Carbondale, Dundaff, and Providence
Forty Years Past,
By J. R. Durfee, 1875

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Carbondale, Dundaff, and Providence, by J. R. Durfee, 1875
Page 100
 Chapter XXV: Providence Twenty-Eight Years Ago. F. B. Woodward; Capt. Fish; Charles H. Silkman; Dan R. Rankin; D. S. Koon; E. S. M. Hill; C. R. Gorman; H. Hollister; Dr. Throop; A. B. Dunning
Page 101
 Winton & Atwater; Charles H. Silkman; Mr. Woodward
Page 102
C. H. Silkman; H. W. Nicholson; Dr. Bedford; S. Heermons; Wm. Merrifield; Capt. Felts; N. D. Green; Cottrell's Hotel; Nathan Smith; T. Youngs; L. S. Watres; D. Sligh; Daniel Bacon; Levi L. Lillibridge; Esquire Callender
Page 103
 Harrison; Alex N. Jay
Page 104
 New Goods at the Lackawanna Iron Works! Mr. J. C. Platt
Page 105
 Colonel George W. Scranton; Selden T. Scranton; Mr. J. C. Platt; Joseph H. Scranton; Dr. G. Underwood
Page 106
 Dr. Underwood; Dr. Wm. H. Pier; John Merrifield; Dr. H. Hollister; Dr. Throop; Dr. N. Hanford; R. H. Lackey; James H. Kays
Page 107
 Robert Higgs; N. Cottrill; Henry Reichardt; A. Jeffry; Wm. P. Stevens; E. W. Weston; Ira Tripp; Benjamin S. Tripp; W. W. Winton; R. H. Lackey
Page 108
 E. S. M. Hill; Charles Henwood; R. Nicholas; Carter; Crane; Capouse Works; I. S. Watres; Major Wm. Jackson, Jr.
Page 109
 Winton & Atwater; J. Marion Alexander; Cottril Hotel; Mrs. Lackey; John P. Farnham
Page 110
 John P. Farnham
Page 111
John H. Spencer; S. A. Bennet; D. S. Koon; O. P. Clark; Joseph Griffin; J. Murphy; Sylvenas Heermans; Mr.Woodward; D. G. M. H. Gregory; D. G. M. A. Yohe 
Page 112
 E. S. M. Hill; Welcome Hocket; J. S. Sherrod; O. J. Dodge; J. D. Mead; T. Four; Slocum House; F. P. Grow; Richmond &  Robinson
Page 113
 A. G. Boley & Co.; L. G. Ensign; W. N. Arnold & Co.; D. Mills; Ruthven & Co.; Cyrus Abbott; Clayton & Holley; J. M. Chittenden; John Reider; Anthony Miles; Love & Gillespie; S. H. Pierson; Wm. Stanton; Pierson & Co.; Benjamin & Dickson; A. P. Wurts; A. J. Sterling; B. Harrison; Jehd. Bowen; Anthony Grady; Mills; Jones & Co.; J. H. Estabrook; E. S. Hart; G. L. Morss; P. Moffitt, Jr.; Thompson & Stott; Wm. Brennan; Patrick Moffitt; James O'Brien; Lewis Pughe; Michael Mooney; Lathrop & Burnham; Richmond & Robinson; Ruthven & Co.; Jas. Pringle; Dr. Sweet; Dr. Wheeler; Dr. Rafferty; Dr. N. Jackson
Page 114
 Moses & Scurry; Pascoe & Scurry; A. Watt; Xerxes W. Williams; E. W. Mills; W. Burr; Yarrington & Bartlett; John Kase; J. W. Marcy; S. T. Corby; Evans & Alexander; John R. Shepherd; J. B. Kirby; S. E. Raynor; J. Alexander; C. W. Fowler; Bolton & Reynolds; Fred. Elbrecht; John Watt; N. Mohrs
Page 115
 W. E. Kirby; S. Sampson; G. F. Swigard; J. B. Van Bergen; C. A. Truex; Misses Brown & Porter; Mrs. Dale; Jadwin & Aitken; Davis & Herbert; J. H. Carr; James Barrett; Michael Mahon; George Shafer; Hugh O'Neill; M. A. & J. H. Byren; S. Singer; H. Sahm; James Coyle; Mrs. Lydia Moffitt; John Nealon; Samuel Guttentag; Jones & Campman; P. Moffitt; James Conghlin; Wm. Brunig; Robert H. Tralles; Caminskey & Struss; Michael Dugan; John H. Wilson; Thomas Voyle; Pter Loftus; Wm. Breese; W. B. Stoddard; James Gilhool; P. Barrett; Charles Hagan; Lewis & Powderly; J. F. Kinback; Mrs. B. McTighe; Anthony Nealon; Mrs. McCabe; Robert Maxwell; John Lennidy; Patrick Bridgett; Anthony Tighe; John Brock; Michael McDonald; Michael Loftus; Frannie Nealson; Michael McNulty; Anthony Battle; Thos. G. Burke; Pter Dockerty; Thomas Coogan; John Duffy; Mrs. P. Farrell; Patrick Devine; Wm. Londsay; Patrick Hart; Michael Larkin; James Burke
