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Celtic Bards of Scranton

From the Scranton Tribune-Republican, Friday, Oct. 6, 1911 -

West Scranton news, Notes and Comments

Why is West Scranton known among the world over as the Welsh Athens of America? Because of the number of well known Bards (celtic poets) who have lived here, or at present, are residents here. The claim has been made that no town in Wales can produce such a number of competent and able Bards in comparison with population as Hyde Park, and the forgoing list will at first sight justify the claim. Some of the names, alas, already forgotten by many:

Bardic Name Christian Name Residence
Alaw Dulais Benjamin Thomas Hyde Park
Ap Cyw Iowawr R. A. Phillips Hyde Park
Ap Hywel John H. Powell Hyde Park
Athenydd James W. Rees Hyde Park
Bardd Coch Isaac Benjamin Hyde Park
Bardd y Bryn Thomas Evans Hyde Park
Callestr Rev. E. R. Lewis Hyde Park
Celni Rev. H. C. Parry Hyde Park
Cilcenin T. C. Evans Hyde Park
Cochfardd Henry W. Evans Hyde Park
Courier John Courier Morris Hyde Park
Cynfelin T. Cynfelin Benjamin Hyde Park
Cynidr Ivor C. Parry Hyde Park
Cyw Ionawr Rev. Thomas J. Phillips Hyde Park
Dafydd o Went Rev. D. P. Jones Hyde Park
Daniel Ddu Daniel J. Evans Hyde Park
Dewi Cwmtwrch D. C. Powell Hyde Park
Dewi Gwylit David Jones Hyde Park
Dewi Moelwyn David Williams Hyde Park
Dewi Ogle David Jones Hyde Park
Ednyfed Rev. Fred Evans Hyde Park
Garibaldi Evan Lewis Hyde Park
Glan Llafar Rev. W. R. Edwards Hyde Park
Gwawrfryn Rev. John G. Evans Taylorville
Gwentydd Fardd Samuel Williams Hyde Park
Gwillym Cadle William C. Jones Hyde Park
Gwilym Curwen William Evans Hyde Park
Gwilym Cynials Rev. W. E. Morgan Hyde Park
Gwyddon John T. Williams Hyde Park
Gwyneddfardd T. G. Morris Hyde Park
H. M. H. M. Edwards Hyde Park
Iago ap Rhys James Price Hyde Park
Ieuan Ddu Rev. J. P. Harris Hyde Park
Ieuan Fardd Rev. D. E. Richards Hyde Park
Iorwerth Ddu Edward James Hyde Park
Irlwyn John Hughes Hyde Park
Llyfnwy Thomas T. Morgan Hyde Park
Martian Johnathan Edwards Hyde Park
Montanfardd T. Elsworth Davies Hyde Park
Penfelyn Joseph Prosser Hyde Park
Rhys T. Rhys T. Evans Hyde Park
Tewfardd S. R. Jones Hyde Park

The writer of the 1911 article could not recollect the bardic names of the following:

From Hyde Park: Lewis Roberts, Enoch Harris, Titus Evans, Rev. John T. Morris, Rev. Dr. William Roberts, Rev. Dr. Joseph Davies, Rev. M. A. Ellis, and Luther Jones; from Olyphant, Edward Williams.

We would like to add them to the table, so if you have this information please contact the transcriber.

Transcribed and contributed by Richard M. Reese, 2001

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