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Scranton 1881 Industries
The short title of the book this material is from is, "Industries of Pennsylvania". For a scan of the title page, click here. The pages were taken from a larger volume, as a result, page 64 is followed by page 227. Scans are numbered in sequence, rather than by page number. Listed are the names mentioned and in parentheses a previous business name. These listings also include Hyde Park, Providence and Dunmore.
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"City of Scranton, the Coal and Business Metropolis of Eastern Pennsylvania." [Page 1]
Page 2:
  • A very brief history of Scranton banks, churchs, military, etc
Page 3:
  • History continued
  • The Weston Mill Company, Charles T. Weston, J. C. Platt, A. W. Dickson
Page 4:
  • T. D. Lewis, Druggist, books, stationery. E. D. Lewis
  • Dr. Horace Hollister, Physician and Surgeon. Dr. Ebenezer T. Losey, Dr. Benjamin H. Throop
  • Charles Henwood, Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Wall Paper, Books, Stationery
  • Joseph Ansley, Planing Mills, Lumber
Page 5:
  • William B. Rockwell, Sash & Blinds [Hand & Van Storch; Williams & Gregory; Hand, White & Co.; Hand, Ward & Co.; Hand & Bristol; Hand & Coston; Coston & Spencer]
  • R. M. Lindsay, Dry Goods. R. Liddle
  • John Benore, Planing Mill, Carpenter, Lumber
  • D. Bartholomew, Harness, Saddles, Trunks, etc. G. W. Fritz
Page 6:
  • John B. Boyle, Dry Goods, Groceries. Edward F. Boyle
  • Castles & Innes, Grocers. Davison Castles, William Innes [William B. Duggan]
  • Forest Home, U. G. Schoonmaker, Proprietor. George Sprague, Henry Rodgers, Mr. Reed, Mr. Godfrey
  • D. F. Kearney, Wines and Liquors. M. M. Kearney
  • C. B. Nash, Variety Store
Page 7:
  • Luce & Shoemaker, General Store. R. W. Luce, T. J. Luce, Ward Shoemaker
  • Morris W. Hughes, Hardware, Stoves & Tinware. [Hughes and Phillips]
  • T. W. Phillips & Co., Boots and Shoes. E. Hughes
  • D. D. Jones, Furniture, Undertaker.
  • Louis Driesen, Mens and Boys Clothing
Page 8:
  • George W. Fritz, Horse Clothing, Bells
  • Eugene Carr, Grocer.
  • L. S. & E. C. Fuller, Druggist
  • C. H. Hazlett, Furniture and Undertaker
  • L. B. Powell, Pianos, Organs. C. J. Powell
Page 9:
  • Hindsell Cloth House. David Morris, John Neill, P. J. Horan, M. J. Healey
  • George Keller, Hardware and Cutlery
Page 10:
  • E. Sobel & Bro., Clothing. Phil Cohen
  • S. Reynolds & Co. Jewelers. C. M. Hyatt
  • P. C. Dolphin, Hardware, Stoves, Plumber. James J. Lawler
  • Susquehanna House, Oscar Carpenter, John Stone
  • Williams & McAnulty, Carpets, Wall Paper. L. J. Williams, J. S. McAnulty
Page 11:
  • F. W. Watson & Co., Hardware, Stoves, Plumbing
  • Cleland, Simpson & Taylor, Dry Goods
  • The Lackawanna Valley House, J. Eugene Whipple, E. B. Burnham, Jacob Robinson
  • Riley Sickler, Stable [William Atherton's]
Page 12:
  • Lackawanna County Herald, N. Kiefer
  • Riker Brothers, Stables
  • A. E. Burr, M. D., Dr. L. M. Pratt
  • James S. Horton, Printer
  • F. G. Hughes, Grocer, George Hughes
Page 13:
  • St. Charles Hotel, D. S. Brainard, D. B. Brainard, Daniel D. Kessler
  • Academy of Music, James Blair, James S. Slocum, T. F. Hunt, A. E. Hunt, J. H. Sutphin, Joseph Walker, C. H. Lindsay
  • John T. Porter, Groceries and Fruit
  • C. W. Freeman, Jeweler
Page 14:
  • A. Harris, Millinery & Fancy Goods
  • Clark & Snover, Tobacco. G. Clark, S. C. Snover
  • B. Moses, Clothing
  • Moosic Powder Co., Blasting Powder. George W. Rand, H. M. Boies, J. C. Platt, J. D. Sherer
  • P. J. Vetter, Druggist
Page 15:
  • Hill, Keiser & Co., Furniture, Upholstery. B. A. Hill, William C. Keiser, P. F. Lisson, Andrew Keiser
  • John Lutz, Bakery & Confectionery
  • J. W. Davis, Steam Dyeing and Scouring
  • Frank Thompson & Co., Wines and Liquors
  • McHale Bros., Groceries. Hubert McHale, John McHale
Page 16:
  • Kaufhold & Co., Furniture. H. A. Kaufhold
  • Hess Bros., Grocers
  • Jones Bros., Teas, Coffees, Spices. F. S. Jones, C. F. Jones, C. D. Jones
  • Zeller & Lorenz, Druggists. G. O. Zeller, Carl Lorenz
  • H. Kramer, Clothier
Page 17:
  • S. Y. Haupt, Lumber, Siding, Doors, etc. [D. H. Lord & Co., Gossler & Co.]
