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1886 Collieries
COLLIERIES, listed 1886 Webb’s Scranton Directory

BRISBIN, near DL&W RR, west of Cayuga Breaker
BRIGGS, on branch of D&H RR, near Sherman ave.
CAYUGA, on Cayuga, along DL&W RR.
CENTRAL, near Nineteenth, on branch of DL&W RR
DIAMOND, southwest of TRIPP’s breaker.
DIAMOND #2, along DL&W RR, southwest of DIAMOND breaker.
DICKSON, on Mylert ave, near W. Market.
FAIRLAWN, on N. Wyoming ave, between Gibson and New.
HOWELL’s, along DL&W RR, near Howell.
HYDE PARK, on Twenty-second, near Division.
LEGGETT’S CREEK. On Leggett’s creek, near Leggett’s
MANVILLE, along P&R RR on Glen.
MARVIN’s, along DL&W RR, near N. Main ave and Marvine.
MEADOW BROOK, on Cedar ave, south part of city.
NATIONAL, southern part of city on P&R RR and branch of DL&W RR.
OXFORD, near Tenth and Washburn.
PINE BROOK, corner of Capouse and Carbon on DL&W branch.
RICHMOND, along DL&W RR, near Court.
RIVERSIDE, along Lackawanna river on Sixth.
TRIPP’s, on Providence road, nr Diamond ave.
VON STORCH, on Nay Aug ave, between Green Ridge and Breaker

 Transcribed and contributed by Richard M. Reese

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