St. Mary's Cemetery, William Street, Dunmore

St. Mary's Cemetery (Cemetery #5)
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This cemetery on William Street, although referred to as the Petersburg Cemetery, is actually the Saint Mary's of the Assumption Cemetery at Petersburg. The original grave stones have been removed from this cemetery and this plaque put in their place. A St. Mary's of the Assumption Church staff member stated that only the names of individuals of whom they had a record were put on the plaque, and they have no other records of names, and no dates. No other information is available at this time, but would be appreciated and will be added here if provided. 

George Aidlebert
Richard Bantman
William Bareis
Bernard & Christine
Marie Birtel
Mary Birtel
Michael Birtel
Mathias Bonn
Wilhelmina Briskey
Catherine Brown
Charles Brown
George Brown
Joseph Brown
George Adelbert Brust
Suzanna Brust
Theresa Burger
Peter Butterman
Johanna Chussel
Ann Cunningham
Michael Cunningham
Christian Detemble
Eva Fassbed
Rosie Feverstein
Xavier Feverstein
Anna & Peter Finkler
Margaretta Fiscott
Alvis Foster
Mary Frick
Martin Fuhr
Anna Marie Furst
John Gressell
Margaretta Hansen
Alex and Anna Hay
Albert Heil
Alice Heil
Catherine Heil
Charles Heil
Francis Heil
John Heil
Joseph Heil
Karen Heil
Leona Heil
Louise Heil
Mary Heil
Robert Heil
Walter Heil
Mother Hein
George Herman
Joseph M. Imeidoph
Johanna and Marianna
Charles Kaub
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Klein & Children
Kate Klos
John Knittel
John Lambert
Marie Margretta Lambert
Mary Lampert
Peter Lancer
Elizabeth Lasch
Margarite Lasch
Benjamin Loeh
Christian Loeh
Louise J.
Marie Mechler
Mary Mechler
Michael Mechler
Christian Miller
Howard Miller
Kathrina Miller
John Miller
Joseph Miller
Maria Rosina Miller
Paul Miller
Peter Miller
Elizabeth Phillips
Ruth Powell
Lorenz Raminger
Frank Rauschmeier
Anna Reif
Philomena Rice
Sarah Rice
M. Rosalia
Lena Rosar
Mary Rosar
Susanna Phillip Rosar
Maria Sander
Genevieve Sanger
Marcus Sanger
Mary Sanger
Harry Schuller
Nicholas Schuller
John Schmidt
Mabia Schmidt
Anton Schneider
Louis Smithing
Anthony Snyder
George Sporer
Joseph Carl Strausser
Paul William Strausser
Frederick Weber
Joseph Weber
Margaret Weber
Elizabeth Weniger
John Weniger

Photographs provided by Ralph W. Robinson, II

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