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Locations for Cemeteries and Associations in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania
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David's Corner: Cemetery Name Changes; David's Alphabetical List of Cemeteries with GPS coordinates (this will duplicate many here).

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Postal Code
Telephone (570)
Abington Hills Cemetery Association Morgan Hwy Clarks Summit 18411-8411 878-5862
All Saints Cemetery   Peckville 18452 489-5591 church
Andrews (Laurel Hill) Dorantown Road, behind Laurel Hill Cem. Daleville    
Assumption Cemetery [St. Marys] Rt 247 near 632 Carbondale    
Bearbrook Route 690, Madison Township Moscow    
Beemer Cemetery SR629 - Newton-Ransom Blvd Newton Twp.    
Brookside Cemetery Greenfield Rd Carbondale    
Calvery Cemetery   Mayfield 18433  
Carpenter Cemetery Near Intersect 524 & 347 Dalton/Scott    
Cathedral Cemetery [Holy Cross] 1708 Oram St Scranton 18504-1532 347-9251
Cemeteries Office, The Diocese of Scranton 1708 Oram St Scranton 18504-1532 346-8923
Cemetery Association of PA 12 North 3rd Street Harrisburg 17101 238-4663
Cemetery of Our Mother of Sorrows Rt 247, Finch Hill Simpson 18407-5035 282-5557
Chase Cemetery SR407 near Clarkson Rd Fleetville    
Clarks Green Cemetery Abington Rd onto Maple St. to end Clarks Green 18411  
Clifton Cemetery Sandy Beach Road SSR2013 s/o Pine Grove Thornhurst    
Cook Cemetery SSR 1013|Boyorsky Rd Dalton    
Cornell Cemetery   Schultzville    
Cosner Cemetery 1714 Forest Acres Dr Newton Twp.  18411  
Decker Cemetery w side I-81 s/o Decker Rd Dalton    
Dickson City Primitive Methodist Cemetery Scott Rd Dickson City 18519 489-2559 (church)
Dunmore, Cemetery Association of 400 Church St Dunmore 18512-1948 343-8536
East Benton Cemetery Calvin Road East Benton    
Elmdale (Saco) Mount Cobb Road Elmdale    
Ephraim Leach Cemetery 416 Layton Road, Box 16 Chinchilla 18410  
Evergreen Cemetery Griffin St & Margaret St Dickson City    
Fairlawn Cemetery Lily Lake Rd (more graves in woods) Dalton    
Fairview Memorial Park/Estate Rt 435 (E of Gardner St) Elmhurst 18415-8416 842-4504
Forest Cemetery Jenkins St, off Cemetery Olyphant    
Forest Home Cemetery end of Atherton St Taylor    
Forest Hill Cemetery Association 1830 Jefferson Ave Dunmore 18509-1525 344-5113
Franklin Cemetery Decker Rd, w/o SR 407 Dalton    
Freytown Cemetery Freytown Rd Freytown    
Gardner Cemetery between Susquehanna River & Main Street Ransom    
Glenwood Mausoleum Morgan Highway Clarks Summit 18411-8411 587-2944
Griffin Cemetery Main Ave Providence    
Harding Cemetery Finn Rd w/o I-81 Lenoxville    
Hickory Grove Cemetery Miller Rd s/o SR 632 Waverly    
Holy Ghost Cemetery Sunnyside Rd e/o SR 247 Jessup 18434  
Holy Ghost Cemetery between 6, SR347, US 347 Olyphant    
Holy Ghost Parish Cemetery 11th St. Blakely 18447 489-0792 (church)
Hornbaker Cemetery Hornbaker Cemetery Road Quicktown    
Jermyn Cemetery Cemetery St. (P.O. Box 1) Jermyn 18433 230-1985
Kizer Cemetery Cortez Road Cortez    
Leach Cemetery Willowbrook Rd n/o US 6 Scranton    
Lewis Cemetery Benton HLS e/o US 6 Dalton    
Maplewood Cemetery Cemetery St Carbondale 18407 282-6464
Mark B Berger Memorials Rt 435 Elmhurst 18415-8416 842-6300
Methodist Church Cemetery See Scott Valley      
Miller Cemetery SSR4028 Fairview w/o 347 Dalton    
Milwaukee Cemetery Milwaukee Road Milwaukee directions 587-2580 (church)
Mount Bethel Cemetery (was Ackerley) SSR1027 w/o SR 347 Scranton    
Mount Carmel Cemetery SR106 Fall Brook Rd Carbondale    
Mount Carmel Cemetery O'Neill Hwy [745 N Blakly] Dunmore 18512-1525  342-2342
Mount Carmel Cemetery SR347 Blakely n/o I-81 Olyphant    
Mount Cobb Cemetery Route 348, just off Exit 8 of Interstate 84 Mount Cobb    
Newton Cemetery Association 1798 Newton Ransom Blvd Newton Twp. 18411  
Old Forge Cemetery Association 222 Smull St Old Forge 18518-2157  457-0441
Pine Brook Cemetery Burial All Moved to Forest Hill Dunmore    
Pine Grove Cemetery   Thornhurst    
Prospect Hill Cemetery Cemetery St. Peckville 18452  489-2387
Providence Jewish Cemetery North Main Avenue Scranton    
Ransom Valley Cemetery Main Street Ransom    
Russian Cemetery (s/a Orthodox?) Justus Rd Clarks Summit 18411  
Russian Orthodox Cemetery Layton Road (SSR1027) near Mt. Bethel Scranton 18505  
