Homes & Hospitals, Scranton, 1919
From the 1919 Scranton City Directory: Homes & Hospitals
Catharine Simpson Y.W.C.A. Home 809 Linden St. Miss Elizabeth MacFarland, house secretary
Day Nursery for Workingwomen’s Children 240 Adams Ave. Grace W. Cogliser, supt. in charge
Florence Crittenton Mission 712 Harrison Ave. Mrs. J. T. Steele, pres.; Mrs. S. C. Schooley, treas.; Esther Rowlands, sec.; Elizabeth Curtis, supt.
Hillside Home Winola Road, Clark’s Summit Dr. Thomas A. Rutherford, supt.
Home for the Aged Poor (Maloney Memorial) 2500 Jefferson Ave., Dunmore Sister Mary Joseph, superior.
Home for the Friendless 1830 Adams Ave., near Electric St. Conducted by the Society for the Home for Friendless Women and Children of the City of Scranton. Officers Mrs. C. H. Genter, pres.; Mrs. Anna Moffat, cor. sec.; Mrs. Nettie Erickson, supt.
House of Detention 334 Washington Ave. Mrs. Bertha Goyle, matron; Joseph Goyle, keeper.
House of the Good Shepherd 441 Rockwell Place  
Pennsylvania Oral School for the Deaf Washington Ave., corner Electric St. Organized 1884. C. H. Wells, pres.; H. R. Kingsley, sec. and treas.; Kate H. Fish, prin.; Miss Adelaide I. Richey, matron.
St. Joseph’s Foundling Home Adams Ave., corner Grandview. Conducted by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and Aged persons. Mrs. P. J. Horan, pres., 330 Washington Ave.
St. Joseph’s Shelter and Day Nursery 317 Linden St. Mrs. Mary Coyne, Matron
St. Luke’s Summer Home for Invalid Women and Children Mountain Home (near Cresco, PA) In charge of the Men’s Guild, St. Luke’s Episcopal Parrish
St. Patrick’s Orphan Asylum 1425 Jackson St. Sister Loyola, superior; Bishop Michael J. Hoban, pres. and treas.; Rev. George J. Lucas, sec.; P. J. McCann, asst. sec.
Salvation Army Industrial Home 427 Penn Ave. F. T. Miller, manager

Coppinger Private Sanitarium 446-448 Quincy Ave.  
District Nurse Association of Scranton 228 Adams Ave. Meets second Wednesday of each month. Mrs. R. A. Amerman, pres.; Mrs. Roswell Patterson, sec.; Mrs. R. O. Deubler, treas.; Grace E. Smith, supt.
Dr. Evans’ Hospital 157-159 S. Main Ave. Dr. D. Webster Evans, supt.
Hahnemann Hospital 516 Colfax Ave. Mrs. G. C. Nye, pres.; Mrs. Janet Storrs, rec. sec.; Miss Mary E. Haws, supt; Dr. Theodore Sureth, medical chief.
Lackawanna Hospital - see State Hospital    
Mercy Hospital of Scranton 746 Jefferson Ave. Sister Ricarda in charge.
Moses Taylor Hospital Quincy Ave., corner Pine St. Moses Taylor, pres.; J. M. Wainwright, surgeon-in-chief; A. J. Connell and W. G. Fulton, consulting surgeons; R. J. Wall, asst. surgeon; Janet G. Grant, supt.
Municipal Hospital for Contagious Disease East Mountain Rose Giblin, supt.
St. Mary’s (Keller Memorial) Hospital  932 Hickory St. Bishop M. J. Hoban, pres.; Very Rev. P. C. Christ, treas.; Robert J. Murray, sec.; Sister Mary Paul, superior supt.
Scranton Private Hospital and Training School for Nurses 345 Wyoming Ave. Chas. G. Thompson, supt.
State Hospital of the Northern Anthracite Coal Region of Pennsylvania 410 Franklin St. J. L. Burgan, Supt.
Tuberculosis Dispensary (Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Dept. of Health) 333 Adams Ave. Dr. J. C., Reifsnyder, in charge.
West Mountain Sanitarium West Mountain, beyond city line. Dr. A. J. Connell, pres.; Dr. J. M. Wainwright, sec.; Howard Plumley, treas.
West Park Private Hospital 319 N. Bromley Ave. Mrs. Nellie E. Reilly, supt.
West Side Hospital 1302 Jackson St. H. M. Edwards, pres.; David J. Davis, sec.; Mis. M. Y. Hill, supt.

Contributed by Richard M. Reese, 2001

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