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Manual: Scranton Poor District, 1895

Hillside Home, Clarks Summit

The Pennsylvania State Department of Public Welfare site provides a brief history of Clarks Summit State Hospital, which includes the following information:
"Clarks Summit State Hospital originated in 1862 when citizens of Providence Township developed a poor farm. As the years passed, the mentally ill were also provided care at the facility. At a later date, the responsibility for the operation of the poor farm was assumed by the City of Scranton, the Borough of Dunmore, and eventually Lackawanna County. By the early 1940's, the Hillside Home and Hillside Hospital were operational in the buildings currently named Abington Hall and Newton Hall. The name was changed from Hillside Home and Hospital to Clarks Summit State Hospital on Oct. 1, 1943, when the Department of Public Welfare assumed the responsibility to operate and manage state mental hospitals."

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Hillside Home postcard mailed in 1913. Hillside Home entrance about 1914 Hillside Home Chapel early postcard
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William Cole; R. Hefflefinger; J. V. Decker; J. W.  Boice; G. W. Beemer; Charles S. Fowler; Tomas Shotton
Page 45: William S. Langstaff; Daniel Williams; Charles Tropp; Frances B. Swan; John Gibbons; P. J. Murphy; W. S. Langstaff; Edward J. Lynett; D. M. Jones; Arja Willliams; John F. Scragg; George W. Beemer
Page 46: Jennie Beemer; B. F. Evans; Peter F. Gunster; William A. Paine; William D. Donne; James A. Manley; James R. Murphy; F. T. Okell; C. H. VonStorch; W. J. Costello; Charles Tropp; Daniel Williams; Frances B. Swan; Thomas Shotton; John Gibbons; P. J. Murphy Page 47: Page 48:
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Thomas Shotton; Frances B. Swan; John Gibbons; E. J. Lynett

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