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Carbondale, Dundaff, and Providence
Forty Years Past,
By J. R. Durfee, 1875
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These pages contained the scans of an original copy of Durfee's 150 page book. The book is about 7" high and 4 1/2" wide, but the scans are all 800 pixels wide and range in byte size from 300kb to 700kb. You will need 70 megabytes of free space to save all the pages. For best printing results, open an image in a graphics program and "print to fit" on a standard page.

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Carbondale, Dundaff, and Providence, by J. R. Durfee, 1875
Page 3
 [Pages 2 & 3 are blank] Introduction by Durfee
Page 4
Page 5
 Chapter I: The Early History of Carbondale. C. E. Wilbur; William Wurts, Morris Wurts; Lord John Russell; J. R. Priestly
Page 6
 Morris Wurts; Dr. T. Sweet; D. W. Lathrope; John M. Poor; S. E. Raynor; Samuel Mills; R. E. Marvin
Page 7
Henry Johnson; Stephen Rodgers; D. Yarrington; Stewart Pierce; John Conyngham; Morris Wurts; William Wurts; J. B. Jarvis 
Page 8
 Stewart Pierce; Delaware and Hudson Canal
Page 9
 Horatio Allen. Chapter II: Carbondale Named. Stephen Rogers
Page 10
John Watt; Father Dickson 
Page 11
Thomas Gillespie; Henry Jadwin 
Page 12
 Watt House
Page 13
Chapter III: Carbondale Forty Years Ago. 
Page 14
Page 15
 David Blanchard; Salmon Lathrop; Mr. Porter; Rev. George Potter; John Coyle; Michael Riley; Benjamin & Van Bergen; Mapes & Mann; Hackley & Son; Samuel Hodgdon; George F. Knapp; Wm. Eggleston; Mrs Moffitt; E. H. Castle
Page 16
 J. W. Burnham; E. H. Castle; Judson Clark; Stephen Clark; Mr. Clarkson; James Archbald; James Clarkson
Page 17
 Mr. Frothingham; J. H. McAlpine
Page 18
 Robert Maxwell; Willaim Ball; Whitman Brown; James Johnson; Joseph Gillespie; Patrick Archbald; P. R. Farrer
Page 19
 John Davis; Peter Campbell; James Cookson; William Ball; Orland Foster; Henry Johnson; R. W. Graves; Samuel Mills; J. B. Smith
Page 20
 Deacon Jessup; John Love; Mr. Farrer; John Few; Mr. Marsh; Hugh Brown; James Johnson
Page 21
 Amzi Wilson; Eggleston & Reed; Van Bergen; John Mott; Enos Pedrick; Joseph Coogan
Page 22
 John Simpson; Daniel Taylor; John Taylor; Mr. Cameron; Henry Johnson; Mr. Burgess; Mr. Mcane; J. H. Waterbury; Wm. Root; Mr. Jadwin; J. W. Burnham; Abram Peck; Dr. Sweet; Dr. Copeland; Dr. Farnham; Dr. Jackson; Martin Curtis; William Curtis
Page 23
 Gillespie & White; Gillespie & Pierce; Harrison House; Dennis & Belden
Page 24
 Chapter IV: Carbondale A City. S. B. Hathaway; Jesse Williams; Joseph Williams; Mr. Cox
Page 25
 Mr. Prosser; Stephen Rogers; Gilbert Barrows; Abraham Peck; S. S. Benedict; Lewis Higgins
Page 26
 Pierson's Hall; Mr. Archbald; Cyrus Abbott; Lewis Jones; Judge Jessup; Mr. Frothingham; Capt. Wm. Brennan; J. H. Eastabrook; Saml. Bilger; Wm. Root; John Gore
Page 27
 Judge Conyngham; Judge Lathorp; Henry Johnson; Rev. A. J. Crandell; Dr. Farnham; Mr. Prosscr
Page 28
Rev. Mr. Marks; Mr. Baily 
Page 29
 Chapter V: Incidents. Rev. Mr. Bailey
Page 30
 Lawyer Throop
Page 31
 Pete's Express
Page 32
 "Mother Ingerick"
Page 33
 W. Burr; Van Bergen; F. P. Grow; Corby
Page 34
 Davis; Ruthven; Durfee
Page 35
 Chapter VI: Accidents at the Mines.
Page 36
 Mr. Clarkson; Patrick Clark; Huge Fitzpatrick; John McHale
Page 37
 Dennis Farrell; Mr. Bryden; John Hosie
Page 38
 Chapter VII: The New Bank Building. Miners' and Mechanics' Savings
Page 39
Page 40
 John Jermyn; R. Manville; E. E. Hendrick; James R. Lathrop; John Jermyn; J. B. Van Bergen; Peter Byrne; Alfred Pascoe; John Stuart; G. S. T. Alexander; W. W. Watt; Thos. R. Lathrop.
Page 41
 Harrison House
Page 42
Page 43
 Herring & Farrell; Dickson Manufacturing
Page 44
 Jermyn; Hendrick; J. A. Rymer; Van Bergen
Page 45
 Chapter VIII: Mail Routes. John Kennedy; Harvey Nash; Wm. W. Bronson
Page 46
Page 47
 J. A. Easterbrook
Page 48
 Edward Garland; I. Decker
Page 49
 Chapter IX: Four Riot in Carbondale.
