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Search Tips:
  • Searches are not case sensitive. Capitals are used here for clarity.
  • AND   OR   ANDNOT are operators that make a search more specific.
    • John AND Sherman retrieves documents in which the words John and Sherman both appear somewhere in the document, but may not be together.
    • will OR probate returns documents containing either word.
    • Phillip ANDNOT King retrieves documents that contain the word Philip but not the word King (to eliminate King Philip's War).
  • An asterisk * can be added to the end of a word (not the beginning or middle) as a wildcard to broaden your search.
    • Richards* finds all words beginning with Richards, including Richards, Richardsen, Richardson, etc. Use in place of an S to search for singular and plural forms: deed* will find both deed and deeds.
    • Search for phrases by enclosing search terms in quotation marks. "John Sherman" (with quotes) retrieves occurrences where the word John appears next to the word Sherman. However, John Sherman with a middle name or initials will not be found.
    • John Sherman (without quotes) finds documents where either the word John or the word Sherman appears.
  • Use parentheses ( ) to group search expressions and to ensure the search is done correctly. Otherwise, operators execute from left to right.
    • (Philip OR Phillip) AND (Sherman OR Shearman) This search expression retrieves documents containing either spelling of Philip and either spelling of Sherman.

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