Page 116
 Thos. Scott; Truman Bradley; C. T. Weston; Williams & Curtis; Patrick Brown; Bailey & Jones; John McComb; E. E. Hendrick; John E. Gorman; John V. Beck; B. Stonebraker; Ernest Rachob; Hugh Boland; Michael Rommelmeyer; Mrs. Wm. Moffitt; O'Connell; John Hallowell; John Mohrs; B. Campman; E. P. Burke; McGovern & Brennan; John Gillen; Tyler Robinson; Patrick Finnegan; George Grady; John Merrick; John H. Barrett; John Nealon; J. T. Roberts; Chapter XXVII: Letter Rates of Postage. H. P. Ensign
Page 117
Page 118
 Chapter XXVIII: Telgraph Lines
Page 119
 telegraph lines
Page 120
 Col. Seeley. Chapter XXIX: The First Newspapers.
Page 121
Page 122
 John Pickering; Benjamin Franklin Bache; John Lang
Page 123
 Chapter XXX: Carrying the Mails Fifty Years Ago. John Knapp
Page 124
 John Knapp
Page 125
 Benjamin Slocum; Jacob Sist; John Knapp
Page 126
 Chapter XXXI: The Birth and History of John Roebling - His Invention and Manufacture of Wire Rope - His Success in Building Suspension Bridges - and His Aqueducts for the Delaware and Hudson Company.
Page 127
 John A. Roebling
Page 128
 John A. Roebling
Page 129
 John A. Roebling
Page 130
 John A. Roebling
Page 131
 Chapter XXXII: American Railroads.
Page 132
 Chapter XXXIII: Carbondale, April 29, 1866 [letter]
Page 133
 W. H. Keeler
Page 134
Page 135
Page 136
Page 137
 Chapter XXXIV: Railroading in Early Days. Henry C. White
Page 138
 Superintendent Davidson
Page 139
 Chapter XXXV: A Sketch of D. Yarrington and His Ancestors. Abel Yarrington; Dilton Yarrington; Peter Yarrington
Page 140
 Captain John Franklin; Dilton Yarrington; Abel Yarrington
Page 141
 Peter Yarrington; Mr. Holenback
Page 142
 Peter Yarrington; Judge Collins; Dilton Yarrington; Tredwell; Gould Phinney; Archipus Parish
Page 143
 Mr. Parish; Gould Phinney; Joshua Fletcher; James Warner; Anthony Smith; James Coil; John Coil; George Coil; D. Brownell; Pter Graham; Peter Camel; C. B. Merrick; Joseph Faulkner; Benjamin Ayres; W. S. Wilbur; Asa Dimock; C. H. Wells; Geo. W. Healy; Ebenezer Brown; B. P. Baily; Nathan Callender; Wm. Wells; Robt. Arnot; John Few; A. C. Phelps; Ezra Stewart; James Rolls; Lyman C. Hymes; Stephen Sampson; Samuel Davis; David Pease; A. C. Schafer; Hugh Fell; Oliver Daniel; Sherman D. Phelps; Elizabeth Sweet; Dr. T. Sweet
Page 144
 Mr. Phelps. The History of Newspaperdom in Northern Pennsylvania. Sloan Hamilton; Earl Wheeler; Amzi Wilson; Wm. Bolton; Mr. Agnes Cameron; Dilton Yarrington
Page 145
 John T. Yarrington
Page 146
 J. T. Yarrington. Chapter XXXVI: The Last Chapter of the Chronicles of Crystal Lake Clam Bake.
Page 147
 Joseph Van Bergen; Henry Van Bergen
Page 148
 Thomas Voyle
Page 149
 Monies; Nash; Lynde; Silkman; Campbell; Howells; Roberts; Everhart; Smith; Bortree; Simpson; Foote; Jones; Kearncy; Jermyn
Page 150
 the end
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