  • Doud & Nichols, Hardware. C. H. Doud, F. J. Nichols
  • Levy Bros. & Co., Dry Goods & Notions. Joseph Levy, Leon Levy, Isaac Levy
  • Casey Brothers, Liquor. Lawrence Casey, T. W. Casey [M Giblin, Andrew Madden]
  • H. A. Coursen, Cina, Glassware. [Hitchkock and Dickenson, E. H. Ripple]
Page 18:
  • T. Moore, Dry Goods
  • W. G. Doud and Co., Hardware. [C. H. & W. G. Doud]
  • W. H. Hazlett, Undertaker, Mirrors. Mr. Alexander
  • J. N. Gardner, Rifles.
  • Owens Bros., Marbel & Granite Monuments. Isaac Owens, T. R. Owens
Page 19:
  • Mursch & Moor, Boiler Workers and Iron Railway. Fred M. Mursch, Uriah Moore
  • J. L. & A. Hull, Slate. [Alolnzo & S. P. Hull] O. T. Hull, J. L. Hull
  • Henry Frey, Photographer. [E. A. Heermans]
  • Star Ale Brewery. [Postens & Heller] Ransom Briggs, George Morton
Page 20:
  • Scranton Repbulican. J. A. Scranton, Editor. F. A. Macartney, Thomas J. Alleger, F. A. Crandall, R. N. Eddy
  • Scranton House, Victor Koch Proprietor. Louis Koch
Page 21:
  • Scranton Brass & File Works, James M. Everhart. John McLaren
  • Sundy Morning Free Press, F. A. Beamish, Editor. F. E. Clark
Page 22:
  • Magargel, Connell & Co., Grocers. T. F. Megargel, J. L. Connell, Alexander Connell
  • Scranton File Works, Charles Griesford, Proprietor. [Griesford & Sheldon]
  • Simon Rice & Bro., Grocers. Max Rice
Page 23:
  • John Jermyn, Dry Goods & Groceries.
  • Commercial European Hotel & Dining Rooms, J. A. Van Horn
  • Frank L. Crane, Hatter, Furrier.
Page 24:
  • Fred. J. Amsden, Architect & Civil Engineer
  • E. Merrifield, Attorney-at-Law
  • Ackerman Bros., Fish, Provisions, Fruit. Isaac Ackerman, Moses Ackerman
  • Dr. P. C. Morgan, Surgeon Dentist
  • Frank E. Nettleton, Boots and Shoes.
Page 25:
  • W. B. Duggan, Boots and Shoes
  • Augustus C. Nettleton, Shoes and Boots.
  • Goldsmith Bros., Boots and Shoes. Morris Goldsmith, Meyer Goldsmith
  • Charles Schlager, Grocer
Page 26:
  • Whyte's Hotel, W. H. Whyte Proprietor. J. W. Burgess
  • Dr. David B. Hand, Physician & Surgeon. Dr. Horace Ladd
  • Third National Bank of Scranton, William Connell, George H. Catline, N. H. Shafer
  • T. H. Watts, Flour, Butter, Cheese
  • Providence Register, N. B. Lent and W. Cl Tunstall Editors.
Page 27:
  • Scranton City Foundry, Finch & Co., A. P. Finch, B. G. Morss, I. A. Finch
  • William Lewton, Boots and Shoes
  • G. C. Courtright & Co., Boots & Shoes. Charles Burr, R. W. Luce
  • Hugh Culkin, Wagons, Blacksmith
Page 28:
  • G. W. Bushnell & Son, Leather & Shoe Findings. W. C. Bushnell
  • Forrester Bros., Produce. Charles Forrester, E. A. Forrester
  • M. Brown, Hats, Caps
  • J. Bernstein, Tailor and Clothier
  • A. D. Lord, Carriage Maker, Blacksmith
Page 29:
  • Swan & Price, Lumber, Paints. D. W. Swan, J. A. Price
  • Morgan & Co., Druggist, Books, Stationery. B. G. Morgan
  • W. J. Watkins, Printing
  • Rufus Messenger, Harnesses, etc. G. W. Fritz
  • Jas. H. Johnson, Groceries
Page 30:
  • Hyde Park Courier, John Morris Proprieter
  • Julius G. Bone, Druggist and Bookseller [J. S. & C. S. Fitch]
  • Daniel Swartz, General Merchandise
  • Dan Powell, General Merchandise [Inglis & McMillan, McMillan & Carr]
  • A. C. Konarson, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry
Page 31:
  • W. J. Maddox, Furniture
  • Michael O' Boyle, Dry Goods & Groceries
  • John Klein, Furniture & Undertaker [Joseph Greiser & Co.]
  • Jacob Lotz, Book Binder
  • William Bright, Carriages, Wagons, Sleighs, Blacksmith
  • F. Alexander, Tailor

Scanned, transcribed and contributed by: Susan White Pieroth February 2009

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