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YWCA of Pa. 2nd Annual Convention, 1889

Scranton YWCA postcard
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The Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA), of the state of Pennsylvania, held it's second annual convention in Berwick, Pa. in November of 1889. This booklet contains the program, along with some lists of names - many from Scranton, Pa. Also included in an early speech is a short history of the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA).

Above: cover. Right: title page.

Page 2: Mrs. H. M. Boies; Emma Reeder; Mary Hackett; Mrs. L. M. Gates; Mrs. A. E. Hunt; Belle BeVier; Sara Harvey; Emma Reeder; Florence Colvin; Etta Hott; Eva Stanton; Cornelia Weitzel; Ruth Perkins; Gertrude Snyder; Mrs. N. C. Naylor Page 3: Mrs. Gates; Mrs. H. M. Boies; Miss Dunn; Col. H. M. Boies Page 4
Page 5 Page 6 Page 7
Page 8Page 9Page 10
Page 11: Rev. George B. StewartPage 12Page 13
Page 14Page 15Page 16
Page 17Page 18Page 19
Page 20Page 21: Mrs. H. M. Boies; Miss Sherwick; Julia Hodge; Emma Reeder; Mrs. L. M. Gates; Eva Stanton; Emma Noss; Grace Foster; Mary Preston; Della EvansPage 22: Miss Weitzel; Mrs. Boies; Elle BeVier; Miss M. E. Howe; Nellie Davis; Anna Fisher; Laura Gabriel; Lillie Rice; Miss Harvey; Miss Reeder; Julia Hodge
Page 23: Miss Reeder; Agnes Whitman; Miss Dunn; Mrs. Gates; Miss BrownPage 24: Mary Preston; Eva Stanton; Alice Stevens; Mrs. Kennedy; Miss Stevens; Miss Smith; Miss Weitzel; Miss Harvey; Miss Brown; Mrs. H. M. Boies Page 25: Emma Reedeer; Mary Hackett; Miss BeVier; Miss Dunn
Page 26: Mary M. Hackett; Mrs. R. D. Boise; Mr. A. W. Dickson; A. E. Hunt; T. F. Horney; Emma Reeder; G. W. Bushnell; J. H. Kase; C. F. Whittemore; Mr. W. D. Kennedy; James Archbald; C. Churchill; Miss H. Coleman; Miss BeVier; W. A. Bowen; Mrs. E. H. Ripple; Miss Nettie ColemanPage 27: Miss Dunn; Mrs. Gates; Mrs. Atwell; Miss Reeder; Miss Sara HarveyPage 28: W. H. Bowen; Mrs. Gates
Page 29: Miss Dunn; Miss Nellie Davis; Miss Anna ParkPage 30Page 31: Miss Nettie Dunn
Page 32Page 33Page 34
Page 35: Rev. Mr. Brewster; Miss Belle BeVierPage 36Page 37: Miss Lyman; Mrs Bedford; Miss Smith; Miss Curran; Miss Evans
Page 38: M. Hurlburt; Miss Dunn; Thomas Horney; Mrs. W. D. KennedyPage 39Page 40: Miss Colvin; Miss Moore
Page 41Page 42: Miss Evans; Miss Curran; Mrs. H. M. Boies; Mrs. L. M. Gates; Mrs. A. E. Hunt; Miss Eva StantonPage 43: Etta Hott; Miss Sherrick; Grace Foster; Mrs. W. A. Bowen; Mrs. S. P. Hanly; Miss BeVier
Page 44: Miss BeVier; Miss FosterPage 45: Prof. J. D. Waller; Miss F. E. Campbell; Miss Morse; Miss BeVier; Mrs. GatesPage 46: Miss R. F. Morse
Page 47Page 48Page 49: Miss Dunn; Lady Kinuard
Page 50: Miss Dunn; Sara M. Harvey; Miss Borwn; Cornelia S. Weitzel; Anna Fisher; Laura GabrielPage 51Page 52
Page 53Page 54Inside front cover
Left: Inside back cover 

Scanned and contributed by: Susan White Pieroth January 2013

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