Myers/Meyers Family Cemetery, Scranton

There is a small cemetery adjacent to the grounds of the Scranton Country Club on Country Club Drive.
There are only about 20 stones.
    Born June 16, 1823
    Died November 10, 1887
Judith, his wife
    Born January 20, 1825
    Died September 25, 1900

Oscar J. MYERS
    Born June 4, 1859
    Died May 10, 1887

    Died January 30, 1875 (Last digit hard to
    aged 37 years, 2 months and 21 days

Rachel MEYERS, wife of Adam
    Died August 29, 1856
    Aged 32 years, 1 month and 4 days

Pulaski MEYERS, Son of Adam and Rachel
    Died October 10, 1855
    Aged 10 months and 19 days

    John B. KEATOR
    Born March 23, 1845
    Died March 31, 1899

    Susan M., wife

Herbert MYERS, son of George and Abigail (?) MYERS
    Died August 25, 1878
    Aged 1 year, 3 months and 2 days

George MYERS
    Could not read

George MYERS
    Died February 21 or 27, 1854
    Age 68 years 11 months and 8 days

Sarah C. MEYERS, daughter of Adam and Rachel
    Died October 6, 1851
    Aged 1 year, 6 months and 21 days

Chester SLOCUM
    Born January 28, 1844
    Died July 22, 1885

Willie H., son of C. B. and D. A. SLOCUM
    Born February 26, 1867
    Died November 15, 1878

    Died June 7, 1856
    Aged 25 years

William A. MYERS
    Died 1871 (?)
    Age 23

There are a few other unreadable stones.

Provided by Tom Price from his trip to the cemetery.

From The Scranton Times, April 9, 1900

Funeral of Mrs. Ortha Slocum

The remains of the late Mrs. Orpha [sic] A. Slocum were laid in their final resting place in the Myers private burial plot in Clark Summit yesterday afternoon. The funeral was held from the family residence on Church avenue, and was very largely attended. The remains reposed in a handsome black casket and were viewed by many who had know Mrs. Slocum during her life.

The services were held at the house and were in charge of Rev. G. A. Cure, of the Providence Methodist Episcopal church, of which the deceased had been a life-long member. He was assisted by Rev. G. A. Reading of the North Main Avenue Baptist church. The former spoke a few words of comfort to the bereaved relatives and the latter offered prayer. During the services a quartette from the Methodist Episcopal church sang "Asleep In Jesus," and "My Jesus As Thou Wilt."

The pall-bearers were: N. C. Cowles, Jacob Palmer, W. H. Cooper, Murray Kennedy, Samuel Davis and Joseph Silkman.

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