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Forest Hill Cemetery Association

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The Forest Hill Cemetery Association, 1830 Jefferson Avenue, Dunmore, Pennsylvania, has generously provided a transcript of those record books they have computerized. This information is the property of the Forest Hill Cemetery Association, and is for the use of individual researchers only. It may not be distributed in any form without their written permission.

The single grave records provided are from May 26, 1872, through December 1931. The burial lot records provided are from May 19, 1870, through December 1931. Because single graves were often reserved for family members at the time of death of one, some entries are dated much later. In some cases a person was moved from a single grave site to a family lot, or visa versa. The information provided here is for the original internment.

Most of the record books contained the burial permits and the undertaker certificates. For a few records, where there is conflicting information, the grave stone inscription has also been provided. Where there are question marks (??) the record could not be read.

Founders of the Forest Hill Cemetery:

Fields included are:

Last Name; First Name; Birth Date or Age; Place of Birth; Cause of Death; Sex; Notes (usually the cemetery where a body came from, or was moved to).

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Forest Hill Cemetery Association

Forest Hill Cemetery Maps (with grave numbers)

Single Graves, A through Be
Single Graves, Bh through Bu
Single Graves, C
Single Graves, D through E
Single Graves, F through G
Single Graves, H
Single Graves, I through K
Single Graves, L
Single Graves, M
Single Graves, N through Q
Single Graves, R
Single Graves, Sa through Sl
Single Graves, Sm through Sz
Single Graves, T through V
Single Graves, Wa through Wh
Single Graves, Wi through Z

Burial Lots, A through Ba
Burial Lots, Be through Bo
Burial Lots, Bra through Bu
Burial Lots, C through Com
Burial Lots, Con through Cu
Burial Lots, D through Dil
Burial Lots, Dim through Evans
Burial Lots, Evarts through F
Burial Lots, G
Burial Lots, Ha
Burial Lots, He through Houser
Burial Lots, Howarth through Ji
Burial Lots, Jo through Kei
Burial Lots, Kel through Ku
Burial Lots, La through Ll
Burial Lots, Lo through Ma
Burial Lots, Mc through Moore
Burial Lots, Moran through N
Burial Lots, O through Pf
Burial Lots, Ph through Q
Burial Lots, R through Rob
Burial Lots, Roc through Scho
Burial Lots, Schr through Si
Burial Lots, Sl through Ster
Burial Lots, Stet through Thi
Burial Lots, Tho through U
Burial Lots, V through Watr
Burial Lots, Wats through Willard
Burial Lots, Williams through Wy
Burial Lots, X through Z

    Cemetery codes from the notes section:
    MT=Moved To; MF=Moved From; + Number below for cemetery name
  1. Dunmore Cemetery, Scranton (borders Forest Hill Cemetery)
  2. Greenwood Cemetery, New York
  3. Griffin Burial Ground,  Providence, PA, now gone
  4. Heermans Family Bury Ground on N. Main Avenue, Providence, PA
  5. Hyde Park Cemetery (originally called Welsh Cemetery)
  6. Hyde Park Catholic Cemetery (part of Cathedral Cemetery)
  7. Pine Brook Cemetery was in Scranton, now gone
  8. Pittston Avenue Cemetery, Scranton (South Side - maintained by Hickory Street Presbyterian Church [was German Presbyterian Church])
  9. Priceville/berg Cemetery, now Primitive Methodist Cemetery, Dickson City, PA.
  10. Tripp Burial Ground at Tripp House, North Main Avenue, Providence, PA - all moved
  11. Washburn Street Cemetery, Hyde Park (was Hyde Park Cemetery - see above)
  12. Washington Avenue Cemetery (N. Washington Ave., Scranton) - now gone. Was next to the County Jail. Was a German Lutheran cemetery.

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