Page 50
Page 51
 James Mott; Mr. Archibald
Page 52
 Father Matthew; Mr. Frothingham
Page 53
 Mr. Archbald; George Joseph Warren. Chapter X: The Improvements of Carbondale. Cyrus Abott; Williams & Curtis
Page 54
 Francis Perkins; Thomas R. Durfee; A. B. Durfee; Briggs Brothers
Page 55
 The Carbondale Library.
Page 56
Page 57
 Chapter XI: Land Titles, and J. W. Johnson and W. P. Miller. Lord John Russel; J. R. Priestly; Susan Diller
Page 58
 James W. Johnson; G. W. Morss; R. D. Lathrope; Wm. P. Miller
Page 59
 James W. Johnson; Lathrope; Miller
Page 60
 Johnson; Miller; Wm. Dimmock; Henry Wilbur; G. L. Morss
Page 61
 Chapter XII: Rev. Oliver Crane.
Page 62
 Rev. Oliver Crane
Page 63
 Rev. Oliver Crane
Page 64
 Chapter XIII: Benjamin Finch. Elder Miller
Page 65
 Benjamin Finch
Page 66
 Benjamin Finch; Rev. Mr. Gorham
Page 67
 Benjamin Finch; Sheriff Palmer; Solomon Arnold; Mr. Dudley
Page 68
 Benjamin Finch
Page 69
 Chapter XIV: Daniel Cole and the Flood of Fall Brook
Page 70
 Daniel Cole
Page 71
Page 72
Page 73
 Daniel Cole; Flood
Page 74
 Chapter XV: The Late Rev. E. L. Bailey
Page 75
 Rev. E. L. Bailey; Mr. Crane
Page 76
 Chapter XVI: Hon. G. W. Palmer. Gideon Wilmer Palmer
Page 77
 Henry W. Palmer
Page 78
 Chapter XVII: George A. Whiting. Rev. Mr. Reynolds; Tom Clark
Page 79
 George Whiting
Page 80
 George Whiting; Miss Watt
Page 81
 Rev. Mr. Reynolds. Chapter XVIII: Jesse Williams. Samuel Wright
Page 82
 Jesse Williams; Joseph Williams
Page 83
 Chapter XIX: Michael B. White. S. E. Bilger; Mr. Bronson
Page 84
 Michael White
Page 85
 Michael White. Chapter XX: Messrs. Bronson. B. K. Bronson & son Wm. W. Bronson
Page 86
 Bronson; John Edwards; M. B. White; Jerry Rounds
Page 87
Page 88
 Ell Smith; Bronson. Chapter XXI: The Season and Capt. Daniel Bacon.
Page 89
 Daniel Bacon; Flora McFlimsies
Page 90
 Daniel Bacon
Page 91
 Daniel Bacon; Higginson
Page 92
 Daniel Bacon
Page 93
 Chapter XXII: Captain Daniel Bacon.
Page 94
 Capt. Daniel Bacon
Page 95
 Capt. Bacon; Benjamin & Van Bergen; Mr. Barber
Page 96
 Doctor Farnham; Captain Daniel Bacon
Page 97
 Chapter XXIII: Church Reconds. Rev. Johathan Noble; Rev. T. S. Conklin; Rev. Mr. Fuller; Rev. J. R. Mosier; Rev. R. E. Taylor; Rev. Mr. Allen; Rev. Mr. Willis; Rev. Mr. Ward; Rev. Oliver Crane; Rev. E. D. Bryan; Rev. Mr. Cushman; Rev. A. J. Crandall; Rev. Wm. Ready; Rev. Mr. Benham; Rev. H. E Luther; Rev. Mr. Cook; Rev. Mr. Warden; Rev. Mr. Bronson; Rev. B. W. Gorham; Rev. H. R. Clarke; Rev. W. W. Wyatt; Rev. H. B. Brownscomb
Page 98
 Rev. D. T. Walker; Rev. G. M. Blakesley; Rev. A. Barker; Rev. D. Shepherd; Rev. J. M. Snyder; Rev. G. M. Peck; Rev. I. T. Walker; Rev. J. O. Woodruff; Rev. A. Griffin; Rev. David E. Bowen; Rev. Henry Curliss; Rev. Charles Griffin; Rev. Frederick Glanville; Rev. Edward L. Bailey; Rev. J. B. Tombes; Rev. John J. Owen; Rev. John Emory Gault; Rev. W. B. Grow; Rev. Samuel Marks; Rev. Mr. McKim; Rev. John Reynolds; Rev. A. Beaty; Rev. Thomas Handall; Rev. J. A. Stone; Rev. Thomas Drumme; Rev. B. H. Abbott; Rev. Edward Dezeny; Rev. J. M. A. Harding; Rev. M. L. Kern; Rev. R. B. Peets; Miss H. E. Dart
Page 99
 Chapter XXIV: Public Officers. James Archibald; Edward Jifkins; Gideon Frothingham; John M. Poor; Canfield Harrison; Anthony Grady; Wm. Brenan; Thomas Voyle; Joseph B. Van Bergen; Wm. C. Morrison; William Jesup; J. W. Conyngham; H. M. Hoyt; E. L. Dana; D. W. Lathrope; Alfred Dart; I. D. Richards; Wm. Brenan; Bernard McTigh; John E. Brown; Geo. H. Squire; M. G. Neary; James W. Goff; William Eggleston; H. S. Pierce; Jesse Williams; Calvin Benjamin; C. T. Pierson; Martin Curtis; F. M. Crane; H. P. Ensign; Joseph Gilispie; Anthony Grada; D. N. N. Lathrope; W. R. Baker; Daniel Pendegrast; P. S. Jocelyn
Continued: Providence, Railroads, etc.


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