Sacred Heart Cemetery Davis Scranton 18505-1525 969-2614
St. Adelbert's PNC Cemetery 515 Mary St. Dickson City 18519 489-0172 (church)
St. Andrew's Parish Cemetery 300 Main St. Blakely 18447 383-0530 (church)
St. Anthony's Cemetery End Halstead St s/o US 6 Scranton    
St. Anthony's Cemetery Jackson St. Dickson City 18519  
St. Catherine's Cemetery Association Rt 435 or S. Main St Moscow 18444-1611 842-8411
Sts Cyril & Methodius Parish Cemetery 135 River St. Olyphant 18447 489-2271 (church)
St. George's Cemetery Ransom Rd w/o I-476 Scranton    
St. George Greek Catholic Parish Cemetery Snake Rd. Scranton 18504  
St. James Parish Cemetery 605 Church St. Jessup 18434 489-2252 (church)
St. John's Cemetery SR 247 s/o US 6 Olyphant     
St. John's Byzantine Catholic Parish Cemetery Cemetery St. Scranton 18505 961-9256 (church)
St. John the Baptist Parish Cemetery 520 Sanderson St.  Throop 18512 489-1822 (church)
St. Joseph's Cemetery Sanderson Ave [n/o 347] Scranton 18505 489-9880
St. Joseph's Parish Cemetery Davis St Scranton 18505 344-0926 (church)
St. Mary's Assumption Parish Cemetery Stafford Ave e/o 11 w/o 81 Scranton 18505 961-2297 (church)
St. Mary's Cemetery Melnes St s/o US6 w/o 347 Olyphant    
St. Mary's Cemetery See Assumption above Carbondale    
St. Mary of Mount Carmel Cemetery 322 Chestnut St Dunmore 18512 346-7429 (church)
St. Mary's Visitation Parish Cemetery St. Mary's Square Dickson City 18519 489-0349 (church)
St. Michael's Cemetery SR 247 s/o US 6 Olyphant    
St. Michael's Cemetery SR347 n/o US6 s/o Scott Olyphant    
St. Michael's Parish Cemetery 46 Midland St. Simpson 18407 282-2161 (church)
St. Nichola's Cemetery 10th St s/o US6 w/o 347 Olyphant    
St. Nicholas Byzantine Cemetery 320 Vine St. Old Forge 18518 457-9849 (church)
St. Patrick's Route 6 Olyphant   489-0752 (rectory)
Sts Peter & Paul Cemetery    Taylor 18517 347-3609 (church)
Sts Peter & Paul Greek Catholic Cemetery Rittenhouse St. Simpson 18407  
St. Rose of Lima Parish Cemetery S. Church St. Carbondale 18407 282-5557
St. Stanislaus Cemetery SR307 n/o US 11 s/o 476 Scranton 18505  
St. Thomas Aquinas Parish Cemetery 411 Church St. Archbald 18403 876-1701 (church)
St. Vladimir's Cemetery Kane St. Scranton 18505 342-7023 (church)
Sandy Bank Cemetery Gardner Town Rd n/o 107 Carbondale    
Scott Valley Cemetery SR 247 s/o SR 438 Montdale    
Scranton Cemetery [near Shoemaker] N Turnpike Rd e/o US 6 Dalton    
Shady Lane Cemetery Shady Lady Rd Chinchilla 18410 587-4554
Shoemaker Cemetery [P.O. Box 139] Shoemaker Rd e/o US 6  Dalton    
Sicklers Cemetery Watts Rd n/o SR107 e/o 81 Dalton    
Slavic Cemetery Butler St s/o S Main St Old Forge 18518  
Stone Cemetery SSR 1013 e/o SR 438 Dalton    
Stratford Cemetery Parrott Ave w/o N Main St Scranton    
Stratford Cemetery - abandoned End Watson Street Scranton
Taylor Memorial Cemetery 208 S. Main Taylor    
Temple Hesed Cemetery Warren St. Dunmore 18512 344-7201 (temple)
Temple Israel Cemetery Warren St. Dunmore 18512 342-0350 (temple)
Union Cemetery Madisonville Moscow 18444  
Union Cemetery Gino Merli Dr. Peckville 18452 489-3765
Unknown Ransom Valley Cemetery Cherry Hill Road Newton Township    
Valley View Cemetery SR247, Cresca Grove Rd Carbondale    
Valley View Memorial Park 1162 Lakeland Drive Jermyn 18433 254-9330
Wallsville Cemetery SR 524 e/o SR 407 Wallisville    
Washburn St Cemetery [Hyde Park] 1915 Washburn Street Scranton 18504-2405 346-2216
Weatherby Cemetery Grzybowski Rd Dalton 18414  
Worth Cemetery Worth Church Road, RR1 Jermyn 18433 222-9569 has a list of Lackawanna County cemeteries with a map attached for easy zooming.

Milwaukee Cemetery, Milwaukee Road, Ransom Twp. Clarks Summit PA. Approximately 2.4 mi south of Newton-Ransom Fire Company. The church and cemetery are visible from anywhere in the vicinity. The cemetery has been under the care of Milwaukee United Methodist Church since 1946. There are two sections of the cemetery. The "older" section is directly across from the church. The "newer" section is about 500 feet north of the church. There are however, still many current burials in the older section. The cemetery is quite large, and I do not have anywhere near a complete listing of burials. Some of the prominent name are: ACE; POWELL; ROWLANDS; CARR; LaCOE; ZEISS; RICHARDS; BLACKWELL. (Provided by Frank Keenan).

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