evan P. Phillips
Lydia G. Phillips
Zechariah Phillips
Mary Grier Phillips
Griffith Richards
Elizabeth Richards
John H. Scart
William Thomas
William J. Williams
Elizabeth W. Williams
R. W. Williams
Archibald Williams

Special thanks to the following members of the 2001 Graduating Class of Riverside High School who gave their time through community service to collect, organize, and print the information included in this registry.

Their dedicated service to Taylor Borough shall forever be appreciated and remembered.

Registry project of 2001 was sponsored through the Taylor Beautification Committee.
Introduction and facts were written by Mr. Shawn Murphy.
A copy of this registry generously provided by Mr. Shawn Murphy for the Lackawanna PAGenWeb project. "More names have been read off stones, and will be made available to this page soon." Thanks, Shawn.
Scans and transcription by Susan W. Pieroth
Additions provided by Shawn Murphy for Section 1
Mary Edith Atherton 

William Moore Died 1850 
Polly Moore Died 1856  

James Richmond 
Agnes Richmond Dec. 15, 1880 (not sure if it's b. or d. date) 

Cordel Snow (date illegible)

Additions provided by Shawn Murphy for Section 2
 "Children of Sarah Coon" 
Oscar Coon D. 1874  7 yrs. old 
Frankie L. Coon D. Nov. 20, 1874  5 yrs. old 
Wilson Coon  3 yrs. old 
Ellis Coon 2 yrs. old 

Additions provided by Shawn Murphy for Section 3
Eleazer Atherton "A Founding Father of Taylor"
B. Dec. 1764 in Dutchess Co. NY
D. March 3, 1852 in Taylor, PA

Martha Atherton "Wife of Eleazer"
"The First Sunday School Teacher in Lackawanna Valley"
B. March 13, 1773 in NJ
D. May 31, 1859

Margaret Atherton
"Daughter of Eleazer and Martha"
"First White Female Born in Lackawanna Valley"
B. Jan. 3, 1794
D. March 23, 1861

Thomas Y. Atherton 
"Son of Eleazer and Martha" 
"First White Male Born in Lackawanna Valley" 
B. Oct. 22, 1792 
D. May 15, 1868

Joseph Atherton
"Son of Eleazer and Martha"
B. Feb. 17, 1800
D. March 3, 1845

Phebe (Elen) Vosburg Atherton 
"Wife of Joseph" 
B. 1809 in NY 
D. June 25, 1836

Thomas Y. Atherton 
"Infant Son of Joseph and Phebe Atherton" 
B. 1834 
D. March 25, 1834 
[Oldest marked stone in the Taylor Memorial Cemetery]
"Children of W.A. & Mary Armstrong" 
Edmund, James, John B. 

Betsey Coon "Wife of Robert Coon" 
Andrew J. Coon 1852 (not sure if it's b. or d. date)

Wm. D. Reynolds 

Martha Reynolds 
"Wife of William D." 

William L. Reynolds 

Edmund James 
Born Dec. 9, 1826 
Died Nov. 8, 1876 

Jane James 
August 8, 1876 (not sure if it's b. or d. date) 
22 years old 

C.W. Everly 
Co. (C or G) 
Civil War Veteran 
Mary R. Morgan 
Died Sept 9, 18-- 

Thomas J. Williams

Sarah Jane Williams 
"Daughter of John and Sarah Williams" 
Died Dec, 1876 - Aged 14 Days 

Sarah Williams 
"Beloved Wife of John D. Williams" 
Died 1876 - Aged 28 Years 

Additions provided by Shawn Murphy for Section 4
Jane Hatten 
"Wife of Alfred Hatten" 
B. Jan 9, 1838 
D. May 8, 1879 

Alfred Hatten

Elizabeth Jones 
"Wife of Benjamin Jones" 

Benjamin Jones 

† John Weibel was originally listed as John Wiebel, correction provided by Susan Joy Lewis

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