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LackawannaLackawanna County, Pennsylvania

Current Map of Lackawanna County

1874 Maps of Pennsylvania and Scranton by Samuel Augustus Mitchell, Drawn and Engraved by W. H. Gamble, Philadelphia.

Click to see full size map Eastern section of Pennsylvania, enlarged 150% (413 KB), Click map to see

Section of Pennsylvania, enlarged 200%, that now is Lackawanna County and surrounding counties.

1874 Scranton map (182 KB) showing the numbered ward boundaries, as well as the location of Forest Hill and Dunmore Cemeteries (upper right corner), and the railroad lines. Note that Providence is in the upper left corner, Hyde Park is the lower left section, and Dunmore is the yellow area at the top right. Just above Dunmore is Marion Avenue with Green Ridge Avenue paralleling it. The section of streets between these two avenues is labeled "Green Ridge" on the map.

Lackawanna 1884

1884 Geological map of Lackawanna County (265 KB). Besides the location of the coal, this map shows major cities, the township boundaries and names, and the railroad lines.

Scranton Prior to September 1840

This map accompanied a fifteen page article titled, "The Territory of Scranton Immediately Prior to the Lackawanna Iron and Coal Co. Purchase." By Edward Merrifield, October 1895. In addition to Scranton, a detail of Providence Corners and Hyde Park Corners is shown. Slocum Hollow is labeled to the left of the right section.

Click the image for a larger version, Click Here, for a 2 MB version.

1900 General Map of Scranton with Coal Breakers

1890 Elmhurst Development Map From an Ad

Quarter of 1889 Scranton Topographical Map Topographical map of Scranton, and most of Lackawanna County, in 1889. This is a U.S. Geological Survey Reconnaissance Map done in 1889 and reprinted, February 1909. Besides land contours and elevations, towns, railroad lines and major city streets are shown.
Because of it's size it is scanned in four sections from top left to top right and then bottom left and bottom right. Each section overlaps the previous and will print on a single sheet of paper. They are about 250 KB each.
Section 1; Section 2; Section 3; Section 4
The above map enlarged to show all the detail in eight sections. Each of these is a larger graphic (about 600 KB) than the first, and will take time to download.
Top Row: Section 1; Section 2; Section 3; Section 4
Bottom Row: Section 5; Section 6; Section 7; Section 8

City of Scranton 1899
Scranton 1899 This map is by A. B. Dunning, Jr., Street Commissioner, copyrighted by Julius Bien & Co. N. Y. It shows the wards, railways, schools, churches, municipal buildings, collieries, culm piles, larger manufacturing sites, larger cemeteries, and other prominent features. It is enlarged to show detail. Because the orientation is not north and south, the image at the left is provided as a guide.

For a full size of the whole map, pieced together from six overlapping scans, there are two options. Some things along the overlaps may not be legible - see the individual sections.

Very large (created from the large sections below) click here - about 3.5 MB

Reduced version of the above, click here - about 1.5 MB

Smaller sections - good for slow connections and for printing:
Top Row A: Section 1; Section 2; Section 3; Section 4; Section 5; Section 6; Section 7; Section 8

Middle Row B: Section 9; Section 10; Section 11; Section 12; Section 13; Section 14; Section 15; Section 16
Bottom Row C: Section 17; Section 18; Section 19; Section 20; Section 21; Section 22; Section 23; Section 24

Larger (over a megabyte each) sections:
Top Row A: Section 1; Section 2; Section 3
Middle Row B: Section 1; Section 2: Section 3
Bottom Row C: Section 1; Section 2; Section 3

Map: 1911 Working Mines in East Scranton, PA

Rand McNally Parcel Post Map of PA 1912

Eastern portion of Pennsylvania with Lackawanna County centered (246 KB). The same map trimmed for printing. The numbers in red refer to the railroad lines. The keys to these numbers (not all numbers were used) are: 1 to 71; 74-134; 135-205. Electric Lines are shown as a solid red line with dots.

Rand McNally 1912 Map of Eastern Pennsylvania - showing a few more counties than above.

Bungalow Park, Scranton, PA, 1912

Newton and Ransom Townships (275 KB), 1912, showing the location of the villages, roads, school districts, creeks and the altitude above sea level. Ransom Valley is No. 1 School, and Mount Dewey, No. 5 School. From History and Directory of Newton and Ransom Townships, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, by J. B. Stephens, 1912. Click here for smaller image that is easier to print.

Click the image for a larger size. Click here for an image twice that.

Property of Myron Kasson in the Second Ward [Providence / Bull's Head] of the City of Scranton, Pa., Oct. 1916. Scale: 40'=1". This drawing on velum shows some of the buildings in the triangle of property between Providence Road, North Main Avenue and Hawkes Place. The proposed street was never added. Scan by Susan Pieroth, copyright April 2010.

1919 AAA PA City Maps

Enlarged maps of Scranton, Stroudsburg, Wilkes-Barre, and Williamsport.

1873 Beers Maps of Luzerne County (includes Lackawanna)

1885 Scranton Streets Directory (descriptions - not a map) with Ward numbers

Panoramic Maps of Lackawanna County: 1889 to 1900

All map images are copyrighted 2000-2016 by Susan Pieroth

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