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Carbondale 1881 Industries
The short title of the book this material is from is, "Industries of Pennsylvania". For a scan of the title page, click here. The pages were taken from a larger volume, as a result, page 64 is followed by page 227. Scans are numbered in sequence, rather than by page number. Listed are the names mentioned and in parentheses a previous business name.

Page One:
  • J. O'Hearn, Books, Stationery, Fruits, Canned Goods, City Bill-Poster.
  • Bunnell Manufacturing Co., Self-Tightening Wire Spring Bed. Isaac S. Bunnell, Loring I Bunnell
  • John Stuart, Alderman and Insurance Agent
Page Two:
  • William Campmann, Merchant Tailor and Clothier
  • T. D. Bradley, Watchmaker and Jeweler, Washington Burr
  • L. Brauer, Baker
  • William Brunig, Baker
  • J. J. Burke, Boots and Shoes
  • Charles Cavanagh, General Merchandise
Page Three:
  • Van Bergen & Co., Foundry and Machine Works (J. Benjamin & Co.) J. B. Van Bergen, Thomas Dickson, George L. Dickson, James P. Dickson
  • Star Clothing House, M. Moses, Regulator of Prices and Leader
  • Charles Stevenson, Carriage & Wagon Builder (Moon Brothers)
Page Four:
  • Duane P. Truex, Coffee & Spice Mills.
  • C. Fowler, Druggist
  • Israel Crane, Dry Goods
Page Five:
  • Andrew Mitchell, Manufacturer of Sash, Doors
  • Charles H. Boughton, Dental Surgeon. Dr. J. L. Wager
  • Hon. Silas S. Benedict, Carbondale Advance
Page Six:
  • Thomas R. Lathrope, Insurance Agent
  • T. J. Gilpatrick, General Merchandise (Gilpatrick & McDonald)
  • Bishop Bros., Hardware, Stoves, Manufacturer of Tinware. George Bishop, Justus Bishop
  • John Crago, Carriage and Wagon Builder
Page Seven:
  • J. F. Kinback, Furniture and Bedding, Undertaker
  • Robert T. Maxwell, Sugar and Tobacco
  • L. C. Hathaway, Groceries, Provisions, Confectionery
  • Lucius Marshall, The Working Men's Co-Operative Store
Page Eight:
  • J. W. Kilpatrick, Sugar Manufacturer
  • Lewis Rehkop, Segars [Cigar] and Tobacco
  • John Kase, Furniture & Cabinet Maker, Undertaker
  • Canasso Churchill, Groceries, Baker, Sewing Machines
Page Nine:
  • W. E. Kirby, Furniture, Undertaker
  • Phelps & Bronson, Flour, Feed, Eggs, Cheese. H. G. Phelps, C. N. Bronson
  • John H. Wilson, Confectionery, Toys, Stationery
  • M. G. Kromer, Boots and Shoes
Page Ten:
  • Eli E. Hendrick, Manufacture Lubricating and Burning Oils
  • Lindsay & Earley, Stover Founders. Patrick Earley, John Simpson
  • Henry Watts, Coal
Page Eleven:
  • Charles Rosener, Cabinet Maker, Artificial Limbs
  • Boston Store, Dry Goods. [Levy Bros. & Co.], Joesph Levy, Leon Levy, H. Wertheimer, Michael Levy.
  • B. S. Clark, Groceries, Crockery, Glass

Scanned, transcribed and contributed by: Susan White Pieroth February 2009

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