Scranton Prior to September 1840
This map accompanied the article below. In addition to Scranton, a detail of Providence Corners and Hyde Park Corners is shown. Slocum Hollow is labeled to the left of the right section. For larger versions of this map, see the map section.

The document lists the early settlers up to 1840. If you find an ancestor listed on one page, I recommend saving the complete document on your hard drive. If you wish to print a page, use a graphics program that will allow you to make the image "fit to page."

Only names mentioned are listed. See the page for additional information on location, as well as organizations, such as churches.

"The Territory of Scranton Immediately Prior to the Lackawanna Iron and Coal Co. Purchase," by Edward Merrifield, October 1895. The map is pages 1 and 2. The images are about 500 KB each.
Page 3:
A brief history
Isaac Tripp
Page 4:
Col. Ira Tripp; Philip Abbott; Ebenezer Slocum; Benjamin Slocum; John Vaughn; William Merrifield; John W. Moore; Enoch Holmes; Mr. Lindley; Mr. Dolph; Elder William Bishop; Philip Heermans; Joseph Fellows
Page 5:
Stephen Tripp; William Henry; William Ricketson; William Merrifield; Zeno Albro; Edward Armstrong; George W. Scranton; S. T. Scranton; Sanford Grant
Page 6:
Slocum; Tripp
Page 7:
Joseph Slocum; Ebenezer Slocum; Samuel Slocum; Barton Mott; Elisha Hitchcock; Jacob Fike; Samuel Hornbaker; Joseph Carey; Baltzer Swartz; Miner Carey; Simon Ward
Page 8:
Frank Frazier; Philander Howard; Michael Lutz; Dings; Henry Whaling; George Sanderson; Thomas Albro; Zeno Albro; Joshua Griffin; Philip Swartz; John Besecker; John Mills; Charles Wedeman; Philip Mead; Zophar Mead; Peter Moore; Thomas Griffin, Jr.; Philo Griffin; Daniel Bowman; John G. Finch; Jacob Myers; John Drake; John Vaughn; Sweet Gardner; Alexander Jeffries; Betsy Griffin; Mrs. R. H. Lackey
Page 9:
Nathaniel Cottrell; Charles T. Atwater; Robert Higgs; Esquire Elisha S. Potter; Asa Corson; Maria Snyder; Solomon Newton; W. W. Winton; Mr. Prosser; Mr. Griffin; Ebenezer Leach; Aaron Gregory; Jacob Silkman; William Lockwood; Stephen Wheeler; Tobias Kilmer; Mrs. Lydia Brown; Tripp; Ira Townsend; Samuel Church; Thomas Moat; Nathan Roberts; Job Briggs; Tanner Briggs; Abner Briggs; Peleg Briggs; Jeremiah Briggs; Isaac Gray; Martin Washburn; Alva Allis; Benjamin Corbin; Elijah Luckey; Daniel Dodge; Ephraim Stevens; Samuel Stevens; William Stevens; John McDonald; Mrs. Hutchins; Samuel Ward; Peter Bond; Edward Spencer; Calvin Spencer
Page 10:
Artemus Miller; Jerison White; Henry Heermans; Sylvanus Heermans; Aretus Heermans; Col. Ira Tripp; John Kinney; Jacob R. Bloom; R. H. Lackey; Charles H. Silkman; Harvey Chase; John Stewart; William Vanstork; Ferdinand Vanstork; Dr. Silas B. Robinson; Dr. Benjamin H. Throop; Thomas Griffin; Philip C. Griffin; Isaac Tripp; Benjamin Tripp; Stephen Tripp; Samuel Tripp; N. W. Tripp; William H. Tripp
Page 11:
Charles H. Silkman; Holden Tripp; William Silkman; W. W. Winton; Samuel Depuy; John Launch; Talman Corbin; William Merrifield; Robert Merrifield; Alva Heermans; William Engler; Thomas Briggs; Frederick Hubbell; John Sherman; J. A. Atherton; Mrs. P. Hotchkiss; William Ricketson; Charles M. Orr; George Decker; Abel S. Cosier; N. D. Green; John Heermans; Harmon B. Dailey; Calvin Washburn; Z. R. Knapp; Henry Fellows; David Benedict; Edrick Davis; Benjamin Fellows; Joseph Turvey Fellows; Sylvester Bristol; Lester Bristol; Henry Knapp; Joseph Griffin; Thaddeus B. Newton
Page 12:
John Fellows; Benjamin Slocum; Thomas Nichols; William Atwill; Thomas Taylor; Dan Pepper; Thorn Griffin; Jonas Knickerbacker; Milton Knickerbacker; James Kilmer; Elder William K. Mott; Andrew Winton; John Boon; Sylvanus Fellows; Luke Flood; Jacob Teeter; Henry Reichard; Hon. A. B. Dunning; Chas. W. Potter
Page 13:
Isaac Walton; William Merrifield; Vanstork
Page 14:
Cottrell; Rev. P. G. White; Rev. Mr. Ellis; Alva Heermans; Rev. Nathan Roberts; Elder William K. Mott
Page 15:
Jacob R. Bloom; William Vanstork; George Decker; Balzer Swartz
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