Miscellaneous Lackawanna County
Cemetery Inscriptions

Cathedral Cemetery in Scranton, PA


Dennis Egan
born in the Parish of Easkey Co. Sligo, Ireland
Died March 3, 1892
wife of Dennis
Born in the Parish of Kilglass Co.... Sligo, Ireland
Died January 4, 1881
May Their Souls Rest in Peace

On the back of the monument

Martin Currell                      Anastasia Currell
1834-1909                           1877-1890
Catherine Currell                   Mary F. Currell
1844-1918                           1869-1870
William Currell                      Julia Currell
1867-1918                             1875-1876
Catherine Currell                    Martin L. Currell
1865-1948                             1884-

Joseph Ryan                     Mae G. Ryan
1959                                1963

James J. Mitchell
a native of CO. Galway, Ireland
died May 29, 1892
aged 54 2 mos
Margaret Mitchell
wife of James J. Mitchell
died January 29, 1902
Mary Mitchell
February 3, 1933
Margaret E. Mitchell
August 24, 1939

Provided by Walton J. Sullivan

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